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Top Startups in Vietnam to Watch in 2019

When one thinks about countries known for progressive startup ecosystems, Vietnam is probably not the first country that comes to mind. However, Startups in Vietnam have been quietly cruising under the radar for the last few years and are now emerging as players in the global startup scene.

According to TFI,  Vietnamese startups in 2018 have attracted US$889 million in funding, nearly triple the value compared to US$291 million in 2017. With regards to the spectacular growth of startup opportunities in the country, Here’s our list of the most interesting startups in Vietnam to watch out for in 2019.

Top Vietnamese Startups to Watch Out for in 2019

Soya Garden


Industry: Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Organic Food

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Amount: $24.9M+

Founder: Anh Tuan Hoang

Soya Garden is  Vietnam’s first organic soya chain that focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle for its customers by offering soy-based beverages mixed with coffee or tea.

Since Vietnam is witnessing an increasing demand for soybeans and related products, Soya Garden is considering the possibility of making fast foods with healthy ingredients and entering the fast moving consumer goods industry with their products.



Industry:  Financial Services, FinTech, Wealth Management

Founded Date: Mar 6, 2017

Total Funding Amount: $102.4K

Founder: Huy Nghiem

Formerly known as ZooStudio, Finhay is a wealth management platform that combines all of a user’s bank accounts to allow users to better track their finances.

Finhay uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect and analyze all user behavior and shows suggestions to adjust the spending to match the plans that users set out. Finhay is now concentrating on tapping into the SMEs market with plans to launch software geared toward accountants.



Industry: Information Technology, Internet, Robotics, Software

Founded Date: Mar 2017

Total Funding Amount:  Undisclosed Amount

Founder: Andrew Duck

Aversafe is blockchain-backed credential issuance and verification network for job seekers, employers. It uses blockchain to create a personal identity certification platform that helps employers and seekers tackle fake academics.

It reduces the need for duplicative background checks and incentivizes users to pre-certify their credentials, driving them to enhanced trust, lower costs, faster hiring and more efficient capital use for everyone on the network.



Industry: Cloud Data Services, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, File Sharing, Financial Services, Information Technology, Security

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Amount:  Undisclosed Amount

Founder: Johnny Le

689Cloud is a cloud-based platform and customized solutions for security, storage, management, and data sharing for businesses and governments.

689Cloud equipped with IRM security technology with security functions attached to each document. Currently, 689Cloud is a partner of large cloud supply companies such as IIJ Japan, Saobacdau, FPT HI GIO, RICOH, etc,



Industry: Logistics, Supply Chain Management

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Amount:  Undisclosed Amount

Founder: Le Hoang Anh

EcoTruck is a technology logistics startup in Vietnam capable of helping businesses reduce transportation costs and save time management. It is a transport service provider based on a shared economic model and a technology system, to connect and manage shippers who need to use the service with service providers.

Not only operating with technology and shared economic models, but EcoTruck also focuses on building a professional and experienced customer care service team with experience in transportation and logistics.



Industry: Hospitality, Marketplace, Sharing Economy, Travel Accommodations, Vacation Rental

Founded Date: 2016-17

Total Funding Amount: $10.5M+

Founder: Steven Nguyen

Luxstay is an online short-term rental platform for apartments, villas, and homestays for medium and high-end segments in the real estate market in Vietnam. It has a network of nearly 10,000 properties nationwide.

The platform also provides asset management and maintenance solutions to support and save time for homeowners who want to participate in the home sharing market through the system.



Industry: Gift and Marketplace

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Amount: Undisclosed Amount

Founder: Hieu Truong

UrBox provides innovative marketing campaigns with digital awards, electronic gifts to help businesses attract customers, loyalty programs and employee incentives.

UrBox currently has hundreds of gift suppliers and more than 3,000 stores accepting gifts exchange throughout Vietnam, with more than 50,000 electronic gifts delivered to recipients.



Industry: Hospitality, Information Technology, Property Management, Real Estate

Founded Date: 2016- 2017

Total Funding Amount: $410K+

Founder: Phong Pham

With the aim of bringing technology products to life, CyHome – the smart apartment startup in Vietnam  – was born, making it easier to manage and operate the apartment by reducing the load of manual services.

CyHome is an apartment management software that integrates home management, residents, goods and service providers.  In order to ensure quality, CyHome creates channels for residents to communicate with each other.


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Industry: Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Marketing

Founded Date: 2016-17

Total Funding Amount:  Series A – Undisclosed

Founder: Phi Nguyen

Hiip is an Influencer marketing platform that connects brands and influencers using Big Data and AI. It is designed to accommodate massive digital campaigns and find the right influencers.

Hiip enables brands to scale influencer programs by consolidating discovery, management and performance analytics. It has already connected more than 500 brands and collaborated with 6000 influencers.

download (1).jpeg

Industry: Information Technology, Internet, SaaS

Founded Date: 2017

Total Funding Amount: $1.3M

Founder: Hung Pham is a SaaS enterprise platform that provides applicant tracking solutions such as recruitment management, internal communication, and goal management to businesses

Unlike traditional solutions, the application on platform is designed in-depth and optimal for each task, but can still freely exchange data on a common system. So far, Base has served more than 500 businesses in Vietnam, including many large enterprises such as VIB, VPBank, ACB, The Coffee House, McDonald’s, VinCommerce.

Funding Source: Crunchbase

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