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Top Angel Investors in Finland

Finland’s economy is projected to grow by 2.6% in 2021 and 2.7% in 2022, led by consumption and exports. The country’s location in the northeast corner of the European Union makes it a great place for companies looking to expand to Europe. Finland’s capital Helsinki has been viewed as the startup center of Northern Europe. The country’s educational system is consistently ranked among the best in the world, and the greater Helsinki region consistently ranks in the European top 10 for productivity and global competitiveness. Finland provides an extremely stable and well functioning business environment that a startup needs to be successful and a modern and attractive city for entrepreneurs. 

The country has become increasingly attractive for both Finnish and international investors. A large number of accelerators, incubators, and venture capital funds are ready to invest in promising startups. The Finnish government has been actively supporting technology companies, investors and entrepreneurs in many ways. The government offers funding and services for innovative early-stage companies and supports universities in commercializing their ideas. Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early-stage ventures with essential resources including capital to bridge the funding gap and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

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Top Angel Investors in Finland


1. Petteri Koponen:

Petteri Koponen is a Founding Partner of Lifeline Ventures, a Helsinki-based early-stage VC. He actively invests in the strongest teams and works intensively with them, often through their whole journey. Before becoming an investor, Petteri founded four mobile and  Internet -related software and  service companies, last of them being Jaiku. He is also the Chairman of Wolt. 

Sector: Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Games, Biotechnology.

Portfolio: Grand Cru, IndoorAtlas, Ninchat, MakieLab.

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2. Petri Lehmuskoski:

Petri Lehmuskoski is the Managing Partner of Gorilla Capital, the most active early stage investment fund for Finnish and Estonian startups. Since 2010, Petri  has been a fulltime Angel investor in pre-seed / seed rounds investing in multiple promising early-stage startups every year. Petri Lehmuskoski is a portfolio entrepreneur turned business angel with strong business growth and international background.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Digital Media, E-Commerce, Games.

Portfolio: Bitbar, Agilefant, Duunitori, Grib.

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3. Sami Lampinen:

Sami Lampinen is the Managing Director and Partner of Inventure, one of the most experienced Nordic venture funds that specializes in helping its portfolio companies with talent and expansion. Sami Lampinen has been an active angel investor and mentor. He also sits on the board of Prodeko Ventures. He actively invests in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark regions.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile.

Portfolio: BeiZ, 46elks, Beddit, Detectify.

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4. Sami Ahvenniemi:

Sami Ahvenniemi is a General Partner of Vendep Capital, a firm that invests in pre-Series A SaaS companies mainly in Finland. He has a broad expertise as a VC and business operator. Sami provides excellent guidance on fundraising and corporate governance issues. He has made more than 16 angel investments.

Sector: Clean Technology, Enterprise Software, Big Data, SaaS.

Portfolio: AirPair, Eniram, Matcmade, Crystalsol.

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5. Timo Ahopelto:

Timo Ahopelto is the Founding Partner of Lifeline Ventures, an early stage venture fund based in Finland. He is an early-stage investor and entrepreneur ranging from biotech to software and consumer products.  Timo Ahopelto has been an active angel investor and mentor. He also sits as a Board Member of OURA and Slush.


Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healyhcare.

Portfolio: Enevo, Ductor, uBiome, Cambrian Genomics.

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6. Ari Korhonen:

Ari Korhonen  is an angel investor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Lagoon Capital investment company. He invests in tech companies both privately or from Lagoon Capital. Ari has been a successful technology entrepreneur for 20 years and a full time business angel for 15 years. He developed his company Komartek into an international success story.  Within the last 15 years, Ari has made angel investments in 40 companies. In those he has participated in 135 investment rounds. 

Sector: Information Technology, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Digital Media.

Portfolio: 360Cities, Aplicom, Surveypal, Strossle.

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7. Riku Seppala:

Riku Seppala is a General Partner of, a venture capital firm and community on a mission to help build strong tech companies. Riku Seppala is an active angel investor. He actively invests in the European markets. He actively supports people to start, build and join strong tech companies.

Sector: Enterprise Software, Mobile, Cloud Computing, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: AppGyver, Connax, HeavenHR, Unacast.

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8. Henric Suuronen:

Henric Suuronen is a Founding Partner of Play Ventures, a leading early stage VC fund in the world investing exclusively in gaming startups. He has over 16 years of experience building mobile games and studios around the world.  He holds double masters’ degrees in Computer Science and Business. Henric helps  the best gaming founders on their journey to create amazing games and the most valuable gaming companies.

Sector: Mobile, Games, Digital Media, Game Mechanics, Online Gaming.

Portfolio: Huuuge Games, Matchmade, Grand Cru, Omniata.

