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Top SEO Companies in Paris

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essentially the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. When potential customers search for terms related to your business or brand in Paris, they will have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

Succeeding at SEO takes effort and some expertise. You may need a local SEO company or SEO agency to improve your search engine ranking; there are hundreds of SEO agencies based in Paris that can help you with website optimization, backlinks, etc.

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Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency in Paris

Refer Agencies Past Performance:

Make sure that the company has hands-on experience in projects that are similar to your requirements and have authentic client reviews in their favor. This way you could learn more about the credibility of your potential vendor. People look at what your companies have done to determine if you can deliver. You should also do the same when choosing a SEO agency.

Find Out What Methods The Agency Plans To Use:

Make sure you find out which SEO techniques the agency would be using. Shortcuts used by the agency like paid links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engines to demote your website. These techniques are called “Black Hat SEO” because they violate search engine rules. To get a better idea about the company’s capabilities, ask for case studies and references.

Effective Communication:

The vendor must be efficient enough to set up a few extra calls with you to have a better understanding of your work.  Communication gaps could leave a bunch of loopholes in your work due to insufficient understanding and lack of emotional intelligence.


List of Top 25 SEO Companies in Paris


1. Meta Optimizers:

 Meta Optimizer is a dedicated team providing digital solutions to small and emerging businesses looking for opportunities to increase their potential for success online. Meta Optimizers take advantage of the small business owners’​ need for digital skills, the scarcity of those skills in the market, and the lack of any major competitor owning the concept of smart and affordable technological solutions for small businesses.


Customers: Cuddles, Grand Gite de Hyaumet.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, E-Commerce Development.




2. Adplorer:

Adplorer is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing automation platform built specifically to help you manage local marketing campaigns. Their technology enables you to scale marketing campaigns across thousands of SMBs, Franchise Locations, and Enterprises all over the world. 


Customers: OxiFresh, Heise, E-Motion.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Conversion Optimization.




3. Search Foresight:

Search Foresight is an innovative SEO agency specializing in digital marketing and data intelligence. Search Foresight supports you in advising and optimizing digital, mobile and e-commerce platforms. The firm has more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: KLEPIERRE, Societe Generale.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing.




4. SmartWeb Group:

Smart WebGroup is the best SEO agency in France. Well known for its services throughout France for several years, The  agency has contributed to the success of many companies in various fields (real estate, fashion, travel, etc). The firm has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Expedia, Desigual.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing.




5. Oscar Referencement:

Oscar Referencement is a digital marketing agency based in Paris. They are a quality SEO agency combined with content marketing and UX user experience practices. The firm has more than four years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Their SEO experts will put you on the front page on the keywords used by your customers.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, UX/UI Design.




6. Primelis:

Primelis is a top international digital marketing agency. Specialized in SEO and with a strong focus on tangible results and the generation of qualified web traffic for their clients. Their combination of a strong business background and technical expertise enables them to deliver exceptional results. 


Customers: Rakuten, TOMTOM, Qonto.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.




7. 1ere Position:

1ère Position is a team of passionate experts living the Internet culture since 1999. Promoting ethical SEO and accessible Web, 1ère Position offers sustainable solutions to create, convert and loyalize targeted traffic, assuring your business fast return on investment. 1ère Position offers a large range of Web marketing services, including search and social marketing in France and Europe.


Customers: Chazelles, LCL, MoneyLine.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, PPC.





The agency is one of the oldest French SEO agencies. Created in 1998 by Franck Maquinay, the agency has optimized the visibility of companies on the internet for more than 20 years. Within the agency, their team implements a clean and quality SEO Strategy.  The firm provides SEO, PPC and Web Development services to its customers.



Specialties: SEO, PPC, Web Development.




9. eGate Referencement:

If  you are looking for an SEO agency to be visible and get contacts and leads, eGate Référencement is a French agency specialized in SEO, SEA and SEM since 2005 and has more than 800 clients. Their SEO experts will put your website on the front page on the keywords used by your customers.


Customers: LIMONETIK, Pipplet.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, SEM.




10. Herezie Group:

Herezie Group is an interactive agency located in Paris, France. They offer you exclusive expertise on all digital questions. Their team is dedicated to finding the best solutions and the best ROI regarding your interactive expressions. Web design, digital strategy, brand content, interactive development and social network are the services which they offer.


Customers: Del Monte, Illy, AMORA.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Branding.



11. JVWEB:

JVWEB is one of the leaders in France for Search Engine Marketing. Well known for its skills in sponsored link, SEO management, Social Ads and affiliation all over Europe. JVWEB’​ team of 7 engineers design and develop tools dedicated to the optimization of their clients’ campaigns. JVWEB teams are experts in search engine advertising, search engine optimization, real-time bidding, google analytics, and e-marketing training.


