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Top Angel Investors in Ukraine

The startup ecosystem of Ukraine has started to develop actively in the last few years. The country is home to more than 1,00,000 IT professionals, most of them being developers. The favourable price-to-quality ratio and quality talent makes Ukraine one of the primary destinations for tech giants like Microsoft and Boeing to outsource their software development needs. Different kinds of incubators and accelerators have started to emerge in the last few years. This is due to the development of the startup ecosystem, interest in the field of innovative entrepreneurship in the country. Afew years ago, Ukraine was mostly known for its amazing developers, but startups are now recognizing their Ukrainian roots. Currently, the country is one of the world leaders in the number of people working in the field of IT and shows annual growth in the field of information technology.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has announced a new funding scheme of 18.5 million US Dollars for Ukrainian startups as part of the government’s strategy to improve the country’s startup ecosystem. Another new initiative introduced by the government is 360 Tech Ecosystem Overview , a platform that provides all data you might be interested to find out on IT Companies, people and investors in Ukraine.  Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early-stage ventures with essential resources including capital to bridge the funding gap and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

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Top Angel Investors in Ukraine


1. Viktoriya Tigipko:

Viktoriya Tigipko is the Founder and Managing Partner of the fund TA Ventures,  globally-minded and network-driven VC firm investing in early-stage tech startups in Europe and North America shaping the industries of tomorrow. Viktoriya also founded ICLUB Global,  a private investment club for angel investors created by TA Ventures. ICLUB gives an opportunity to make small-ticket investments in world successful technological companies.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Marketplace, Big Data, Cloud Computing, SaaS.

Portfolio: Adore Me, Azimo, Medigo, Klara.

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2. Igor Semenov:

Igor Semenov is a Venture Partner of TA Ventures,  an early-stage venture capital firm, backing companies in Europe and North America at Seed and Series A, alongside high-profile co-investors, across a wide range of tech sectors. Igor has more than 15 years of experience in venture capital and private equity. Before joining TA Venture, he worked for 6 years at Western NIS Enterprise Fund as Research Associate and Investment Associate. 

Sector: Mobile, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Financial Services.

Portfolio: CheckiO, Captalis, Adore Me, HackerEarth.

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3. Nataliia Berezovska:

Nataliia Berezovska is the Co-Founder and CEO of Detonate Ventures, an Investment and management company acting as a seed and early-stage investor and managing in-house projects. It’s a partnership managed by professionals with a broad expertise in technologies, media, telecommunications, marketing and strategic consulting. He is a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor. He is constantly looking for new projects with tangible value to the end customer, experienced energetic team and clear business model.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Digital Media, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Eduson, Lotobar, Adtena, Wevorce.

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4. Yaroslav Maxmovych:

Yaroslav Maxymovych is the CEO and Founder of, an online ticketing platform. He actively invests in European, Russian and Moscow startups. Yaroslav Maxymovych invests in the healthcare, Internet and Digital Media industries. He has also co-founded many startups in the Ukraine region.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, Mobile.


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5. Andrew Kryvorchuk:

Andrew Kryvorchuk is a Senior management executive with more than 13 years of experience in investments and banking. He has extensive experience in building new companies, business processes and teams. Andrew is currently working as a Managing Partner of Adventures Lab, a venture capital fund that invests in Early, Growth and Late Stage businesses. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, Adtech, Digital Health, Hr Tech, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Softcube,, Kidoz, Busfor.

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6. Sergiy Kalinchuk:

Sergiy Kalinchuk is the Co-Chairman of Startup Acceleration Committee of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) that was established to spread the word about Ukraine’s achievements and opportunities and to support investors in every aspect, from providing reliable information to establishing international connections at the industry and government levels. Sergiy has more than 10 years in financial and investment management with expertise in various economic areas, such as Information Technologies, Real Estate, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, etc.

Sector: Real Estate, Agriculture, Clean Technology, Information Technology.

Portfolio:,, WebWORKS Studio.

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8. Kirill Mazur:

Kirill Mazur is a Partner of Happy Monday, a personalized career platform with recommendations on companies, jobs, career paths. He has more than 5 years of his experience dedicated to launching and building a VC fund in CEE (operated as a family office). In 2015 the fund became one of the most active investors in startups in Ukraine (with $11 mln. of investments in 40+ deals in 5+ countries.

Sector: Fin-Tech, E-Commerce, SaaS, Big Data.

Portfolio: DubFellows, Happy Monday, TENNISTERIN.

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9. Tanya Romanyukha:

Tanya Romanyukha has a strong background at startup incubators and investments, project management, sales and team leadership. She is currently working as an associate at an early stage VC fund. Tanya is helping portfolio companies with making connections to people and companies who can help their business grow.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Big Data, Mobile, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: CROICE, LendingStar, Top Enterprise Solutions.