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9. Jari Tuovinen:

Jari Tuovinen is a Partner, Co-founder and Member of the Board of Nordic Foodtech Venture Capital. Jari has gained extensive M&A, transaction and investment experience throughout his career. He also has a strong background as software developer, and degree-level studies in Computer Science at Tampere University of Technology and MBA studies at Tampere University. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: AddSearch, Fjuul, In1Sim, Game Refinery.

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10. Ali Omar:

Ali Omar is a Member of Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN), a Finnish non-profit association of private investors and one of the largest and most active business angel networks in Europe with  more than 650 approved members. After building and exiting Finnish 100 million euro revenue medical service company, Ali has been mentoring and investing in multiple B2B SaaS companies.

Sector: SaaS, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Artificial Intelligence.

Portfolio: Lumoame Oy, Loupedeck Oy, Metroc Oy, Builderhead.

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11. Patrik Backman:

Patrik Backman is a General Partner, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenOcean, an early-stage venture capital firm operating across Europe with offices in London, Helsinki, and Amsterdam. With an entrepreneurial background from building several category-defining software businesses, the firm engages with founders to build global and scalable companies delivering data-intensive and delicious software solutions. 

Sector: SaaS, Big Data, E-Commerce, Business Intelligence.

Portfolio: AppGyver, EyeEm,, Commerce Guys.

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12. Lasse Lehtinen:

Lasse Lehtinen is a General Partner of, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Finland. He helps Nordic startups in funding and providing hands-on contribution to their international growth, sales and business development. Lasse actively invests in Sweden, Finland and Estonia regions.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, SaaS.

Portfolio:, GIVE, Smarp, Liilak.

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13. Kustaa Valtonen:

Kustaa Valtonen is a Founding Partner of Finest Bay Area Development Ltd. He is also the Managing Director and Owner of Valtonen Capital, a venture capital firm investing in startup phase companies. Kustaa Valtonen’s interest is to work as an incubator and advisor with some new startup companies.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Games.

Portfolio: Audiodraft, INSJ, Usetrace, Earth House.

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14. Tuomas Maisala:

Tuomas Maisala is the Founder and CEO of, a firm delivering  consulting and fundraising services for start-ups and growth companies such as financial plans, business presentations and pitches, proposals and applications to different public and private financiers. Tuomos has more than 18 years of experience in business development and acceleration of 300+ start-ups.

Sector: Digital Media, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Mobile.

Portfolio: Roundies, RUNTEQ, Videoly, Finnchat.

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15. Tero Ojanpera:

Tero Ojanpera is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Silo.AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics – a trusted AI partner that brings competitive advantage to product R&D. He also sits as the Chairman of the Board of Fintraffic. Tero Ojanpera actively supports and mentors many startups and investors.

Sector: Social Commerce, Social Media Platforms, Games, Apps.

Portfolio: Kiosked, Transfluent, AddSearch, ThirdPresence.

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16. Riku Asikainen:

Riku Askainen is the Managing Partner of Evil Growth Partners, a European later-stage VC based in Helsinki, Finland, investing in Series A & Series B with initial investments of 3-5 M€. He is a Seasoned entrepreneur with strong emphasis on growth investments in small and medium-sized companies. During his entrepreneurial, management and investment career, which started in 1988, Riku has been a founder, director and investor in more than thirty ventures.

Sector: Digital Media, Analytics, Internet of Things, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Freska, Combinostics, Liid, Rephop.

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17. Will Cardwell:

Will Cardwell is a Partner of Courage Venture Funds, a venture capital firm  Investing in Finnish startups building digital well-being solutions.  Will Cardwell has spent over 15 years in the Finnish high-tech environment, as CEO of a startup, venture capitalist and as an investment banker. He is also a Partner of Open Circle Capital. 

Sector: Mobile, Entertainment, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Digia, Zapflow, Huoleti, Valimo Wireless.

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18. Pekka Vartiainen:

Pekka Vatriainen is the Former Venture Partner of Sunstone Capital, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Finland. He has also been a Board Member of Inbot, a management consulting company. Pekka Vatriainen has managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, CRM, Mobile.

Portfolio: Biddl, Blaast, Singa, Ginolis Oy.

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19. Mika Aro:

Mika Aro is the Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Soldem,  a telemarketing company which specializes in producing first class sales results for its customers, both outbound and inbound. He is the Co-Founder of several retail companies in Finland. Mika Aro actively invests in the Finland and Western Europe startups. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Calm, Zero Slant, Bento.

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20. Harry Santamaki:

Harry Santamaki is an angel investor and co-founder of more than 20 startups in media, analytics, commerce and deep-tech. He has devoted his time for venturing, seed investments and acceleration of companies like Zokem, Rapid Blue Solution, Cabforce, Happy-Or-Not, IndoorAtlas. Harry Santamaki is currently a Venture Partner of Voima Ventures, a firm that helps founders to accelerate the growth of deep technology ventures to global markets. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Cabforce, IndoorAtlas, Zokem, Rapid Blue Solution.

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