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Top Angel Investors in Spain

Spain has made an increasingly strategic push to grow its startup ecosystem. Spain’s GDP is expected to grow by 5.9% in 2021 and 6.3% in 2022. Spain has a young thriving startup ecosystem. The country also has one of the larger smartphone penetration rates in the world and a high degree of technology adoption by its young population, thus providing an opportunity for technology companies to build products and services for such an audience. 

The Spanish entrepreneurs have a more international mindset and are increasingly focused on true technological innovation. Angel Investors play a critical role in laying the foundation for startups. The Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms are actively investing in Spain. Local VCs are raising larger funds and foreign investors are increasingly investing in Spain.

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List of Top Angel Investors in Spain.


1. Carlos Blanco:

Carlos Blanco is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Encomenda Smart Capital, a super angel fund targeting early seed investments in Spain. Carlos is a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor. He is also the Founder and Chairman at Nuclio Venture Builder, a platform that creates startups inspired by business concepts validated in other markets. 

Sector: E-Commerce, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Advertising, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Boardfy, Blueknow, Chicfy, Agroptima.

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2. Albert Armengol:

Albert Armengol is the Co-Founder of Doctoralia. Albert is from a healthcare and business background, his professional life started in the healthcare industry. Albert Armengol has made more than 30 investments. He actively invests in the healthcare and internet startups. He earned his MBA from ESADE. Albert Armengol also Co-Founded eConozco.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, SaaS.

Portfolio: Bnext, Confrere, Flanks, Kamua.

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3. Mac Lackey:

Mac Lackey is the Founder of ExitDNA, a platform that helps entrepreneurs design and optimize their business for maximum value. Mac Lackey is an entrepreneur who has built and sold six companies. Currently Lackey is mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs via his exclusive programs, the FENX and ExitDNA.  Mac Lackey has made more than 35 investments in a number of startups.

Sector: E-Commerce, Social Media, Healthcare, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Proterra, Avadim, Emrgy, Kiyatec.

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4. Francois Derbaix:

Francois Derbaix is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Indexa Capital, a leading automated investment service in Spain. As a business angel, he is active as an early stage investor and advisor in 25 startups. Francois Derbaix is also the Co-Founder and Board Member at Bewater Funds. Francois has been an active angel investor.

Sector: Financial Services, Health & Wellness, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Besepa, Aplazame, Soysuper, Mumumio.

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5. Luis Riveria:

Luis Riveria currently works as a CTO at Riverlan developing new products and services based on open source and blockchain technologies. His startup experience includes leading ETFmatic, a fin-tech startup, Okuri Ventures and Startupbootcamp among others. Luis Riveria earned his MBA from INSEAD. 

Sector: Mobile, Social Media, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Fin-Tech.

Portfolio: Gruvi, Dittit, Magma, Timpik.

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6. Yago Arbeloa:

Yago Arbeloa is the President of Hello Media Group, a creative advertising and marketing agency. Yago is also a President of the Association of Internet Investors and Entrepreneurs (AIEI). In addition to being an entrepreneur, Yago Arbeloa actively invests in startups. He has invested in many startups across Spain.

Sector: Financial Services, Real Estate, Insurance, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Balio, Rentuos, Coverfy, Offemily.

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7. Andreas Mihalovtis:

Andreas Mihalovtis is one of the most active angel investor in Spain. He is a serial entrepreneur, having invested in more than 100 international startups. Andreas is the Co-Founder of Global Super Angels Club, a platform for angel investors usually investing six-figure euro amounts in startups, supporting its members to improve their deal flow and speed up their search for like minded co-investors.

Sector: Social Media, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Fin-Tech, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: SmartGuide, Optimus Price, Landbot, Viewed.

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8. Ian Noel:

Ian Noel is currently the Angel and Growth Investor at Lingokids. Before joining Lingokids Ian was the Co-Founder and General Partner at K FUND, an early-stage VC firm that, with an entrepreneur-centric philosophy, aims to fuel the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem by investing in the best and brightest entrepreneurs and tech companies in the region.

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Social Media, Health & Wellness.

Portfolio: Emagister, Lingokids, Holidog, Niumba.

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9. Christopher Pommerening:

Christopher Pommerening is the Founding Partner at Active Venture Partners. He has founded 10 companies and organizations and invested in more than 30 startups. In 2017, after two years of preparation and research, he started Learnlife, his “once in a lifetime” adventure aiming to change the worlds learning landscape.

Sector: Digital Media, Consumer Internet, Mobile, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Adjust, Barnebys, Odilo, Traity, Zyncro.

