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Top Angel Investors in Indonesia

Indonesia has become one of the fastest-growing markets over the last decade, attracting many talented entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the region. However, numerous studies indicate that early-stage businesses experience greater challenges to grow due to insufficient access to relevant financial and technical support. Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early-stage ventures with essential resources including capital to bridge the funding gap and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

In conjunction with the steady rise in the number of angel investors in the region, the practice of angel investing has also been increasingly structured through the establishment of Angel Investment Networks. This has led to more coordinated efforts to streamline angel investments, often resulting in larger-scale deals into early-stage ventures. These networks have a considerable part to play in the investment spectrum by advancing co-investments, reducing the risk borne by individual investors, and coordinating support to help enterprises to scale to the level where they can access larger sources of growth capital provided by other private sector investors such as venture capitalists and impact investors.

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List of Top Angel Investors in Indonesia

1. Ben Soebiakto:

Ben Soebiakto is the former Chief Marketing Officer at KapanLagi Network. He is currently the Group CEO and Co-Founder of Samara Media & Entertainment. Ben has invested in more than 20 startups. Aside from his active investment role, he is also the founder of several successful startups such as Muslimarket, Octovate and Fimela. 

Sector: F&B, E-Commerce, Entertainment & Content, Technology.

Portfolio: Muslimarket, XM Gravity, SUQMA, Octovate,

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2. Sajid Rahman:

Sajid Rahman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Healthcare Solutions. Sajid Rahman is an International leader with board-level exposure in key emerging markets. He is also a founding general partner at MyAsiaVC. He is a prolific investor at tech companies from Silicon Valley, Asia, Latam, and Africa with an excellent track record. Sajid Rahman has been an active angel investor and a mentor.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: CapLinked, Clutter, Din, Exo, Classpass.

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3. Danny Oei Wirianto:

Danny Oei Wirianto is the Chief Marketing Officer at PT. Global Digital Prima (GDP) Ventures. He is also the Chairman of Merah Putih Incubator, a focus on community, marketplace, game and mobile industry. Danny Oei Wirianto is an active angel investor for many startups across Indonesia. Danny wants to help as many people as possible while developing creative ideas into reality.

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Kaskus, blibli, DailySocial,

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4. Grace Tahir:

Grace Tahir is the Co-Founder of PT Silikon Digital Indonesia, a cloud-based and data driven healthcare management system. Aside from her activity as an entrepreneur, she is also a member of Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), with which she gives seed-funding to early stage startups.

Sector: Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio:, Medico, Worktrees.

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5.Shinta Dhanuwardoyo:

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo is the Founder and CEO of, a marketing and advertising company. She is also the Chairman of the Board of StartupIndonesia. Shinta has actively invested in a number of startups and she also formed an angel investor network called Angel-eQ Network. 


Sector: Healthcare, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Catfiz, Kartoo, Doogether, DewaNations.

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6. Sugiono Wiyono:

Sugiono Wiyono is an active angel investor and is well known for helping young entrepreneurs that are starting businesses in digital sector. Sugiono Wiyono is currently the Chief Executive Officer at PT. Trikomsel Mutimedia. He worked together with Andi S Boeidman to build Ideosource, a local venture capital that has funded more than 14 startups.


Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Digital Media, Social Games.

Portfolio: Migme, KapanLagi Network, Touchten Games, Saqina, 8wood.

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7. Victor Fungkong:

Victor Fungkong is the CEO of PT. Indonusa Dwitama, an IT and energy company. Victor was famous for becoming an early supporter of Tokopedia, one of Indonesia’s unicorn startup. Victor Fungkong is also the Founder and CEO of, an automating healthcare supply chain.

Sector: B2B, Consumer Internet, Fin-tech, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Tokopedia, Mobilwow, Wallex, Qontak.

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8.Amir Sambodo:

Amir Sambodo is the former CEO of Berau Coal. He has contributed to the development of famous startups such as BitRead Digital Publishing and Nuesto. Amir Sambodo is currently the Chairman of PT. Teknopreneur Indonesia, a platform for mentoring, training and financing for startup small and medium technology companies. 

Sector: SaaS, Digital Media, Consumer Internet, Entertainment.

Portfolio: Nuesto, BitRead Digital Publishing, Good News.

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9. Pandu Sjahrir:

Pandu Sjahrir is the Board Member of Go-Jek, a leading technology service company. He is also the Managing Director of Indies Capital Partners. Pandu Sjahrir has strong Knowledge in enhancing companies capital structures. He is the Board Member of Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Sector: SaaS, Consumer Internet, Fin-Tech. Co-working spaces.

Portfolio: Akseleran, Alami, Migo, Bizzy.

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10. Alvin Tse:

Alvin Tse is the Country Director at Xiaomi Indonesia. He is a cross border technology entrepreneur and currently heads Xiaomi Indonesia. Alvin has 10+years of operational and investing experiences across four largest internet markets: China, Indonesia, India and the United States. Alvin enjoys advising founders and investing in disruptive startups.

Sector: Mobile, Mobile Commerce, E-Commerce, Entertainment, SaaS.

Portfolio: beamm, Causal, BukuKas, Chirrup, Avalon Voices.

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11. Michaelangelo Moran:

Michelangelo Moran is the former CEO of Bali Praia. He currently resides in Bali, Indonesia and is the Co-Founder and Director of GO-JEK Indonesia. GO-JEK is Indonesia’s first and only decacorn. Its also the only Southeast Asian startup to be part of Fortune’s list of ‘Companies That Changed The World’. Michaelangelo has been an active angel investor.

