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Top Angel Investors in Brazil

The Brazil economy has recovered strongly in the beginning of 2021. Its GDP growth is expected to reach 3.7% in 2021 and 2.5% in 2022, driven by a progressive increase in household consumption and investment. Digital banks have increasingly gained momentum in the Brazilian market, growing at an average rate of 147% per year. The agricultural sector represents 25% of Brazil’s GDP and is currently growing a technological transformation due to the startup ecosystem. 

The number of startups in the country with innovative and scalable ideas grows every year. According to the Brazilian Startup Association, there are around 12,000 startups in Brazil, which represents a search for angel investors to invest and build the Brazilian startup ecosystem. The Brazilian market for startups is improving day by day. Angel Investors are always  looking for startups that create disruptive solutions that are in the development phase and with great efficiency in the market.

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Top Angel Investors in Brazil

1. Pierre Schurmann:

Pierre Schurmann is the Founder and CEO of Nuvini, a computer software firm based in Brazil. Pierre is a Brazil based entrepreneur and global startup investor and he has also created three market leading companies. Pierre Schurmann is also a Board Member at ACE Aceleratech, a firm in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Brazil, that has transformed big companies into more innovative, agile organizations and startups into local businesses.

Sector: Big Data, Marketplaces, Enterprise Software, Mobile.

Portfolio: Clarity Money, 3Days, Blogo, CloudApp.

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2. Joao Kelper:

Joao Kelper is the CEO at Bassanova Investimentos, a Brazilian venture capital firm focused on seed stage technology companies. Joao Kelper is an active angel investor and he has made investments in more than 20 startups. Joao has also been a CEO at Show de Ingressos-Platforma SDI, an Information Technology and services company.

Sector: E-Commerce, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Retail Technology.

Portfolio: Dujour, Easy Qasa, Hand Talk, Vai.

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3. Julio Vasconcellos:

Julio Vasconcellos is the Managing Partner at Atlantico, a venture capital firm based in Latin America. Before joining Atlantico, Julio was the CEO and Founder at Prefer. Julio Vasconcellos has invested in more than 20 startups. He is also a Co-Founder and Partner at Canary. Julio earned his MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Platzi, Nomiku, Raden, PowerHub.

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4. Romero Rodrigues:

Romero Rodrigues is currently a Managing Partner at Redpoint Eventures, the first Silicon Valley fund on the ground in Brazil, focusing on early-stage internet investments. Romero believes that there are two truly transformative forces that make the world a better place: education and entrepreneurship. He is also a Board Member at Pismo.

Sector: SaaS, Healthcare, Internet of Things, Mobile, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: BovControl, BuscaPe, Lema21, Movile.

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5. Cassio Spina:

Cassio Spina is a Lead Partner at Altivia Ventures. He helps companies in the growth stage as M&A Advisor and large companies in the corporate venture. Cassio Spina has been a entrepreneur in tech sector for 25 years. He is also the Author of the book “Angel Investor- How to obtain investment for your business”. 

Sector: Biotechnology, Healthcare, Education, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: BioCatch, Holistix, Armory, Innovadrinks. 

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6. Alejandro Ponce:

Alejandro Ponce is an economist, seasoned global investor and recognized Latin-American serial entrepreneur. He is currently the Founder and CEO at Favo, the first social commerce grocery platform for LatAm. He also founded Atria Ventures an investment vehicle to co-invest globally with top tier VCs in highly-vetted startups.

Sector: Internet of Things, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile.

Portfolio: Ampsy, Arcus, Bquate, Engie.

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7. Rodrigo Baer:

Rodrigo Baer is an active angel investor based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is currently a Partner at Redpoint Eventures, a firm with a focus on early stage internet opportunities. Rodrigo Baer is also a Board Member at Letz. He earned his MBA from Northwestern University- Kellogg School of Management.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Clean Technology, Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: iFood, Gestum, Pismo, Cargo X.

