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Top SEO Companies in Beijing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essentially the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. When potential customers search for terms related to your business or brand in Beijing, they will have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

Succeeding at SEO takes effort and some expertise. You may need a local SEO company or SEO agency to improve your search engine ranking; there are hundreds of SEO agencies based in Beijing that can help you with website optimization, backlinks, etc.

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Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency in Beijing

Refer Agencies Past Performance:

Make sure that the company has hands-on experience in projects that are similar to your requirements and have authentic client reviews in their favor. This way you could learn more about the credibility of your potential vendor. People look at what your companies have done to determine if you can deliver. You should also do the same when choosing a SEO agency.

Find Out What Methods The Agency Plans To Use:

Make sure you find out which SEO techniques the agency would be using. Shortcuts used by the agency like paid links, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can lead search engines to demote your website. These techniques are called “Black Hat SEO” because they violate search engine rules. To get a better idea about the company’s capabilities, ask for case studies and references.

Effective Communication:

The vendor must be efficient enough to set up a few extra calls with you to have a better understanding of your work. They must have a good understanding of the Beijing market. Communication gaps could leave a bunch of loopholes in your work due to insufficient understanding and lack of emotional intelligence.


List of Top 25 SEO Companies in Beijing


1. GAB China:

GAB China is  a full-service advertising & digital marketing agency for the Chinese market. Within their  agency they  have diverse teams specializing in a variety of industries, some but not limited to: Luxury, Education, Medical, Technology, Entertainment, ECommerce, Retail, Finance, Hospitality, Food & Beverage. Their  team is a selective group of creative digital marketers obsessed with getting you the best return on your investment. 


Customers: Huawei, ORM Fertility, Faurecia.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing.




2. Bright Design Studio:

Bright Design Studio is a licensed digital solutions studio born in Shanghai. The firm provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Business Consulting and Digital Strategy services to its customers. Using your vision with your personal input; they create personalized designs which fits your budget.


Customers: Roxie, TokyLabs, FruitMax.

Specialties: SEO, Business Consulting.




3. SODA Global Marketing:

SODA Global Marketing is an  award winning Chinese Marketing Agency with  branches in the UK, US, HK and Shenzhen China.  They  provide one stop service to help their  global customers to do business development in China more smoothly. The firm has more than five years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Xiomi, Fitbit, Osmo.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing.




4. The Egg:

The Egg provides practical SEO, SEM, social, and display solutions for global brand powerhouses. Their  clients count on them to achieve results and provide value quickly and efficiently. They have created strong partnerships and innovations that streamline processes, facilitate collaboration, and support their clients in managing their digital marketing projects.


Customers: Asics, HGC, Expedia.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy.




5. Cerberus Marketing:

Cerberus Marketing is an advertising consulting service company based in Shanghai, China. Its main business is SEO, content marketing, social media marketing. It has served 30 foreign customers from 14 industries, including many well-known MNC companies such as LG, Qualcomm, JLL, Mercado Libre and Indiegogo. 


Customers: LG, BAUNAT, Qualcomm.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing.




6. Digital Crew:

Digital Crew is an Award Winning Multilingual Digital Agency with offices in Sydney, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Malta, Mumbai and New York. They specialize in Multicultural Digital services – Website Design, Development, SEO, SEM, Social, WeChat, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Localization and Strategy. They connect brands to 4 billion people across the APAC region. 


Customers: Oppo, DHL, Kroger.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.




7. Domatters:

Domatters is a local online China marketing agency in Henan Province, middle of China. Your entry into the Chinese market can be much easier with the help of Domatters Digital Marketing Agency. They  can improve your digital marketing strategy in China, Chinese content copywriting and link building.


Customers: Veem, ICONS8, HK Express.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing.





SEIRIM stands for “Search Engine Intelligence and Risk Management” and was born in 2012 with the vision to ‘win the web’ for themselves and their clients. As a premiere web design agency in Shanghai it is their mission to learn, master and share the complexities of what success online for companies requires both for the China market and globally.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, Web Design.




9. Dragon Trail International:

Founded in 2009, Dragon Trail International is a marketing solutions company with roots in China and extensive experience in the global travel and MICE industries. They create digital solutions to propel your expansion into new markets, connecting you with new customers and partners.


Customers: OTTAWA, Kerzner, YUKON.

Specialties: SEO, Marketing Strategy.



10. GMA:

GMA is a Shanghai based marketing company. The firm has more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry. They have been working with many brands and companies (big and small), in many different key markets, to achieve great success in China.


Customers: DAMAC, Auchan, Guerlian.

Specialties: SEO, Branding, Digital Strategy.



11. GLA United:

With  their  global12 locations and their wide area of expertise, they  think holistically to deliver you with the best possible solutions. As your full-service partner, GLA United thinks long-term and helps you overachieve your goals. GLA United has more than seven years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Hummel, Volvo.

