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Top SEO Companies in Singapore

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially the process of optimising your website to get organic, or unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. When potential customers search terms related to your business or brand in Singapore, they will have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

Succeeding at SEO takes effort and some expertise. You may need a local SEO company or SEO agency to improve your search engine ranking; there are hundreds of SEO agencies based in Singapore that can help you with website optimisation, backlinks, etc.

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Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency in Vietnam

Refer Agencies Past Performance

Make sure that the company has hands-on experience in projects that are similar to your requirements and have authentic client reviews in their favor. This way you could learn more about the credibility of your potential vendor. People look at what your companies have done to determine if you can deliver. You should also do the same when choosing a SEO agency.

Find Out What Methods The Agency Plans To Use

Make sure you find out which SEO techniques the agency would be using. Shortcuts used by the agency like paid links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engines to demote your website. These techniques are called “Black Hat SEO” because they violate search engine rules.  To get a better idea about the company’s capabilities, ask for case studies and references.

Effective Communication

The vendor must be efficient enough to set up a few extra calls with you to have a better understanding of your work. They must have a good understanding of the Singapore market. Communication gaps could leave a bunch of loopholes in your work due to insufficient understanding and lack of emotional intelligence.


List of Top 25 SEO Companies in Singapore


1. BThrust:

BThrust is a global information technology company that specializes in providing industry-focused solutions integrated with cutting-edge security to clients all across the globe. BThrust offerings include software development, SEO Singapore, digital marketing, enterprise infrastructure, mobile application development, system integration, business applications and IT security. BThrust has the depth of technology, expertise and scale to help your business make the most of the technology to help you keep up with the changing times and stay competitive.


Customers: SendQuick, CHANGI, Talaria, SATSACO.

Specialties: SEO, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Infrastructure.




2. First Page:

First Page is a results oriented, global performance marketing and digital advertising company based in Singapore. They collaborate and integrate seamlessly with your team to ensure all parties are aligned. Since launching ten years ago in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, they have teamed up with some big names and also worked on some big projects.


Customers: JCDecaux, Whirlpool, AFON, JustCo.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.




3. Impossible Marketing:

Impossible Marketing  is an award-winning digital marketing agency built by locals, for the locals in Singapore. Since 2012, they have been on a mission to support SMEs to overcome the unique challenges posed in building a successful business online. Having served more than 1,000 clients and garnered more than 500 positive reviews in the past decade, they are continuing to take the lead by helping SMEs embrace digital solutions. 


Customers: Singtel, MOOVAZ, Superdry, Vivo.

Specialties: SEO, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing.




4. Efusion Technology:

Efusion Technology is a versatile creative web design interactive agency based in Singapore. They specialize in web design, web application development, email marketing, content management system and online marketing campaigns. They are committed to creating great digital ideas that help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. To date, they have worked with established companies from diverse industries, such as entertainment, technology, electronics and media.


Customers: Simmons, Eurotex, Yakult, SingEx.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing.




5. Rioks:

Rioks is a data-driven strategic marketing consultancy with a focus on B2B industries. They provide end-to-end industry-specific strategic marketing solutions based on data intelligence, customer psychology, and audience behavior. With substantial knowledge of specific industries, they  run integrated campaigns on your behalf. 


Customers: nect, Booknetic, GamePlex, CoinChange.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click.




6. Singsys:

Singsys is a fast growing digital marketing and web development company in Singapore. Singsys leverages the power of strategic planning upon the industry verticals to amplify the SEO impact and drive measurable results.  They also provide mobile application services.


Customers: Olympus, CHANGI, Daikin, Samsung.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Mobile Application.




7. Outrankco:

 Outrankco  is  a web design and digital marketing  agency that produces unique, fresh and clean websites that meet the standards of the Internet. They  implement SEO, SEM/PCC to boost traffic to your website, as well as establishing good visibility online and reach your potential market, resulting in positive ROI for your business.


Customers: UHP, Huttons, Alibaba Printing, PropNex.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing.




8. Incify:

Incify is a Singapore-based marketing agency that serves international clients. It provides both short and long term marketing solutions that focus on revenue and sales. They’re known for their SEO solutions and proven track records in delivering results.



Customers: Brandpipe, Lecturio, Shopify.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Marketing Automation.




9. OOm:

OOm is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore. OOm offers full-suite digital marketing solutions, providing services ranging from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Management (SMM), Content and Creative Services, China Digital Marketing and Website Development. Because of their data-driven strategies and actionable insights, the agency has expanded to the Philippines, China and Hong Kong to accommodate the growing local and regional demands in digital marketing.


Customers: TOTO, Singtel, Rentokil, Logitech.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Web Development.




10. Plexial:

Plexial is Singapore’s leading digital marketing  agency. Their expertise is website development & design, WordPress development, e-commerce store, SEO optimization, software development, and SEM campaign. They have also collaborated with various organizations. Plexial is a critically acclaimed IT and graphic design agency.


Customers: KIT, Successpedia Asia, SingaFlora.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.




11. Zimozi:

Zimozi Solutions works on advanced Technologies and building latest trending products & handling operations from India and Singapore. Zimozi is a technology evangelist having more than ten years of experience in digital marketing, mobile application development, cloud computing and web development.


Customers: Kliks, FJ Labs, TRITON.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Mobile App Development.




