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Top Startups in Singapore to Watch in 2019

Earlier, the ‘lack of an entrepreneurial culture’ has regularly been quoted as a barrier to growing startups in Singapore. Also, the high cost of living in Singapore regulated many locals towards “safer” jobs with MNCs.

Thanks to a thriving business economy, low taxation, and government grants,  Singapore now serves as a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs with TEA above 10, double that of Germany and higher-ranked countries with sophisticated ecosystems like Israel and the UK.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the most interesting startups in Singapore to watch out for in 2019.

Top Singapore Startups to Watch Out for in 2019




IndustryBig Data, Data Integration, Database, Information Technology, Software.

Founded Date: Jan 2018

Total Funding Amount: $2.4M+

FoundersPrukalpa Sankar, Varun Banka

While working with SocialCaps on large-scale data projects, the founders of the Atlan developed tools to help data teams collaborate easily.

Later, they developed a data democratization platform, which is now Atlan. It allows data teams to truly democratize both internal and external data while automating repetitive tasks.



Industry: Enterprise Software, Logistics, SaaS, Software

Founded Date: Aug 2016

Total Funding Amount: $2.2M+

Founders: Ayush Lodhi, Chitransh Sahai, Gautam Prem Jain, Mehul Katiyar

Founded by highly passionate engineers from IIT Delhi, GoComet connects enterprise businesses and shipping forwarders to expedite the effortless movement of cargo with the help of technology.

Working with many global forwarders, strong marketplace traction, and a new round of funding, GoComet is focused on solving the problem of International Logistics.



Industry: Employment, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, Information Technology, Recruiting, Software

Founded Date: Jun 27, 2018

Total Funding Amount: Bootstrapped

Founders: Ardy Satria Hasanuddin, Siddharth Kumar

If you are hiring, and think that reference checking is a pain, robin will help you remove that pain!

robin is an automated reference check platform that provides reports that go beyond mere fact-checks and provide you with qualitative data-driven insights. With the help of technology, robin enables an efficient collection of qualitative data that will aid you in your decision-making as you search for the right fit for your company.



Industry: Air Transportation, Information Technology, Software

Founded Date: Aug 2, 2018

Total Funding Amount: Bootstrapped

Founders:  Mir Abid Hussain, Sylvester Monie

AvPlat is a revolution for the aviation industry. AvPlat is used by jet operators to plan and operate flights.

It is an all-in-one application that builds itineraries, plans the route, book permits, arranges services such as ground handling, fuel, catering, transportation, airport charges and much more without the need to make a call or send an email.



Industry: Real Estate

Founded Date: Mar 2018

Total Funding Amount: SGD 2M

Founders: Michael Cho

UrbanAgents is an AI-powered Proptech startup. It changes the way real estate buyers and sellers relate to each other by providing a more effective real estate service by taking advantage of new technologies.

UrbanAgents also offer an exclusive marketing service for each client by establishing direct communication between people interested in buying and selling a property, saving intermediation costs.


download (1).png

Industry: Electric Vehicle, Last Mile Transportation, Transportation

Founded Date:  2018

Total Funding Amount: $6.4M +

Founders:  Alan Jiang, Deb Gangopadhyay

Beam is an e-scooter company that simplifies first mile & last mile transportation. It is focused on expanding transportation options in Asia beginning with e-scooters.

Whether looking to tour leisure spots, run an errand, or make a delivery, Beam trip lets you travel efficiently, diminish your environmental footprint and have fun as you go.


Industry: Blockchain, Marketplace, Social Network

Founded Date:  Apr 2018

Total Funding Amount: $1.2M +

Founders: Eric Jiang, Jun Gong, Kyle Lu is a blockchain platform that discovers and examines thousands of ranked dapps built on Ethereum, EOS, etc. makes you understand what blockchain and decentralized networks are all about, why it’s so exciting, and how you can use it – either as a developer or as a user.




Industry: Financial Services, FinTech

Founded Date:  2017

Total Funding Amount: Undisclosed Amount

Founders: CX Cheng Xun C, Amerson Lin

GigaCover co-created new insurance solutions for freelancers to have their flexible and affordable income protection insurance.

GigaCover has different insurance solutions such as the region’s first extended medical leave income protection product, as well as a suite of general insurance products backed by Etiqa and AXA.



Industry: Advertising Platforms, Data Visualization, Digital Marketing, Location Based Services, Market Research, Mobile Advertising, Test, and Measurement

Founded Date:  2017

Total Funding Amount: $2M +

Founders: Rohit Maheswaran, Tobin Thomas
Lifesight is an AI-powered enterprise level SaaS platform for Brands concerning local intelligence. It provides real-time information on places, people and products.

It also offers in-store, product development, mobile marketing, targeting and attribution solutions for brands and agencies.



Industry: FinTech, Financial Services, Venture Capital

Founded Date:  2017

Total Funding Amount: $3M +

Founder:  Fridtjof Berge, Jussi Salovaara, Magnus Grimeland, Vegard Medbo

With a mission to turn entrepreneurs into great founders, Antler Global helps you find the right co-founder and connect them to a top tier network of advisors and experts worldwide.

It also provides funding and helps you build strong teams from the ground up, while empowering founders to swiftly launch and scale their ideas.




Industry: Blockchain, Ethereum, Skill Assessment, Social Network, Virtual Currency

Founded Date:  2017

Total Funding Amount: $15.8M +

Founder: Avadhoot Kulkarni, David Moskowitz, Gaurang Torvekar

Indorse is a blockchain-powered skills validation platform that provides online skill evaluation and innovation management services for developers.

By using blockchain technology, Indorse has helped businesses from sorting through thousands of applicants to making informed hires within days, using a shortlist of candidates proven to have the right skills for the role.

Funding Source: CrunchBase


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