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10. Ruslan Savchyshyn:

Ruslan Savchyshyn is the Chairman of the Board of MagneticOne Group. He is an experienced businessman and an active angel investor. Ruslan Savchyshyn is also the Co-Founder of MagneticOne Mobile, a company that deals with the development of mobile applications. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, Robotics, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence.

Portfolio: Avision, Softcube,DriverNotes, MicroGIS.

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11. Igor Pertsiya:

Igor Pertsiya is a Venture partner of TA Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, backing companies in Europe and North America at Seed and Series A, alongside high-profile co-investors, across a wide range of tech sectors. Igor is also the Regional Director of ICLUB, a network of private investors, established by a leading European VC fund, TA Ventures. ICLUB gives an opportunity to make small-ticket co-investments in high-growth early-stage European and American startups together with TA Ventures.

Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, E-cOmmerce.

Portfolio:, Seafair, Salo, VOCHI.

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12. Den Dmitrenko:

Den Dmitrenko is the Managing Partner of Roosh Ventures, a multi-stage VC firm led by ML entrepreneurs.  Denis is an angel investor and a strong leader with years of experience in tech, strategic & management consulting, and serving as an investment director under his belt. Denis believes AI & ML to be a powerful tool and source for new and more creative business solutions.

Sector: Financial Services, Banking, Digital Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence.

Portfolio: Bnext, Majelan, Psious.

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13. Sergey Tokarev:

Sergey Tokarev is a tech entrepreneur, international investor, one of the first visionaries who funded Reface, the globally acclaimed viral face-swap video app. He is involved in over 30 IT companies as a founder and leader, including Roosh Ventures, a multi-stage fund that boosts tech startups. He is  committed to putting Ukraine on the global AI map and making Pawa the largest ML venture studio in Europe.

Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Fin-Tech, Banking, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Reface, Facemoji, Deel, Libeo.

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14. Max Filippov:

Max Filippov is the Managing Partner of GR Capital, a pan-European venture fund with a panoramic view. He has Managed 30+ various successful advisory engagements for the clients, including M&A, capital raising, debt restructuring, strategic consulting etc. Starting from 2012 Max started developing his venture capital expertise by mentoring promising US and Ukrainian start-ups.

Sector: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Meero, Lofelt, Deliveroo, Mcmakler.

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15. Sergii Kravets:

Sergii Kravets is a Partner of the tech investor GR Capital, which is focused on Series A-C investments across the globe. Prior to that he was the Investment Associate of TA Ventures,  an early-stage venture capital firm, backing companies in Europe and North America at Seed and Series A, alongside high-profile co-investors, across a wide range of tech sectors. He has led the investment in Azimo, Glovo, wefox, Flaschenpost (sold to Oetker), sennder.

Sector: E-Commerce, Fin-Tech, Logistics, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Glovo, Sennder, Billie, Wefox.

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16. Alexander Soroka:

Alexander Soroka is the CEO of Startup.Network, a professional network which unites Venture Capital market participants and helps Entrepreneurs to raise pre-seed and seed equity rounds. He also sits as the Board Member of VC.House. Alexander Soroka is the Member of the Board of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA). 

Sector: E-Commerce, Event Management, Ticketing, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio:, LumpidAmore, InCafe.

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17. Andriy Zinchuk:

Andriy Zinchuk is an Advisor of Antler, a global early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. He has also been the Managing Director of Demium, a fastest growing pre-team pre-idea startup incubator in Europe. Andriy Zinchuk is a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS.

Portfolio: Neuromation, Hacken, Younk, Remme.

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18. Michael Puzrakov:

Michael Puzrakov is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Intellias,  a trusted supplier of software development services operating in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the United States, and Saudi Arabia. He is also the President and Founding Partner of Lviv Tech Angels, a community of investors who aim to boost a startup culture in Lviv and Ukraine.

 Sector: Ed-Tech, Information Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Influ2, 3DLOOK, YouTeam, Liki24.

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19. Oleksandr Kosovan:

Oleksandr Kosovan is  a Ukrainian tech-entrepreneur, founder of MacPaw and creator of CleanMyMac, an app that has recently passed the count of 4 million users. He has co-founded SMRK (, a venture capital fund with global reach. Through SMRK he has  invested in world-famous projects like AJAX.Systems, Madberry, Amazing Hiring, and Allset. 

Sector: Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Information Technology.

Portfolio: FlawlessApp, Quple, Seadora, Preply.

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20. Yevgen Sysoyev:

Yevgen Sysoyev is  an investment professional and entrepreneur, he has been the driving force behind the leading Ukrainian venture capital at AVentures Capital, a firm that invests at early stage and looks to team up with amazing entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, who build US market focused  and global businesses. Yevgen holds an MBA degree with distinction from INSEAD.

Sector: Healthcare, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: TeamFusion, Sixa, Petcube,

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