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Top Angel Investors in Canada

Canada has become one of the fastest growing markets for the last decade. The country  has been attracting talents from all around the world with its favorable startup ecosystem. Canada ranks 4th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index. With its market oriented economic system, high standards of living, proximity to the US, and native English language make Canada an attractive place for foreign talent. Today Canada is seen as one of the best countries to start a business. This is mainly due to the incentives and the nation’s friendly approach to startups.

There is increasing interest in the role of entrepreneurial ecosystems in the creation and development of early stage ventures, with angel investment seen as a critical component. Angel Investment may have a greater impact on new venture formation in Canada than the more frequently publicised investments of VCs, funding many more startups at early stages. Angel investment is a critical component of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports new ventures.

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List of Top Angel Investors in Canada


1. Chris Arsenault:

Chris Arsenault is a Partner at Inovia Capital, a venture capital firm that partners up with audacious founders ready to build enduring global technology companies. He is a senior executive with over 25 years of general management experience in high technology industries, with extensive experience in business development, venture growth and scaling operations. Chris is also a Board Member at Montreal Heart Institute Foundation. 

Sector: Digital Media, E-Commerce, Big Data, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: AppDirect, Busbud, Top Hat, Vidyard.

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2. Mike Edwards:

Mike Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer at Pioneer Media Holdings. Mike has a wealth of experience in building and scaling consumer technology companies in private and public markets. Mike Edwards has invested in early-stage consumer companies such as Punch’d, Wander and BlueBat Games. He has also been a Executive Chairman at Agro Blockchain.

Sector: Financial Services, SaaS, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: 7Geese, Areaconnect, Backstory, BlueBat Games.

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3. Boris Wertz:

Boris Wertz is the Founder and General Partner at Version One Ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Canada. Boris has made more than 60 investments in startups across Canada. He is also a Lead Independent Director at Ether Capital, a Toronto-based technology company whose objective is to become the central business and investment hub for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Sector: Education, SaaS, Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Robotics.

Portfolio: Top Hat, Wattpad, Clarity, Alchemy.

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4. Ryan Holmes:

Ryan Holmes is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Hootsuite, a global leader in social media management. Ryan is an active investor and advisor, whose Maple Syrup Mafia syndicate is dedicated to accelerating Canadian startups. He has also been a CEO and Founder of Invoke Media.

Sector: Social Media, E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, SaaS.

Portfolio: Bowery, Gusto, 7Geese, Braze.

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5. Daniel Debow:

Daniel Debow is the Board Director for the largest retailer firm in Canada, known as Loblaw Companies Limited. He has also Co-Founded Rypple, a social performance management platform. Daniel Debow is an active angel investor and he has made more than 37 investments in startups. He earned his MBA from the University of Toronto.

Sector: Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, Mobile.

Portfolio: Hub, Leadsift, Artivest, Ada.

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6. Paul Geyer:

Paul Geyer, a successful med-tech entrepreneur, experienced Board Member, Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist. He is currently a Director at  TIMIA Capital. Over the past 30 years Paul founded and led three companies through their growth phase, in one case to a successful exit and in another to growth as a public company. Paul is focused on assisting entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.

Sector: Healthcare, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Clean Energy.

Portfolio: Contigo, Daiya Foods, Shelfie, Pyng Medical.

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7. Rob Peets:

Rob Peets is the Director, Investment Analysis at TELUS Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Canada. He is a Strategy and Investment professional with broad experience leading and setting strategy for technology and finance companies. Rob has over 20 years of experience in business development, strategic partnerships, startups and financial modeling. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: AppNeta, Convedia, Dexxit, Movius.

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8. Alan Maclntosh:

Alan Maclntosh is the Board Partner at Real Ventures, Canada’s most active early-stage venture capital firm and a driving force behind emerging tech ecosystems. Alan is actively building, operating and investing in innovative entrepreneur-led technology business. He is also the Co-Founder and Mentor of FounderFuel, Canada’s leading venture accelerator. 

Sector: Mobile, Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Social Media.

Portfolio: E14N, Evolver, iSentium, Social Grapes.

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9. Brice Scheschuk:

Brice Scheschuk is the Managing Partner at Globalive Capital, an investment company with a combined 80 years of operating and investment experience. Prior to joining Globalive Capital, Brice was the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at WIND Mobile. Brice is a passionate entrepreneur and investor.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Healthcare, SaaS.