Sector: B2C, SaaS, E-commerce, Mobile, Entertainment.

Portfolio: Rentberry, BeliMobilGue, SunState, ALBI.

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12. Roderick Purwana:

Roderick Purwana is the Managing Partner at East Ventures, Indonesia. He is the co-founder and former Director of Bobobobo, a lifestyle e-commerce company. Roderick has managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial profits and exposure.

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Media, B2B, SaaS.

Portfolio:, BukuWarang, Aruna.

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13. Adrian Li:

Adrian Li is the Founder and Managing Partner at AC Ventures. He is also the Chairman of the Board at GoWork. Adrian Li is an active angel investor in the Southeast Asia region. He has backed a number of technology startups in Indonesia. Adrian graduated from Cambridge University with a BA and MA in Economics.

Sectors: Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet, SaaS, E-Commerce, Digital Media.

Portfolio: Koinworks, Payfazz, Xendit, GoWork.

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14. Andi Boediman:

Andi Boediman is the CEO at Ideasource Entertainment. Andi Boediman sits as a Board Director in, the leading B2B e-commerce in Indonesia. He is also the Managing Partner at Ideasource, a venture capital firm focusing on digital industries such as fin-tech, e-commerce and Internet of Things.

Sector: SaaS, E-Commerce, Digital Media, Internet of Things, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Touchten, JAS Kapital, Efishery, KapanLagi Network.

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15. Donald Wihardja:

Donald Wihardja is the Chief Executive Officer at MDI Ventures. He has over 20 years of experience working in the technology sector in Indonesia as an entrepreneur, operator and investor. Donald Wihardja has advised and assisted various technology startups to raise over several million dollars of funding from investors.

Sector: SaaS, Consumer Internet, Fin-tech, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Payfazz, Cermati, TaniHub, Kredivo.

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16. Ardi Setiadharma:

Ardi Setiadharma is the Finance Director at PT Prasetia Dwidharma, an information and technology service company. Ardi helps small startups grow into large-scale businesses. He is an active angel investor and a mentor. Ardi Setiadharma is also the Director at Arkora Hydro, an Indonesian hydropower platform company.

Sector: Clean Technology, SaaS, Fin-tech, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Brick, Bhumi Varta Technology, CaKap, DanaMart.

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17. Michael Soerijadji:

Michael Soerijadji is the Director at PT Adimitra Baratama Nusantara, a fast growing thermal coal producer in Indonesia. He is also a General Partner at Agaeti Ventures. Michael is an active angel investor in multiple tech startups in Indonesia. Michael graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with a bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Sector: Co-working spaces, SaaS, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Bizzy, CoHive, EKO, Ride.

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18. Jefrey Joe:

Jefrey Joe is a Co-Founder and General Partner at Alpha JWC Ventures. Jefrey  is highly driven and motivated technology investor and entrepreneur. He also currently sits on the board of some of Indonesia’s fastest growing startups, including Kopi Kenangan, Kredivo and Lemonilo. Jefrey is also a member of Young President’s Organization (YPO), a premier leadership organization of the chief executives in the world.

Sector: E-Commerce, Ed-Tech, Digital Media, SaaS.

Portfolio: AsmaraKu, Kredivo, lemonilo, noice.

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19. Will Ongkowidjaja:

Will Ongkowidjaja is an entrepreneur and investor with top-tier investment banking and management consulting background. He is the Founder and CEO of Honest, a financial service company. Will enjoys writing, and he is a regular columnist at Forbes Indonesia magazine where writes about topics on Technology sector and Investments.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Ed-Tech.

Portfolio: SpaceStock, Rata, Storie, TaniFund, Zenius.

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20. Erwin Sutanto:

Erwin Sutanto is the Managing Partner of Aserra Partners and the Vice President Director of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta. Erwin has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and MS in Engineering from Stanford University. Erwin has been an active angel investor and a mentor for many startups in Indonesia.

Sector: Consumer Internet, SaaS, Co-Working Spaces, Digital Media.

Portfolio: Xurya, Ride, Warung Pintar, Wahyoo.

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21. Patrick Yip:

Patrick Yip is the Founding Partner at Intudo Ventures, Indonesia. Patrick primarily invests in Indonesian homegrown early-stage companies. He is the former Co-Founder and Principle at Heyokha Brothers, a families-backed investment fund with a diversified investment mandate across public and private equity.

Sector: Healthcare and Wellness, Education, Fin-Tech, Co-Working Spaces.

Portfolio: BeliMobilGue, CoHive,, EMQ.

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22. Eko Kurniadi:

Eko Kurniadi is an experienced early- and growth-stage investor with expertise in assorted industries. He is currently an Investment Partner at Alpha JWC Ventures. Eko is passionate in working closely with entrepreneurs in building great, scalable and sustainable businesses. 

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Ed-Tech, Fin-Tech.

Portfolio: Kredivo, PasarPolis, Zenius, Spacestock.

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23. David Soukhasing:

David Soukhasing is the Managing Director at ANGIN, the largest early-stage investment platform of prominent angels and institutional investor in Southeast Asia. David has been leading ANGIN since 2014. David is an active angle investor and he has helped small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial growth and profit.

Sector: SaaS, Consumer Internet, Co-Working Spaces, Pet-tech.

Portfolio: Worktrees, Petlogue, Temploy, Rework.

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