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Top SEO Companies in Doha

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essentially the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. When potential customers search for terms related to your business or brand in Doha, they will have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

Succeeding at SEO takes effort and some expertise. You may need a local SEO company or SEO agency to improve your search engine ranking; there are hundreds of SEO agencies based in Doha that can help you with website optimization, backlinks, etc.

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Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency in Doha

Refer Agencies Past Performance:

Make sure that the company has hands-on experience in projects that are similar to your requirements and have authentic client reviews in their favor. This way you could learn more about the credibility of your potential vendor. People look at what your companies have done to determine if you can deliver. You should also do the same when choosing a SEO agency.

Find Out What Methods The Agency Plans To Use:

Make sure you find out which SEO techniques the agency would be using. Shortcuts used by the agency like paid links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engines to demote your website. These techniques are called “Black Hat SEO” because they violate search engine rules. To get a better idea about the company’s capabilities, ask for case studies and references.

Effective Communication:

The vendor must be efficient enough to set up a few extra calls with you to have a better understanding of your work. Communication gaps could leave a bunch of loopholes in your work due to insufficient understanding and lack of emotional intelligence.


List of Top 25 SEO Companies in Doha


1. Sudace Digital Agency:

Sudace is a digital marketing agency, operating in Jordan and the Middle East since 2012. We have done more than 500 projects for 100 clients in 7 countries. The firm  offers digital marketing and e-commerce solutions that drive business success, including, Marketing Strategy, Digital Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Integration, SEO and SEM, Advertising and Video Marketing.


Customers: Euro Arab Insurance, Al Emlaq.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Web Development.




2. G Tech Solutions:

 G Tech Solutions was founded in the year 2013 with the objective of empowering e-businesses and producing the maximum ROI with effective website, mobile apps development and Internet marketing solutions. They have been delivering quality to their clients and they also take great pleasure in their collaborations which builds ultimate relationships that are mutually beneficial.


Customers: 7Herbs, Conserve Academy, Carry.

Specialties: SEO, Mobile App Development.




3. Why Shy?

Why Shy is a digital marketing agency with offices in India and Qatar. They are a group of management and marketing professionals working extensively in the digital marketing and brand building landscape, all set to support start-ups, business enterprises and entrepreneurs. 


Customers: Star Finance, SERAPHIM.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Web Design.




4. Orange Web Design:

Orange Web Design is a professional Web Design Company based in Doha Qatar offering custom-made web design services. Orange Web Design is a Website design and hosting company in Doha Qatar since 2001. Their  team has been delivering results of more than 400 web sites clients in Doha, Qatar. 


Customers: Al Nasr Holding, Qatar Beton, David Adamson Group.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, E-Commerce Development.




5. X! Qatar:

X! Qatar is the first customer experience digital marketing agency in Qatar. They are experts in marketing, especially in the digital marketing space. Their experience involves, providing detailed analysis to inform digital growth of your business, developing short and long term digital marketing strategies with a constructive road map for businesses and increasing conversions. 


Customers: CASIO, Honda, Volvo.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.




6. Osool Media:

Osool Media is a Business and Service Excellence Award recipient for best Digital Marketing Company in Qatar. It provides strategic digital and media services to achieve clients’ goals including but not limited to acquiring leads, web traffic, promotions, and brand awareness and visibility. Osool Media specializes in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaign management, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, online brand and reputation management, website design, and website development.


Customers: Vodafone, Skoda, QICC.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design.




7. New Waves:

New Waves offer top quality web design and development plus a full range of professional internet marketing services. They  implement a range of digital marketing activities to drive results for clients. At the strategy and planning phase, they determine the right mix of tactics to get the best return on your investment. 


Customers: QNCC, Qatar University, WYNDHAM.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Social Media Marketing.




8. Conserve IT Solutions:

Conserve IT Solutions is a Digital Marketing & Web Development Company in Doha, Qatar providing better rankings in Google search results through Local SEO, Pay Per Click advertising (Google Adwords), Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, etc., and also builds crisp and clean graphic design, cutting edge website development & Mobile App Development (iOS & Android) that simply works better.


Customers: MMTC, Abirami, Amoga.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Mobile App Development.




9. Krom Group:

Krom Group is an established Advertising Agency delivering multiple services to clients in Qatar and the region. Krom Group possesses the required expertise to handle projects of any complexity with the support of highly qualified and skilled professionals specialized in creating marketing solutions with high impact.


Customers: Doha Insurance, CISCO, Mazda.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Mobile App Development.




10. Nuance Digital:

Nuance Digital is a Qatar based digital agency with a local team of passionate and creative web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists. Their objective is to help your business grow, so they spend more time on preparation and less time on execution. Their digital team works with you to create a winning formula for your business.



Customers: Porsche, Genesis, WellCare.

Specialties: SEO, Advertising, E-Commerce Development.




DGTAL CYBERKOMS LLC. is a digital agency based in Doha, Qatar. Their services include Digital asset production & Digital Marketing. Digital asset production services involve strategy to execution & maintenance of: Websites, Portals, eCommerce, lead-generation landing pages,  and campaign microsites.


Customers: Mazda, Subway, Qatar Airways.

Specialties: SEO, E-Commerce Development, UX/UI Design.