Portfolio: 1 Yorkville, Brockview, Medworxx, Lingo Media.

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10. Dan Martell:

Dan Martell is the Managing Partner of High Speed Ventures, a venture capital and private equity firm based in Canada. Dan actively mentors high performing SaaS founders. Dan Martell has made more than 27 investments in startups across Canada. He actively invests in early-stage tech startups. He has also Co-Founded

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Marketplaces.

Portfolio: Perch, Sprig, Unbounce, Intercom.

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11. John Albright:

John Albright is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Relay Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that invests in passionate entrepreneurs disrupting and creating new markets through mobile technologies. John has gained extensive experience assisting entrepreneurs shape their vision and capital plans into successful long-term growth programs.

Sector: Mobile, Cloud Computing, Digital Media. Healthcare, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: AmpMe, Copious, Clearfit, Aepona, Jelli.

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12. Sanjay Singhal:

Sanjay Singhal is the Venture Partner for 500 Startups, a venture capital firm on a mission to discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them create successful companies at scale, and build thriving global ecosystems. Sanjay is an active angel investor and mentor. He earned his MBA from Cornell University-S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Mobile, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: Bunch, Judo, iBundle, Gygan.

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13. Adam McNamara:

Adam McNamara is the Founding Partner at Ramen Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in mission driven founders using emerging science and technology to solve important problems. Adam McNamara has made more than 26 investments in startups. He is also an Associate at Creative Destruction Lab (CDL).

Sector: SaaS, Health & Wellness, Logistics, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Ada, Rezi, AirCare, Bright.

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14. Manny Padda:

Manny Padda is the Founder of New Avenue Capital (NAC), a private family office that brings together financial, human and impact capital for high-growth companies. He currently manages a portfolio of 40+ companies in tech, mining, real estate and more. Manny has completed Harvard Business School’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Program and he also holds an MBA from Queen’s University.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: CareCru, Blume, Keela, Netcoins, Wmode.

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15. Keith Gillard:

Keith Gillard is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has focused the past two decades on clean-tech and advance material startups. He is currently the CEO of UpperStage Capital. He is a proven fund raiser, deal maker and business development matchmaker with an extensive international network. Keith Gillard has been an active angel investor.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Agriculture, Healthcare, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: A2M, Agion, Calysta, Vestaron.

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16. Ray Walia:

Ray Walia is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in both the entertainment and technology sectors. He is the CEO of Launch Ventures, a firm which owns and operates network of private incubators, innovation labs, and investment funds. Ray has invested in over 30+ startups either personally or through his funds and was named “Entrepreneur Mentor of the Year for 2014 and 2015”.

Sector: Financial Services, SaaS, Healthcare, Mobile, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: 7Geese, Later, Floodlight, Battlefy, Lendified.

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17. Jean Sebastien Cournoyer:

Jean Sabastien Cournoyer is the Co-Founder and Board Partner at Real Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that backs entrepreneurs and builds the ecosystems in which they thrive.  He has invested in more than 26 startups. Jean Sebastien has backed world-class entrepreneurs building game-changing companies, connecting them to local and national ecosystems.

Sector: Consumer Internet, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Games.

Portfolio: GuestDriven, iSentium, Planora, Caristix.

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18. Dennis Bennie:

Dennis Bennie is a Pioneer, entrepreneur, and innovator in the Canadian technology industry, with over 33 years experience in startups, rapid growth and turn around opportunities. He currently operates as the Principle at XDL Capital Group, investing in early stage technology companies.

Sector: Mobile, Healthcare, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Bionym, LINKETT, Firmex, Quandl.

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19. Ben Yoskovitz:

Ben Yoskovitz is the Founding Partner at Highline BETA, a startup co-creation company that launches new ventures with leading corporations and founders. He is an entrepreneur, investor, product expert and author. Ben has worked with startups and large companies, with the knowledge and expertise to bridge the gaps between them.

Sector: Education, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Breather, CareGuide, Reedsy, Dyspatch.

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20. Michael Mahon:

Michael Mahon is the Assistant Vice President of BDC, a bank for Canadian entrepreneurs. Prior to joining BDC, Michael was the Investment Committee Member at MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund. Michael has made more than 22 investments in startups. Michael aims to create value by empowering talented visionaries transform their ideas into real business.

Sector: Health & Wellness, Clean Technology, Big Data, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Foodee, Ecquire, BuildCircle, Mover.

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