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Top Angel Investors in Turkey

Turkey is the fifth biggest startup market for angel investors in Europe, according to the European Trade Association for Business Angels [EBAN]. While over 600 million euros were invested in Turkey, it is still at an early stage of the Angel Investment ecosystem. There exist various alternatives for promoting start-ups or individual entrepreneurs such as KOSGEB, TOBB, bank loans, Incentives of Ministry of Economics, etc. However, those also come with strict procedures and bureaucracy. In this context, angel investors are seemed to be the shortcuts to the actualisation of the idea and the achievement eventually.

We have compiled a list of active angel investors who are spearheading Turkey’s tech renaissance. They are venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, and entrepreneurs who scour Turkey for startups from Istanbul to Izmir. If there is sufficient interest, the angels may offer mentorship, referrals, or further collaboration.

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Top Angel Investors in Turkey

1. Enis Hulli:

Enis Hulli is a General Partner at 500 Startups Istanbul with a focus on helping Turkish and Eastern European entrepreneurs to succeed at global stage. Before joining 500 Startups, he was the Managing Partner at Firstseed, an early stage angel network that invests in Turkish entrepreneurs with a global vision. His goal is to position 500 Startups as the leading actor in the region in order to re-shape the future of innovation at EMEA.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, Ed-tech.

Portfolio: BiSu, Carbon Health, BuyBuddy, Evreka.

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2. Burak Buyukdemir:

Burak Buyukdemir is the Founder of Ethohum, a startup capital venture catalyzer that aims to associate investors, professionals and companies with young entrepreneurs who have knowledge and ideas about the new economy and who want to find their own companies. He is also the Co-Founder of Goril Bilisim AS. Burak earned his MBA from Bosporus University.

Sector: Mobile Games, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: BDCabs, Cambly, Mortaki, Rent n Connect.

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3. Arda Kutsal:

Arda Kutsal is the Founder and CEO of Webrazzi, an influential online publication in Turkey on new media and digital economy which is both on local and regional levels. Arda Kutsal has been profiled under Fortune magazine’s ’40 under 40′ list as well as featured together with Webrazzi on the cover of Forbes Turkey, October 2010 issue.

Sector: Digital Media, Education, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: Clearbit, Naytev, Matchmade, Sendloop.

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4. Degerhan Usluel:

Degerhan Usluel is a Partner at Usluel  Group, a privately held engineering and construction group for energy, telecommunications and rail system infrastructure operating in Western Asia. Degrhan Usluel now invests and mentors companies to help build high-performance teams and products that resonate with the marketplace. He earned his MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Sector: Enterprise Software, Telecommunications, Smart Grid, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Ampool, Armorway, Orderful, Zeotap.

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5. Egemen Alpay:

Egemen Alpay is the Managing Partner at F+ Ventures, Turkey. He has extensive international business development and operational experience for technology driven companies and startups. Egeman Alpay is passionate about investing in startups. He is also the Co-Founder and Partner at, a social media platform.

Sector: Saas, Mobilty, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Chargepoint, Masinga, DUCKT, Infofab health.

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6. Baran Kayhan:

Baran Kayhan is the Vice President at SOKTAS Tekstil,  He is also a Partner at OneSixtyTwo Holdings Pte Ltd, an investment research and technology development firm dedicated to producing superior returns for its partners and employees through its asset management businesses. Baran Kayhan is an active angel investor.

Sector: Healthcare, Hospitality, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio:, Soktas, DarioHealth.

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7. Munif Koz:

Munif Koz is the Managing Partner at MIK Engineering. He finished his education from Technical University of Berlin. Munif Koz actively invests in startups in and around Turkey. He has managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial growth and profit. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.


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8. Mustafa Vardali:

Mustafa Vardali is the Co-Founder of Teknasyon, a firm that develops B2C services in-house and provides companies with technology services. He is also the Co-Founder of Rockads, a subsidiary of Teknasyon, offering B2B products. Mustafa Vardali is an active angel investor and mentor.

Sector: AI, Digital Media, Ed-tech, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Panteon, Moovbuddy, Meditopia, Lisa Ai.

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9. Hasan Aslanoba:

Hasan Aslanoba is the Chairman at Aslanoba Capital, Turkey. He invests in ambitious teams pursuing disruptive ideas, with special focus AI, SaaS, Fin-tech, Blockchain and e-commerce startups. Hasan Aslanoba has made more than 200 angel and VC fund investments to startups globally. Hasan is one of the most active angel investor in Turkey.

Sector: E-Commerce, Fin-tech, Mobile, Ed-tech, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: BiSu, Marti, Cloosiv, Webrazzi, Meal Box.

