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Top Angel Investors in Poland

Since Poland’s entry into the European Union in 2004, the country has been rapidly growing. Today it is one of the most Euro-enthusiast countries in the whole Union. Poland is a great place to start a business with the plan to expand in the other European Union markets. Promising startups searching for upto EUR1 million can easily find experienced investors in the Polish market. 

The Angel Investors have been actively investing in the Polish startups. They have managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial growth and profit. The Polish startup ecosystem is rapidly developing and holds significant potential. More than 100 Venture Capital firms are active in the Polish market. 

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List of Top Angel Investors in Poland


1. Lukas S.Zgeip:

Lukas is a General Partner at Pointer Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm. He has experience in consulting, investments, sharing and collaborative business models, managing and delivering multiple IT projects on web applications, mobile and digital marketing solutions. Lukas is an active investor and advisor in over 20 projects. He is also a Partner at

Sector: Fin-Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: Crowdcube, DigiFox, Move Smart, Nevomo.

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2. Piotr Wilam:

Piotr Wilam is the Chief Executive Officer and leading investor at Innovation Nest, a venture capital and private equity firm. He is also the Co-Founder of SPIN Entrepreneurship School. Piotr has also been a Co-Founder and President of the management board of Piotr Wilam is a great entrepreneur and advisor to startups.

Sector: Internet of Things, Consumer Internet, B2B, Digital Media, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Flowbox, Flogger, Infermedica, UXPin.

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3. Piotr Kulesza:

Piotr Kulesza is the Founder and General Partner at RTAventures VC, a venture fund focused on healthcare and new technologies. Before joining RTAventures, he was the Investment Director at Enterprise Investors. Piotr Kulesza is an active angel investor and mentor. He actively invests in the internet, mobile and healthcare sectors.

Sectors: Healthcare, Mobile, E-Commerce, Big Data, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Apptopia, Booksy, Doctrina, inFakt, Preply.

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4. Maciej Filipkowski:

Maciej Filipkowski runs a Polish language podcast a YouTube channel, where he interviews interesting guests. He has fully explored the entrepreneurial and investment space. Since 2015 he has been part of the Investment committee at Hedgehog Fund. Maciej has made more than 30 angel investments personally. He earned his MBA from INSEAD.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Mobile.

Portfolio: Allani, Growbots, Fuero Games, Evenea.

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5. Marcin Kurek:

Marcin Kurek is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Market One Capital, a marketplace first VC fund based in Warsaw and Barcelona. Marcin Kurek is an entrepreneur and investor in e-business and tech sector. He is also a Managing Partner and Co-Founder in Protos Venture Capital, an early stage VC fund. 

Sector: SaaS, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Allani, Brainly, Eversports, Joymile.

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6. Richard Lucas:

Richard Lucas is a business and social entrepreneur who has lived in Karkow since 1991. One of the leading lights in the Polish startup community. He is currently the Co-Founder of ISL Poland. Richard Lucas is involved in and has started many businesses and supports projects to help develop the pro enterprise ecosystem in Poland.

Sector: Mobile, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: Estimote, GlobeShifts, Notatek, Sugentam.

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7. Marcin Zabielski:

Marcin Zabielski is the Managing Partner at Market One Capital, a Pan-European early stage VC fund investing into marketplaces, digital platform and SaaS. Marcin Zabielski is a startup evangelist and mentor. He is also a Managing Partner at Hedgehog Fund. He is the member of Startup Poland Think-Tank.

Sector: E-Commerce, Healthcare, SaaS, B2B, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: Allani, CallPage, Fuero Games, Evenea.

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8. Marek Rusiecki:

Marek Rusiecki is the Co-Founder and President of the Management Board of Xevin Investments, a group of venture capital funds established in 2008 and based in Warsaw, Poland. He has been an investor in more than 80 companies all over the CEE region and Israel. Prior to founding Xevin Investments, Marek co-founded Adnet, the first and online advertising network in Poland.

Sector: Robotics, Consumer Internet, Mobile, SaaS, Digital Media.

Portfolio: UXpin, Unamo, Cube Group, Red Sky.

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9. Radoslaw Cielicki:

Radoslaw Cielicki is the Chief Financial Officer at, the first crowd equity platform in Poland. He is also the Founder and CEO at Businesscaddy, a foundation established to promote entrepreneurship and support micro and small entrepreneurs. Radoslaw Cielicki is an active angel investor and mentor.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: 4 Decision, Imustela, Sales2do, BanFi.

