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Top Angel Investors in Nigeria

The Nigerian economy is one of the largest in Africa. Nigeria’s startup ecosystem has grown rapidly over the past five years. The in-depth understanding of the ecosystem by local incubators and the support provided by international initiatives has birthed and improved the execution of solutions tailored for the Nigerian tech ecosystem. In Lagos most of the startups are focused on the commercial product and service sector. 

The Nigerian tech ecosystem is ripe for investment. The maturity of the tech ecosystem is fueled by the knowledge sharing and integration between local and international players. Angel Investors are showing interest towards the Nigerian startups. The amount of money that has been raised by Nigerian startups show the level of belief and amount of trust that investors have in the thriving startup ecosystem. 

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1. Adentuji Eleso:

Adentuji Eleso is an investment and business support professional with over 18 years experience supporting clients in financial services and technology to develop and implement corporate strategy to improve bottom line. He is currently a Non Executive Director at CcHUB Investment Company Limited. He has significant experience supporting early-stage enterprises in Africa to built out teams and their businesses across a number of sectors.

Sector: Fin-tech, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Retail Technology.

Portfolio: Truppr, Delivery Science, Edves Suite, LifeBank.

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2. Adewala Adisa:

Adewala Adisa is the Managing Partner at The Strategos Company NG, an advisory firm specializing in strategy design, corporate performance management and financial planning. Prior to joining Strategos, he was the Chief Executive Officer at CourierPlus Services Nigeria. Adewala earned his MBA from Cranfield University – Cranfield School of Management.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Ogaranya, Quickship Delivery, Proqure Retail Network.

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3. Femi Kuti:

Femi Kuti is the Co-Founder and CEO at Reliance Health Inc, a firm that uses technology and data to make healthcare affordable and accessible in emerging markets. He has also been a Co-Founder and CEO of Kangpe Inc. Femi Kuti is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare and technology industry.

Sector: Healthcare, Fin-tech, Bio technology, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Solugen, Collectly, Kudi,

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4. Chukwuka Nwagbara:

Chukwuka Nwagbara is the Co-Founder of Capsa Technology Inc, a fin-tech company focused on streamlining and bridging the financial woes of SMEs in Africa. He is also working as a Senior Commercial Manager at GE Power. Chukwuka earned his MBA from Lagos Business School, Pan African University.

Sector: Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: Future Africa,,

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5. Lamide Adeosun:

Lamide Adeosun is the Principle at Consonance Investments, a firm focusing on early and growth stage investments. Lamide Adeosun actively invests in the Asian and African regions. Before joining Consonance Investments, he was the Investment Professional at Kuramo Capital Management. Lamide earned his MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Sector: Healthcare, E-Commerce, Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, Mobile.

Portfolio: Track your build, Hyphen AI.

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6. Adegoke Olubusi:

Adegoke Olubusi is the Co-Founder and CEO at Helium Health, Africa’s top healthcare provider. Committed to accelerating the continents transition to a data and technology driven healthcare system. He is also a Managing Partner at Magic Fund. Adegoke Olubusi has co-founded many companies. He is a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree.

Sector: Healthcare, Mobile, Fin-tech, SaaS, Social Media.

Portfolio: Akido Labs, Draftbit, Frubana, Retool.

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7. Michael Okaredje:

Michael Okaredje is the Founder and CEO of Pickmeup Technologies Inc, a transport technology company redesigninh the way people move around cities. He is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and Energy sector. Michael is very passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems in emerging markets.

Sector: Ride Sharing, Clean Technology, Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, Transportation.

Portfolio: Hequip Resources, Pickmeup, Onos.

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8. Idris Ayodeji Bello:

Idris Ayodeji Bello is the Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager at LoftyInc Capital Management, an innovation platform based in Nigeria, that has successfully accelerated the launch of several technology startups in social impact sectors. He is called as an “Afropreneur”, an entrepreneur with an African focus. Idris is an angel investor and advisor several African startups.

Sector: Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Andela, Tora, Mono, Flutterwave.

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9. Adedayo Amzat:

Adedayo Amzat is the Chief Executive Officer at Zedcrest Capital Group. He is also the Founder of Zedvance Finance Limited, a leading consumer lending fin-tech institution in Nigeria. He holds an MBA from Obafemi Awolowo University. Adedayo Azmat is a renowned financial expert and is one of the pioneers of the securities market in Nigeria.

Sector: Fin-tech, Education, Healthcare, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: TalentQL, Tanda, Kaoshi, LoraDiCarlo.