Customers: Exaprint, Fiat, Afnor.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing.



12. Walt:

Walt is a results-driven digital agency that helps your business in reaching its online goals through consulting services, website design & development, and digital marketing campaigns. Because every client is unique, Walt offers tailor-made services to suit your needs and your company’s industry. From consulting to analysis, through development and digital marketing.


Customers: Actini, Clufix, Sopalin.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, E-Commerce Development.




The FullSIX Group is a leading independent European Group of Communication and Marketing consultancy. Founded in 1998, the group operates 20 agencies in 11 countries on 4 continents, for about a thousand employees. They help their customers to dramatically increase their performance, by using a digital and data centric strategy in order to systematically synchronize their communication with their customers.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy.



14. Ad’s up Consulting:

Ad’s up Consulting is a digital performance consulting company, highly specialized in SEA, Display Programmatic, Social Ads, Creative & SEO strategies. As a leader in the French market, they rely on the expertise of more than 100 in-house consultants who are 100% certified and passionate about their work. 


Customers: Mercedes Benz, Rakuten, JUST EAT.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.



15. SLAP Digital:

SLAP digital is a traffic acquisition agency specializing in SEO, SEA, SMA, and Analytics. The agency has created a global network of service providers able to supplement its expertise according to the problems of its customers. The agency is one of the 3% of Google Partners agencies that have obtained the Premier Partner badge.


Customers: Layher, FEMPO, Airwell.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.



16. Cyllene:

Cyllene is a digital marketing agency based in Paris. The firm provides Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, and Mobile Application Development services to customers across the globe. The firm has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry.  Cyllene accompanies you in the development of your web strategy.


Customers: DAHER, Mercedes Benz, KOOKAI.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.




Since its founding in 1994, SYSTEMIC has anticipated the needs of its customers and is partnering with EMC, now the world’s largest vendor of storage drives, to provide the largest companies with technological and financial solutions on the market. The firm has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Orano, SYNLAB, VEOLIA.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.



18. Fidesio:

Located in the heart of Paris, their team puts all its expertise to their clients, to facilitate the implementation and sustainability of their projects to create websites and web applications. The firm provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UX/UI Design services to its clients across the globe.


Customers: Nexity, Total, AIRBUS.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, UX/UI Design




19. LawRank:

LawRank is a premier legal marketing agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, and web design. They have a proven track record of achieving first-page results for attorneys in the most competitive markets. Their ideal client has tried at least one other marketing company and understands the cost and effort involved with SEO. 


Customers: Lorenz & Lorenz, Mirman.

Specialties: SEO, PPC.




20. SLT Consulting:

SLT Consulting  empowers  and grows consumer focused brands and startups that seek to solve real needs and have a positive impact on the world. A partnership with SLT Consulting provides you access to an award-winning team of digital marketing experts who specialize in eCommerce, consumer goods/services, and retail brands. They partner with businesses that are early-stage startups ready to accelerate growth as well as established brands preparing for the next phase of growth.


Customers: Pura Vida Naturals, Sweetgreen.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy.




21. Vanksen:

Vanksen  believes in the statistics that nourish their creations and the analyses that guide their recommendations. They reconcile performance and creativity to offer the best devices that efficiently meet the needs of their customers. The agency operates around a few areas of expertise: consulting, communication strategy and marketing, brand identity, digital innovation, social media, mobile marketing, on-line crisis management, and production.


Customers: Firmenich, Tango, Columbia.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Marketing Strategy.




22. Let’s Clic:

Let’s Clic is a digital marketing agency that will boost your business and allow you to surpass your competitors. Let’s Clic allows you to master the essential tools for good visibility on search engines. Their SEO experts offer training tailored to your needs and expectations. The firm has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Etna, Gruchy Fuels.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.




23. Visibleo:

Visibleo’s mission is to help small businesses rank high in the Google Search results. They are specialists in SEO and SEA services. Visibleo has been a Google Ads Partner since 2013 and all campaign managers are certified. Their websites are responsive, fast and optimized for Google.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Web Design.




24. Just Search:

Just Search is a Paris based agency specialized in internet marketing solutions. Natural referencing (Search Engine Optimization), sponsored links (Pay per Click) and social media optimization are their core business. They help their customers develop their online visibility and attract more qualified visitors to their website.


Customers: HARIBO, Qpark, SNCF.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy.





 PROWEB is  a creative digital marketing agency based in Paris. They connect brands and people through impactful stories and engaging experiences. The firm provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Digital and Branding services to its customers. PROWEB has more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry. 


Customers: MOTIV, HealthView, Dior.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Branding.





We have compiled the list of top Search Engine Optimization  companies in Paris based on user reviews, portfolio and track record. If you think we have missed out on a good SEO or SEM company, feel free to let us know.

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