12. Metric Digital:

Metric Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore. It delivers data driven results combining SEM, SEO, marketing & sales automation, e-mail marketing and content marketing. Metric Digital applies inbound marketing methodology to grow your business. Inbound marketing attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.


Customers: MediDent, KONICA MINOLTA, Nuffield.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click.




13. SocialFin:

SocialFin is a digital marketing company that works exclusively with startups and SMEs. They help you to improve your brands digital channels, drive more traffic, enquiries and sales. They use the most relevant digital marketing strategies to help businesses grow and meet their goals.


Customers: Konok, IDC, The Red Marker.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click, Website Development.




14. Brew Interactive:

Brew Interactive is an agency made up of only experienced digital strategists because they believe that your success depends on more than just a methodology. Brew Interactive is  an agency that covers end-to-end digital work, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, content marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization and digital advertising. Its  clients range from over eight industries, from B2B to education and financial services.


Customers: Columbia, TOTO, Nikon, Lazada.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy.



15. Traffv:

Traffv is a digital marketing company based in Singapore. They not only provide world class data driven marketing services, but also provide transparency through reports and steadfast communication. Traffv drives  organic traffic with long term tactics so you can consistently reach new customers.


Customers: Ocean Dental, KRC, BuildCorp, PrivacyNinja.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing.



16. Evolve Digitas:

Evolve Digitas  is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in comprehending, creating and conducting digital campaigns across the web, mobile and social media platforms. Not only they conceive, design and manage high quality web and mobile applications for businesses but also drive as a technologically innovative company in the context of everyday evolving digital space.


Customers: Mitsubishi, Nokia, Tyco.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Pay Per Click.



17. Corsiva Lab:

Corsiva Lab is a creative digital agency, specializing in website and mobile apps development and digital marketing. Their  team seeks to help its clients portray a professional brand image and generate higher sales revenue by leveraging on data-driven marketing strategies.


Customers: CapitalLand, SCO, Wufang Singapore.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Digital Strategy.




18. Weave Asia:

Weave Asia is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore, with a team of experienced and dedicated marketers whose mission is to help more businesses online, increase their brand visibility and sales revenue. Their approach is deeply holistic, using selected channels and resources to achieve their best outcomes for your business needs.


Customers: Medela, IDental, ONG&ONG.

Specialties: SEO, Strategy Consulting, Pay Per Click.




19. My Marketing Fox:

My MarketingFox offers a complete range of services for integrated digital marketing solutions. They specialize in Search engine optimisation (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Pay-per click, Electronic Direct Email (EDM), Website design, Social media marketing, Public Account Management,  insights and analytics and email marketing. By  using their digital marketing services, you can improve your business performance in terms of better lead generation, engagement and enhanced ROI with a more customer centric approach.


Customers: MVL, Kuubiik, MailChimp, Evonik.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design.



20. Web Delegate:

Web Delegate is a complete one stop digital solution company that focuses on helping Singapore companies digitalize. They have been building websites for local and international clients since 2012. Their team of developers and digital marketers are experts in all aspects of digital marketing strategies and social media management.


Customers: Samsung, National University of Singapore, LCR.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Pay Per Click.




21. PCL Technologies:

PCL Technologies is a leading digital marketing and web development company providing all web solutions. PCL Technologies is purely inclined on the team that is most trusted in the industry who are buoyant with the conception that effective solutions rendered on a timely basis provides true satisfaction to the clients. The assurance and the drive of the company has enabled it to successfully establish strong bonds with client’s globally.


Customers: Adactin, DEMAG, ProServ.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design.




22. Thrive SEO:

Thrive SEO is a digital marketing agency in Singapore with guaranteed 1st page ranking. Thrive SEO offers an expansive suit of SEO and digital marketing services that deliver results. They have expanded their services to Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney and Abu Dhabi as well.


Customers: Zenith Films Singapore, CYCC.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing.



23. Inquivix:

Inquivix is a full-service digital marketing agency grounded in honesty, transparency, and integrity. Core service offerings include Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, and Web Design & Development. They assist global enterprises and MNCs enter the Asian markets efficiently and with impact.


Customers: Jaguar, AgeWell, Rhenus Logistics.

Specialties: SEO, Pay Per Click, Web Design.



24. MediaOne:

MediaOne  offers a complete range of marketing solutions for our clients. Over the years, they have served countless SME and MNC both locally and internationally. They are passionate about providing the most optimal solutions to help clients generate better marketing performance. With their dedicated and innovative team, MediaOne is able to provide a full range of advertising services without compromising on the quality of their campaigns and marketing solutions. 


Customers: Canon, CapitaLand, CHANGI, SingEx.

Specialties: SEO, E-Commerce Development.



25. clickTrue:

clickTRUE is a digital marketing and growth management consultancy based in Singapore. They have an experienced team of business-minded marketers with a rare combination of performance-based strategy thinking, converting creativity, and technical proficiency all tied together with a can-do attitude to better service your companies’​ challenges and ambitious goals. clickTRUE builds & design pages that don’t just look great but work effectively to deliver business results. 


Customers: Schneider Electric, NTU, Singapore Press Holdings.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Pay Per Click.




We have compiled the list of top Search Engine Optimization  companies in Singapore based on user reviews, portfolio and track record. If you think we have missed out on a good SEO or SEM company, feel free to let us know.

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