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10. Burak Saglik:

Burak Saglik is the Co-Founder of Teknasyon, Turkey. He is also a Partner at Panteon. Before joining Panteon Burak Saglik was a Managing Partner at MBI Tech, Azerbaijan. Burak actively invests in startups based in Turkey. Burak Sagilak is an active angel investor and mentor.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Ed-tech, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Panteon, Otsimo, Meditopia.

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11. Ertunc Alioglu:

Ertunc Alioglu is currently the Finance Director at Earlybird Venture Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in all growth and development phases of a company. Before joining Earlybird Venture Capital, he was the Corporate Finance-Assistant Manager at TSKB, Turkey. Ertunc Alioglu has invested in many startups.

Sectors: Big Data, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Apsiyon,, Hazelcast,

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12. Lucas Decoster:

Lucas Decoster is the Chief Financial Officer at Hummingbird Ventures. He is involved in fund management, portfolio investments and investor relations. Prior to joining Hummingbird Ventures, Lucas gained experience as a corporate lawyer working for several venture firms and startups. He earned his MBA from New York’s Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Sector: Fin-tech, Healthcare, Gaming, SaaS.

Portfolio: Automata, Showpad, Deliveroo.

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13. Turgut Konukoglu:

Turgut konukoglu is the Chief Executive Officer at Sankonline, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Istanbul. He earned his BBA degree from Yeditepe University, Turkey. Turgut Konukoglu is also the Board Member at Sanko Enerji. He aims to create value by empowering talented visionaries transform their ideas into real businesses.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Ed-tech, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: Mori,, Sinemia.

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14. Cenk Bayrakdar:

Cenck Bayrakdar is the Managing Director at Revo Capital, a firm investing in truly seed and early stage B2B or B2C ventures in Turkey. He has led multi-million dollar projects, strategically managed multi-function teams, advised and mentored startups and also acted as board member on numerous tech company boards.

Sector: Internet of Thinghs, SaaS, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: PayCore, LOGIWA, Endeksa, Skyatlas.

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15. Alper Karagoz:

Alper Karagoz is currently a Partner at Diffusion Capital Ventures, Turkey. Prior to joining Diffusion Capital Ventures, he was the Investment Director at Teknoloji Yatirim, first VC fund in Turkey specializing in research based technologies. Alper earned his MBA from Istanbul University. He has worked in financial and operational areas of many startup companies.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Medrics, Magspin, Appsilon, Tazi.

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16. Agah Ugur:

Agah Ugur is the Chairman at Bogazici Ventures, a firm that does financial investment and provides top-level support for international growth through its investment funds. Agah Ugur also serves as a Board Member at Pegasus Airlines and Dogan Holding. Aghar Ugur is an active angel investor based in Turkey.

Sector: Digital Media, Healthcare, Ed-tech, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: DNC Pharma, Eyedius, Hugent, MenaPay.

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17. Gokhan Guner:

Gokhan Guner is the Managing Partner at ACT Venture Partners, an early-stage technology venture capital firm. He is an angel investor with a passion in deep-tech startups, technology commercialization, mobility, electronics, telecom and artificial intelligence. Gokhan Guner is also a Board Observer at Eatron Technologies Ltd.

Sector: Internet of Things, SaaS, Healthcare, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Infofab Health, AventaMed, Senoptica, Gudog, Ambeent.

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18. Yavuzhan Yilancioglu:

Yavuzhan Yilancioglu is the VC Associate at Revo Capital. Before joining Revo Capital, he was the Senior Consultant at Oliver Wyman. Yavuzhan actively invests in early-stage technology companies from the Baltics, Western Europe and Turkey. He has done MSc in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics.

Sector: Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Getir, Fintegre, Peoplise, Digiform.

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19. Altan Kucukcinar:

Altan Kucukcinar was the Founding Partner of Ineo Engineering and Consultancy, a firm specializing in growth opportunities for technology companies. He is currently a Partner at Diffusion Capital Partners. Altan Kucukcinar holds M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Middle East Technical University. Altan is an active angel investor and mentor.

Sector: Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, Ed-Tech, SaaS, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: Cybelle, V-count, Episome, Appsilon.

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20. Burak Balik:

Burak Balik is one of the leading technology entrepreneurs and serial investors. He is the Founding Partner at Bogazici Ventures. Burak Balik has invested in many companies in Turkey and he also took place in the executive boards of many technology companies. He is also a Partner at MenaPay, UAE. Burak Balik has mentored many entrepreneurs.

Sectors: Digital Media, Fin-tech, Ed-tech, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Sadeceon, Protranslate, MenaPay, Plum.

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