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Does your Business need Work Management Software?

Why does any business need Work Management Software?
Most organisations (even small businesses!) have multiple teams. These teams have to spend many hours in status meetings, sending emails and generally keeping everybody updated. Sometimes, tasks start falling through the cracks. Work can start getting confusing and chaotic and task efficiency falls. The time taken to do a job exceeds estimates.

Post-COVID-19, businesses have to rely more and more on virtual collaboration as the people are at their homes and travel less to offices.

Now here’s where the Work Management Software can be a LIFE-SAVER!

What is Work Management Software?

Work Management Software is a cloud-based solution that gives real-time clarity and accountability and helps teams to plan, organize and execute all of their work smoothly. This helps all teams (and the organisation) to significantly improve their productivity and increase sales and revenue.

Benefits of Work Management Software:

  • Manage Workload Efficiently: Teams are more engaged and likely to go the extra mile to achieve their goals when they have clarity on how their work ladders up to organizational goals.
  • Effective Time Management: Each individual can prioritize their tasks and plan and schedule the tasks to meet the budget requirements and deadlines
  • Monitor Work Progress: Team leads can keep track of how well their team is performing. They can check if they are delivering the results as per the plan.
  • Visualize the Workflow: All the deals can be visualised across different stages. They can be sorted and filtered by their expected close date, individuals can make smart decisions and stay in control of a complex sales process.
  • More Accurate Quotes: You can keep a time track when your clients login and bill them accurately as per their usage.
  • Better Collaboration and Service Delivery: When all the teams work in the same place and with the same processes, it becomes much easier to align individual tasks and productivity with broader organisational goals. 

Is Work Management Software Different from Project Management Software?

Project management is about managing a bunch of tasks within a context (eg: Project). Using project management, you can define clear deliverables and key milestones within a set time period. Using project management software helps you achieve a specific goal—individually or with a team.

Work management is a broad system, that includes everything including projects, planning, and processes. It has the project as well as the non-project tasks. Therefore, project management is a part of work management.

The key differences between Project Management and Work Management are:

Work Management SoftwareProject Management Software
It sets up the whole system and process for all your work starting from small routine tasks to company objectives.It helps you coordinate individual projects
Can create repeatable processes that are interdependent, so that no task is missed out for all projects.Focusses on one project and tasks involved with that project.
This provides more flexibility and you can simultaneously tackle the project as well as non-project activitiesIt has a rigid set of rules and focuses more on activities related to the project. 
Work management software gives you the freedom to start with just one individual task, work on it and develop it in time. It can also be activities like daily reminders, time to check emails at intervals etc.Here you need to have clear planning with deadlines, budgets set, activity list, proper planning in place to start off with the project.
Difference between Work Management Software and Project Management Software

How Work Management is Done in TeamWave?

TeamWave is a work management software. It is a better way to manage your sales, projects, team, clients & marketing – on a single platform. 

Individual Task Management

In a team, different people have different tasks that need to be completed. Using Task management in TeamWave, all the employees can break down their bigger goals into smaller chunks and arrange them in order of priority.

The tasks in a project can be further sorted on the basis of phases, teams etc. 

Tasks also allow you to assign log times, set the due date, attach files, discuss and lot more.

Work Management Software
Task Management in TeamWave

Notable features are:

  • Bulk Edit Option by which you can select tasks by search & filter and then reassign them, change due date, update progress, add tags, log time (billable) and enter estimated time.
  • Repeat Tasks option allows you to change any tasks to daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Copy Tasks to same or different projects.
  • One can set the tasks private for one particular team or a few people.
  • Can add a description, assign a task to another person, select a due date and attach files.

Milestone Tracking

Adding milestones to projects helps the whole team to stay in sync as to when are the deadlines for certain tasks and accordingly they can prioritise their individual tasks.

Work Management Software
Milestone Tracking using TeamWave

Notable features are:

  • Can make Milestones private, so that it will be accessible only to certain members.
  • Milestones can be synced with Google Calendar.

Dynamic View – Pipeline View and Timeline View

As a business expands and the number of stakeholders and cross-functional partners increases, it is important that they have a work management system that enables them to toggle between multiple views.

For Example, you might want to see all the deals in a Pipeline view as to see the different stages of the deal, and enable the Timeline View to visualise the total deal value that your company can close in each month as per expected deal closure date

Work Management Software
Timeline View in TeamWave

Automate the Processes

There are many repetitive tasks in a business that might seem simple but take a lot of time. So a proper work management system helps your business to automate these tasks and streamline the processes.

This also helps your team to ensure that no one is missing out on crucial tasks and thus boosts the productivity.

For Example, the team lead has to regularly check-in with his team on the progress of different tasks and thus TeamWave provides the feature of Automatic Check-in. This feature is used to keep up with the team by scheduling questions at regular intervals.

Work Management Software
Automatic Check-In in TeamWave

Similarly using TeamWave’s Sales Automation Feature TeamWave CRM will automatically create Deals and Contacts from the emails. This feature is very useful if your sales team is receiving lots of new sales enquires. This reduces their time taken to create new deals and instead they can focus on nurturing bonds with these prospects.

Work Management Software
Sales Automation Feature in TeamWave

Customize the Workflow

TeamWave clearly understands that different businesses have various business requirements. Thus, their software can be customized as per the varied business needs.

Using TeamWave, you can manage the name of the Pipeline, set Privacy and manage Stages of a Pipeline from CRM Settings.

Work Management Software
Customize the Workflow using TeamWave

Also, you may require extra fields in Deals, People and Organisations, etc that do not exist by default. So,  it can always be created as a custom field in TeamWave.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is of utmost importance in Work Management Software. It helps individuals to plan and schedule their work in a better way, make estimations more accurately, and bill clients with precision.

In TeamWave, you can log time you spent on a task either from the task detail page or from the Timesheet tab in a Project. 

Work Management Software
Time Tracking using TeamWave

Real-Time Forecasting and Reporting

For all the businesses, to manage the sales and revenue efficiently, they need to have proper reporting and forecasting tools at place. This helps the businesses to take informed decisions.

With TeamWave’s reports and dashboards you have the flexibility to visualise information and create the reports you need with ease.

Work Management Software
Reports Generated in TeamWave

Integrations to Ease Up the Work

You can connect with all your favourite tools just with a click. TeamWave has powerful integrations with Zapier, GSuite, Quickbooks, Mailchimp and many more app. So you don’t have to switch tabs to get your work done. Instead you can seamlessly integrate these with TeamWave and work from on single platform.

Work Management Software
Quickbook Integration with TeamWave

Additionally, TeamWave’s REST-based API enables developers to integrate CRM, Projects & HR functionality into virtually any system or application. The businesses can use this to create customized reports, capture leads, automatically sync data with your business tools, workflow automation etc.

Why is TeamWave a Great Choice for Your Business?

TeamWave has an availability of all the essential apps, reporting features, Project Management tools, CRM, HRM and integrations with other software. This is available at a flat price at US$39/month for unlimited users. Thus, making TeamWave the best choice for small businesses and startups which are in lookout for a great Work Management Software.

Get started with TeamWave free trial right away!

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