12. Calpar Global:

Calpar global is formed based on the simple idea of providing best IT services to people and organizations around the globe. They are a team of enthusiastic technology consultants focusing on premium IT Services in various industrial domains. Their main business focus is on web technology and its different industrial applications. 


Customers: Al Rayyan, SHARAKA Holdings.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Digital Strategy.



13. Procyon Lab:

Procyon Lab is an experiential marketing agency with strong intent to help companies create unforgettable experiences that generate content, creativity and conversations. Their agency aims to provide up to date innovation, on the ball with idea creations and providing cost-effective digital technology solutions to their clients. 


Customers: Haier, Vodafone, Total.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Branding.



14. Sparrow Solutions:

Sparrow Solutions  is a leading information technology company offering IT services since 2007. Sparrow engrossed with Technology, Digital Marketing and Software business to deliver quality software products worldwide. The firm has more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: AL SAADAH, ROYAD, Al Buraq.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.



15. Icetulip:

Icetulips is a  branding, conceptual advertising, and digital media agency based in Lebanon with satellite offices in the UK and affiliate offices in Canada, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait. Whether your company requires a new strategy, website, digital media, architectural visualization, or simply consulting services, they are here to help you reach that goal. Icetulip focuses on collaborative, client driven web development and graphic design solutions.


Customers: Adidas, Vodafone, Repsol.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Web Design.



16. Adox Arabia:

Adox Arabia offers a full suite of services designed to make their clients as successful as possible. We are experts in Web design and Software Development with more than 5+ years of experience with more than 1000 + customers. The company headquarters is in Riyadh, KSA is built as a large open environment so they can work together as smoothly as possible to make sure their clients business goals are always the foremost target for their web design and search engine optimization strategies.


Customers: MidWay, Zanlyn, VESTIRE.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Digital Strategy.



17. Innovations Qatar:

Innovations Qatar is a creative digital marketing agency based in Doha Qatar. The firm provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development and Brand Building solutions for clients across the globe. Innovations Qatar was established a decade ago and has managed to create a niche for itself owing purely to its process. 


Customers: Al Buraq, RedBerry, Royad.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, Brand Building.



18. Digital Vertise:

Digital Marketing Agency focused on Your Success Through Innovative Campaigns. Their digital marketing agency can assist you with all your marketing needs. All the way from SEO campaigns, to customized PPC campaigns and even website design. The firm has more than two years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Content Marketing.




19. Maps of Arabia:

Maps of Arabia is a SEO Agency that supports local businesses to evolve from thinking digital to live & breath digital. Enriching Arabic content and partnering with businesses to explore their digital opportunities, optimize and control their presence in the house first, by backing them up against the tough competition, and digital dilemmas.


Customers: Treks Adventures, UniLabs Dubai.

Specialties: SEO, E-Commerce Development.




20. DSTeck:

DSTeck is a Web application and Website Development Company, established in 2008 and has been providing professional web services for over nine years. Their services are nestled in the web application & website development, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX) design, technical expertise, profound knowledge of the latest industry trends and a quality-driven delivery model helping clients realize significant value in Web operations and business objectives.


Customers: Bavaria Tours, Safeway Jordan.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development, UX/UI Design.




21. Studio3:

Studio3 is a full-service creative digital agency focused on crafting success stories where brands play the lead role. Casting the right team at work, they believe in putting together insight-driven campaigns that will not only boost the brand’s presence in the market but also enhance the consumer experience. Since their inception in 2014, they have scripted many blockbuster brand performances for their renowned clientele.  


Customers: Apollo Tyres, Watchbox.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design.




22. Lamp Media Tech:

For over 11+ years, Lamp Media has successfully guided the growth and development of 100+ businesses of all types and sizes in various sectors. They have designed and marketed digital platforms and brochures for various industries like manufacturers, hospitals & clinics, spas & wellness, real estate firms, service providers, merchants, educational institutes, e-commerce etc. They have evolved to provide complete marketing services to build and promote brands of all shapes and sizes. 


Customers: AMIGOS, WhiteMonde.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.




23. Innobayt Innovative Solutions:

Innobayt is the home of innovation where your desired ideas are transformed into designs, software, and applications. Right from logo designs to reality apps we deliver quality work. They are an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project coordinators, writers, and analysts who work efficiently with its clients like a team.


Customers: Security Owl, Sand Pro Services.

Specialties: SEO, Web Development.




24. Zealous Web:

ZealousWeb Technologies is a global solution, technology service and outsourcing company delivering digital business acceleration and enterprise modernization to help customers align technology innovation with business strategy across industries and geographies. ZealousWeb Technologies provides a range of services and solutions in digital, technology, consulting, strategy, automation, product & operations.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Content Marketing.




25. Social Media Solutions:

Social Media Solutions is a digital marketing agency based in Doha, Qatar. The firm helps organizations to maintain their presence in social media platforms and to have smooth constant interactions with customers that the organization is targeting.  The firm also achieved the  “SME Excellence Award 2016”.


Customers: Qatar Airways, Carrefour, Shell.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Strategy.





We have compiled the list of top SEO companies in Doha based on user reviews, portfolio and track record. If you think we have missed out on a good SEO company, feel free to let us know. 

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