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10. Janusz Krasnopolski:

Janusz Krasnopolski is the CEO at RE-Invest, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Poland. He is an innovative thinker with broad experience in general and finance management, operations and business development. Janusz is also the CFO at Tribe47. He has earned his MBA from SGH Warsaw School of Economics. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Fin-Tech.

Portfolio: Growbots, WhoKnows, DealFlicks, Patients Know Best.

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11. Piotr Wasowski:

Piotr Wasowski is the Founder and CEO at Arkley- The Accelerator VC, a firm that offers a decade of experience in launching and scaling startups. Piotr Wasowski focuses on early-stage hardware startups and help them grow from prototype to IPO. Piotr has been an active angel investor. 

Sector: Robotics, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Internet of Things, Mobile.

Portfolio: Monitori, Zmorph, Tespack, BIVROST.

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12. Andrzej Targosz:

Andrzej Targosz is the Founder and CEO at Eventory, a market leader in the event management software solutions. For the past 20 years, Andrzej has helped people involved in marketing to understand the importance of events as a tool to promote their brand. He is also the Co-Founder and Board Member at Bitspiration.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Healthcare, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: 1Mind, Cityglobe, StatSocial, Estimote.

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13. Pawel Leks:

Pawl Leks is the Managing Partner at Pracuj Ventures, a corporate investment fund focused on early-stage projects in HR and Edu-tech. He is passionate for startup initiatives and small or mid sized companies driven by entrepreneurship, high growth and customer centric values. Pawel is also the Co-Founder of Grupa Pracuj, a leading e-recruitment solution provider in Poland.

Sector: E-Commerce, Mobile, Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio:,, Silvair, Grupa Pracuj.

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14. Stanislaw Rogozinski:

Stanislaw Rogozinski is the Managing Partner at STATUS Starter VC Fund, the fund invests in digital projects and is focused on seed and startup rounds. Previously he was the Managing Partner at Brante Partners, one of the leading advisory companies supporting high-tech startups. He holds a Masters degree in Law from the University of Wroclaw.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: Pethelp, OnteOn, Indoorway, Cyber Studio.

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15. Ewa Ogryczak:

Ewa Ogryczak is the Senior Partner at MCI Capital. Since 2009, she has been a certified statutory auditor. She acquired professional experience as a Partner and Director of the Warsaw branch of PKF Consult. Ewa graduated a M.Sc from the Warsaw School of Economics in 2003. She actively supports women entrepreneurs.

Sector: SaaS, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: IdoSell,,, RentPlanet.

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16. Tomasz Czaplinski:

Tomasz Czaplinski is the Managing Partner at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, a leading group of venture capital funds, investing in people who develop new technologies. He specializes in due diligence and business valuation. He has built his experience by working for many years at various levels in companies operating in the areas of strategic consulting.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology, IoT.

Portfolio: Zencard, Legimi, Survicate.

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17. Bartek Gola:

Bartek Gola is an active angel investor and venture capitalist focusing on early stage tech businesses. He is the CEO and Founding Partner at SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. He has been involved in the startup industry for over 8 years, he started as an investor in several projects carried out by business partners, he is a co-creater of several technological startups.

Sector: Internet of Things, Consumer Internet, Solar Energy, Medical Devices.

Portfolio: RealEye, Salesbook, Simporter, BUY.BOX.

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18. Tomasz Bejm:

Tomasz Bejm is the CEO at Innovation Lab, a firm with a mission to help clients build innovative solutions using state-of-the art IT technologies. He is also a Partner at Hedgehog Fund. Tomasz Bejm has over 20 years of experience in conducting transformation and consulting projects in the areas of management, IT and finance. 

Sector: E-Commerce, SaaS, Internet of Things, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Silvair, Preply,,

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19. Janusz Diemko:

Janusz Diemko is a Partner at Hedgehog Fund, a business angels fund investing in Polish and CEE technological startups with a regional or global perspectives. He started his professional career at Moore Stephens, implementing audit and consulting projects both in England and Poland. Janusz has been an active angel investor and mentor.

Sector: E-Commerce, Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Versum, RightHello, Fuero Games.

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20. Kinga Stanislawska:

Kinga Stanislawska is the Managing General Partner at Experior VC, a firm investing in software deep tech startups with global ambition since 2014. She has been working in the investments, banking an finance sector for the past 20 years. In 2018, Kinga was named one of the Top 50 of Europe’s Most Influential Women in the Startup and Venture Capital Space.

Sector: Healthcare, Mobile Games, Fin-Tech, Ed-Tech, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: iTaxi, Joymile, Tylko,

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