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10. Ombola Johnson:

Ombola Johnson is a Senior Partner of TLcom Capital, a venture capital firm with a focus on deal flow generation, investment and value generation in technology companies in sub-saharan Africa. Before joining TLcom, she was a Minister of Communication Technology, Nigeria. She serves on the Board of leading Nigerian and multi-national corporations.

Sector: Fin-tech, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Ed-tech.

Portfolio: Okra, ULesson, Andela, Pula Advisors.

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11. Kola Aina:

Kola Aina is the Founding Partner at Venture Platform, an early-stage discovery venture capital fund championing the next generation of African entrepreneurs. A passionate ecosystem builder, Kola is the Founder of Ventures Park, a co-working space and community for entrepreneurs. He has built a strong investment portfolio o best-in-class and high-growth companies. 

Sector: Fin-tech, Education, Healthcare, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Mono, Piggyvest, Reliance HMO, Paystack.

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12. Kunmi Demuren:

Kunmi Demuren is the Co-Founder at Venture Garden Group. Kunmi has over 15 years experience driving innovation, global strategy and rainmaking business development in tech ecosystems in emerging markets. He is also a Founding Partner at GreenHouse Capital. Kunmi has consulted for several companies and facilitated their entry into Africa.

Sector: E-Commerce, Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, SaaS.

Portfolio:, Migo, PrepClass, Riby.

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13. Jason Njoku:

Jason Njoku is the Founder and CEO at IROKO Partners Limited. He also Co-Founded SPARK Capital, a firm that provides early-stage funding and support for startups with defined and scalable revenue models. In 2013, Jason Njoku was crowned as the CNBC Africa West Africa Young Business Leader. Jason is an active angel investor and advisor.

Sector: Healthcare, Ed-tech, Fin-tech, Real Estate, SaaS.

Portfolio: Foto, MedSaf, Paystack, Ogavenue.

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14. Olumide Soyombo:

Olumide Soyombo is the Co-Founder at Bluechip Technologies Ltd. He is an angel investor and investor educator who believes in the potentials of African Technological Innovation. Olumide also Founded LeadPath, a seed capital investment fund dedicated to local tech startups. He has 2 decades of multi-sectoral experience building and managing businesses while investing in startups.

Sector: Fin-tech, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Ed-tech.

Portfolio: Paystack, PushCV, Mono, Gloopro.

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15. Suru Avoseh:

Suru Avoseh is the Co-Founder and Partner at Chinook Capital Limited based in Nigeria. Chinook Capital is an early stage to a growth stage venture capital firm- focused on technology innovations investment, acceleration and growth across all Africa. Suru Avoseh also Co-Founded Blusalt Financial Services Ltd. He is an serial entrepreneur and investor.

Sector: Healthcare, Education, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Edves, YouVerify,, LifeStores Pharmacy.

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16. Ike Eze:

Ike Eze is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in financial technology, consulting and engineering. He is  the Advisory Board Member at Investment One Financial Services Limited. He is the Founder of three Silicon Valley-based technology startups where he led the concept formulation and product development of all three companies. Ike earned his MBA from University of Pennsylvania- The Wharton School.

Sector: Financial Services, Entertainment, Digital Media, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: TaxiTV, BFree, Smile Identity.

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17. Kayode Oyewole:

Kayode Oyewole is passionate about building technology companies, solving hard problems using first principle and creating support systems for entrepreneurs solving some of Africa’s biggest problems. He is currently a Venture Partner at Ventures Platform. Kayode Oyewole has invested in many startups based spread across African region.

Sector: Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Healthcare, Ed-tech.

Portfolio: Kudi, Proteach, Wesabi. Migo.

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18. Busayo Eniola-Giwa:

Busayo Eniola Giwa is the Senior Investment Analyst at GreenHouse Capital, Africa. Before joining GreenHouse Capital, he was the Investment Banking Analyst at Ecobank Capital. Busayo is an Investment enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. 

Sector: E-Commerce, Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Healthcare.

Portfolio: CredPal, BoxCommerce, Helium Health, Migo.

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19. Tomi Otudeko:

Tomi Otudeko is the Director at Itanna, a firm which invests in early-stage tech and tech enabled businesses through an accelerator program and direct investments. She is also the Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Honeywell Group. Tomi Otudeko is an active angel investor, a mentor and consultant for small businesses.

Sector: Cloud Computing, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Gero Care, Indicina, PowerCube, Trade Buza.

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20. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji:

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji is the Founder and General Partner at Future Africa, a firm that provides capital, coaching and community to mission driven innovators turning Africa’s biggest challenges into business opportunities. He spent last few years as the CEO of Flutterwave. He is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and a Member of Nigeria’s Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Logistics, Financial Services.

Portfolio: Stitch, Chaka Technologies, Lori Systems.

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