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Why TeamWave is the best QuickBooks CRM?

Quickbooks is an excellent accounting software for small businesses but it does not help you keep track of potential leads and sales. And that’s where TeamWave comes in. TeamWave’s Quickbooks integration helps businesses to seamlessly integrate accounting & revenue data with CRM data. This helps every business to identify great opportunities for their customers as well as themselves.

Why Quickbooks must not be used as your only CRM?

Now if you are still confused whether you need a CRM integration for Quickbooks then here are the reasons why Quickbooks cannot be used as your CRM:

  • Quickbooks is accounting software that stores accounting information about your customers. It does not help you make informed business decisions with this data. You cannot track sales or find specific information about deals and projects in Quickbooks.
  • In any business, potential leads (or prospects) do not purchase right away. They enquire first, the sales team needs to follow up with them, schedule meetings and plan presentations. Thus multiple touch points are required for lead management and this cannot be done without a capable CRM.
  • As different teams handle different aspects of a business such as sales, accounting, order fulfilment etc, there are chances that several records might be created for the same customer. This might lead to data duplication and errors, thus leading to wastage of time and efforts of the employees.
  • Different sales individuals will require access to only certain customer data. As the customer accounting information is delicate information, it cannot be shared with all the people and thus there is a need to give limited access such as the salespeople can only view information pertaining to their customers.
  • When dealing with customers you need to handle all the customer conversations and emails at the same place. As shifting between multiple tools will affect the efficiency of the employees.
  • The customers can contact your sales team anytime. So your employees need to be equipped with all the sales and customer-related information in one place.

You now know why a CRM Integration is important for your Quickbooks account. But why choose TeamWave?

Benefits of Quickbooks Integration with TeamWave

Benefits of Quickbooks Integration with TeamWave
Benefits of Quickbooks Integration with TeamWave

360-degree view of the customers

With the Quickbooks-TeamWave Integration, your team can easily access all the customer information at one place. The purchase history, payment records and invoices can be accessed from TeamWave. This helps your team to get a 360-degree view of customers and helps them to make informed business decisions. They can avoid payment delays, close deals faster, predict future requirements and serve their customers in a better way.

Linking your customers to QuickBooks in Projects, Deals, Organisation and Persons in TeamWave will help your team see all the transactions (Estimates, Invoices and Payments) of those customers within TeamWave. You can also create customer invoices in QuickBooks right from TeamWave.

Linking Existing Customers or Adding New Ones
Linking Existing Customers or Adding New Ones

You can either add a new customer in TeamWave or link an existing customer from Quickbooks to Deals, Projects, Organizations etc. 

Avoid duplication and increase data accuracy

As the data is synced between TeamWave and QBO, there is no duplication of data, thus, avoiding such errors. This helps in efficient record keeping.

Access information anytime, anywhere

TeamWave automatically creates new customer records and keeps them synced with QuickBooks Online. This way the whole team can collect the information effortlessly even when they are on the go.

Creating Invoice Using Quickbooks TeamWave Integration
Creating Invoice Using Quickbooks TeamWave Integration

Improves efficiency of your business

Tired of syncing the data twice in Quickbooks as well as your CRM? With TeamWave and QBO integration, you can easily export your Timesheets as Invoices in QuickBooks with one click. Thus, in case you want to bill your clients or want to check if you are meeting your project’s budget, this is your go-to option.

Export Timesheets as Invoices
Export Timesheets as Invoices

This streamlines the workflow and simplifies day to day tasks of the employees as all the data can now be accessed from TeamWave.

Highly cost-effective

With an increase in efficiency and productivity, the employees can close more deals and faster, thus boosting the revenue of the businesses. And all these features are available with TeamWave at a flat price of US$ 39/month for unlimited users.

Apart from the Quickbooks-TeamWave Integration, here are a few advanced features of TeamWave which makes is one of the best business management tool:

  • Visual Sales Pipeline that gives complete visibility of the pipelines across various stages.
  • Customize CRM with custom fields to add more data, powerful filters and custom pipelines. Thus customizing the CRM as per your business needs.
  • CRM, HRM and Task/ Project Management, all available in one place.
  • Has a Mobile app that helps the team stay up-to-date about their deals and projects, even on the go.
  • Contact Management
  • Detailed reports and forecasts to gain real-time data and actionable insights.
  • Email Integration to manage leads and keep track of all the conversations in one place.
  • Built-in notifications and reminders to stay informed of all activities and tasks.
  • Products Feature that creates a library of all the goods or services the business provides, links them to the deals and also allows the user to create custom fields that are specific to their business needs.
  • Integrates with other third-party apps like Gsuite, Zapier and QuickBooks to get all the important information at one place.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the TeamWave website and signup for the free trial right away.

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