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10. Heiko Rauch:

Heiko Rauch is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and angel investor. He is the Co-Founder of UFOstart- the first “Global Crowd Network” for lean startups. Previously, he co-founded Zanox, Europe’s leading performance advertising network. Heiko Rauch is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and startup people. 

Sector: Education, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Crowdsourcing.

Portfolio: DOZ, Gamestry, CodeOp, ArtNight.

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11. Jesus Monleon:

Jesus Monleon is the Founding Partner at 4Founders Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage internet and technology enabled businesses in Spain and Europe. He has more than 15 years of experience in building, managing and scaling online businesses. Jesus Monleon is a serial entrepreneur and business angel-early investor. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Mobile.

Portfolio: Marfeel, Microverse, Redbooth, Trovit.

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12. Javier Torremocha:

Javier Torremocha is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Kibo Ventures, a European early-stage VC empowering diverse tech entrepreneurs to solve big problems. Before founding KIbo Ventures, Javier was a Partner at INGDA. Javier Torremocha has been an active angel investor. He earned his MBA from INSEAD.

Sector: SaaS, E-Commerce, Mobile Games, Consumer Internet, Education.

Portfolio: Colingo, Flywire, Ludei, Notegraphy.

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13. Varun Dalal:

Varun Dalal is the Principle at Telegraph Hill Capital, a venture capital firm investing in early stage mobile focused companies in US and Europe. Prior to joining Telegraph Hill Capital, he worked for almost 9 years at KPMG as a Assistant Manager- Transaction Services (M&A Advisory). Varun Dalal earned his MBA from IESE Business School- University of Navarra.

Sector: Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Information Technology.

Portfolio: Buzzstarter, Chewse, Apptopia, Clutter.

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14. Ricard Soderberg:

Ricard Soderberg is the Founding Partner and Chairman at Active Venture Partners, a venture capital company. He has made 24 investments and several successful exits to companies such as Amazon and eBay. Prior to Active Ventures he started his career working for Credit Suisse in London and New York. Ricard is also the Senior Advisor at Venture Comply.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Barnebys, Fishbrian, Traity, Zycro.

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15. Eneko Knorr:

Eneko Knorr is the Managing Director of Laguardia Capital, an investment bank for new crypto world. He was named by “Expansion” Newspaper as “One of the Most Influential People in Blockchain”. Eneko is also the Co-Founder of Onyze, a digital asset custody platform empowering finance and crypto pioneers. 

Sector: E-Commerce, Mobile Games, Consumer Internet, Ticketing.

Portfolio: 8fit, Badi, Cabify, First Line.

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16. Jose Cobian:

Jose Cobian is an experienced tech entrepreneur, startup advisor and strategy consultant, specialized in new product development, bootstrapping tactics and market-entry projects. He is currently a Senior Consultant at CapSys Group, a Zurich-based management consulting company. Jose Cobian actively invests in a number of startups.

Sector: Big Data, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Fanarchy, Netgamix, Mobitto, Linkovery, GiftMe.

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17. Ivan Feito:

Ivan Feito is the Corporate Development and Venture Capital Manager at Prosegur, a firm investing in companies developing B2B products or services directly or indirectly linked with security industry. Ivan is an active angel investor. specialized in technology and internet startups. Ivan Feito has made more than 12 investments in startups.

Sector: Digital Media, SaaS, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Akamon, Captronics, Engima, Clickdelivery. 

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18. Javier Cebrian:

Javier Cebrian is a General Partner at Bonsai Partners, a technology venture capital firm with a hybrid investment strategy focused on the unexploited secondary market. Javier Cebrian is also a Board Member at Your New Self, the company behind the biggest aesthetic surgery and aesthetic web portals. Javier aims to create value by empowering talented visionaries transform their idea into real businesses.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Ed-Tech, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Salupro, Glovo, Gigas, Minube.

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19. Philipp Schroeder:

Philipp Schroeder is the Founding Partner of Active Venture Partners, a European Venture Capital Firm, focused on positively disrupting its traditional sector. He is also a Partner at Endeit Capital, a venture capital firm based in Germany. Philipp graduated from the City University Business School London in 1999. He is an early and growth stage venture capital investor.

Sector: Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, SaaS, E-Commerce, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Whisbi, ReviewPro, Restalo, Packlink.

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20. Luis Gonzalez Buendia:

Lui Gonzalez Buendia is the Finance Director at Bonsai Venture Capital. He is an experienced Finance Director with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Luis is a strong legal professional skilled in Angel Investing, Management, Corporate Development and Entrepreneurship.

Sector: Marketplace, Consumer Internet, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: CitiBox, Paack, Salupro, Wallapop.

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