Specialties: SEO, Public Relations, Branding.



12. Sekkei Studio:

Sekkei Studio was created in 2008 in Shanghai. Their main mission is to accompany foreign companies on their development in China. They know that every client is different and is going to have different wants, needs and expectations. They have  gathered a team of designers, programmers and all-around tech wizards under one roof to bring you and your voice to the world. 


Customers: VEJA, Hayco, Focal.

Specialties: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing. 



13. The Orange Blow Fish:

The Orange Blow fish is an award-winning independent creative agency with teams in China, Australia and the United Kingdom. They unleash the power of creativity by leveraging storytelling, art, space and technology to get our clients’ brands talked about. They create unique brand strategies, customized brand installations and brand experiences for Fortune 500 companies and local start-ups across the globe.


Customers: Lindt, Dunkin Donuts.

Specialties: SEO, Graphic Design, Branding.



14. Lordeys:

Lordeys is a  multidisciplinary web agency in Shanghai that helps businesses get the most out of web technologies. In the process they create experiences that make people’s lives easier. They deliver within budget for businesses of different backgrounds, sizes and locations – learning from each other along the way.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, UX/UI Design.



15. Emotion Digital:

Emotion Digital is a digital marketing and consulting company to connect brands to the China market which is the largest and most growing in the world. It was born in 2014 under Manjing Technology as a web studio for the China market. The firm has more than eight years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: Luxerose, Clarins, Cabler.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy.



16. ZHIXIN Network:

Zhixin Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on enterprise website construction, website search engine optimization, mobile development, e-commerce overall solutions, etc. It is committed to providing a complete solution for the enterprise brand image design and information construction.


Customers: Undisclosed.

Specialties: SEO, E-Commerce Development.



17. Team Lewis:

TEAM LEWIS provides full PR, marketing and digital services to drive tangible results for clients around the world. Its agile approach allows brands to adapt to market opportunities and win the war for relevance. Consistently named as one of the industry’s fastest-growing agencies, TEAM LEWIS has 550 staff across 24 offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America.


Customers: Skechers, Qonto, Sage.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy.




18. X-DMAIC:

X-DMAIC brings businesses to a digital world that connects digital customers. It creates innovative and breakthrough campaigns with optimal costs for businesses of all sizes. X-DMAIC has also partnered with large corporations. They run campaigns to bring visitors to your website and convert them to leads.


Customers: Jupiter Foods, SAGS.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Web Design.




19. BTS Sloutions:

BTS Solutions (Ban Tay So) proudly serves diverse global clients by offering mainstream services: IT outsourcing, software & website development, mobile applications, games, online marketing. With contemporary technologies and an established reputation, Ban Tay So Solutions is honorably a reliable partner.


Customers: Alcove, Fe Credit.

Specialties: SEO, Social Media Marketing.





SEONGON is a Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in consulting and implementing SEO, Google Ads and overall digital marketing campaigns. They always choose the intensive and white hat methods. SEONGON Marketing agency helps to create a large and long-term source of potential customers.


Customers: Viettel, Traphaco.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy.




21. DT Digital Asia:

DT Digital Asia is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies who already serve hundreds of different types of businesses, including e-commerce. This reputable agency offers an all-round marketing solution to their clients- from SEO and SEM to mobile and content marketing.


Customers: HSBC, Diego, Pepsi.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing.





INITSOC is a Chinese digital marketing agency specializing in digital strategy, social media management, cross-border digital marketing, media placement, influencer marketing and e-commerce solutions. They develop their own cutting edge technology and are deeply engaged in delivering tailor-made one-stop digital solutions to help achieve a large variety of business and marketing needs.


Customers: Pearson, Crocodile.

Specialties: SEO, Digital Strategy.




23. AsiaPac:

AsiaPac  provides leading technology-driven digital marketing solutions to clients across Asia Pacific. Their digital marketing solutions include SEM, SEO, Social Media, Influencer, Display, Video and Programmatic Marketing. The firm has many years of experience in the digital marketing industry.


Customers: COLE HAAN, Cashing Pro.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy.





As your trusted partner for one-stop China marketing solutions, MOBFEVER is here to offer the fullest from professional consultation and implementation to performance tracking and online support. Their team of experts builds impactful campaigns that set an agenda in the emerging market and gets your business connected with global platforms. 


Customers: Meiji, IFFCO, Mitsubishi Electric.

Specialties: SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy.





WILD AGENCY is an international digital marketing agency that provides end to end online solutions. Their core competencies consist of SEO, SEM, SEA, Social Media marketing and advertising, web development, content creation, online PR… Their  goal is to contribute to the brand development and growth for their B2C and B2B customers. 


Customers: Altima, Mercurr.

Specialties: SEO, Email Marketing.





We have compiled the list of top SEO companies in Beijing based on user reviews, portfolio and track record. If you think we have missed out on a good SEO company, feel free to let us know.

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