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8. Eduardo Fontana:

Eduardo Fontana is a Senior Advisor at Grafin Partners. He has 20 years of  industry and consulting experience with international and corporate clients. Eduardo Fontana has made more than 10 investments in startups. He is actively looking for opportunities to make seed and growth capital investment.

Sector: Healthcare, Fin-tech, Mobile, Digital Marketing, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Izzui, Netcom, Oktagon Games, Nutrebem.

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9. Rodrigo Bores:

Rodrigo Bores is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder at DOMO Invest, a firm with a focus on early stage venture capital in Brazil. Rodrigo has made many investments in startups across Brazil. He has managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial profits and exposure.

Sector: E-Commerce, Healthcare, Fashion, Consumer Internet, Clean Technology.

Portfolio: Hotmart, Gympass, Lema21, Navegg.

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10. Gustavo Souza:

Gustavo Souza is the Head of Partner Development at Rock Content, a global leader in content marketing. The firm helps companies plan and execute strategies that are focused on business generation. Gustavo Souza has also been a Managing Partner at SaaSholic, early stage micro-VC focused on LATAM SaaS. He is an advisor, investor and a mentor for many entrepreneurs.

Sector: SaaS, Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Deskfy, Pingback, BossaBox, SourceLevel.

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11. Guliherme Horn:

Guliherme Horn is the Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Banco Votorantim. He has been an active angel investor in 50+ startups, most of them focused on fin-tech. Guliherme Horn is a investor, speaker, advisor, mentor, board member and fin-tech specialist. He is the editor of “Finnovation” , the #1 fin-tech blog in Brazil.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Healthcare.

Portfolio: Canary, Fhinck, IdWall, Magnetis.

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12. Rodrigo Dantas:

Rodrigo Dantas is the Co-Founder and CEO at Vindi, one of the  most powerful payment infrastructure for subscription business in Brazil. Rodrigo is an Angel Investor, SaaS & Fin-tech Entrepreneur. He is also a Operating Partner at Crescera Capital, one of the most active venture capital firms in Brazil. 

Sector: SaaS, Fin-Tech, Enterprise Software, Subscription Businesses.

Portfolio: IdWall, Canary, Wall Jobs, Conta Simples.

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13. Mathieu Le Roux:

Mathieu Le Roux is the Co-founder of Le Wagon, the first international coding bootcamp in Latin America. Mathieu focuses on helping entrepreneurs on the right business model and on how to scale up the business sustainably and achieve operational excellence. He is also the Co-Founder of Pygmalio, an online tutorship in French for kids.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Crowdsourcing.

Portfolio: Naskeo, Eodom, Odotech, Activ Networks.

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14. Daniel Ibri:

Daniel Ibri is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Mindset Ventures, a firm investing in early-stage startups from Israel and USA. Daniel has more than 10 years of experience as an international management consultant, mentor for startups and venture capitalist. He earned his MBA from BSP- Business School Sao Paulo.

Sector: Clean Technology, Fin-tech, AI, Big Data Analytics, Healhcare.

Portfolio: Covercy, Engie, PayKey, GetJob, CrowdMed.

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15. Luciano Tavares:

Luciano Tavares is the Founder and CEO at Magnetis Investimentos, the first and largest digital investment advisor in Brazil. He is a portfolio manager licensed by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) with more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He is also a Board Member at ContaAzul.

Sector: Financial Services, SaaS, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Asaas, Creditas, Dabee, Rock Content.

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16. Manoel Lemos:

Manoel Lemos is a Partner and Managing Director at Redpoint Eventures, the first Brazilian Venture Capital fund sponsored by Silicon Valley firms. Previously, he was the Chief Digital Officer of Abril Media, the second largest media conglomerate in Brazil. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from UNICAMP. 

Sector: Fin-Tech, Cyber Security, Health, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Clicksign, Dabee, Ribon, TextCorner.

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17. Diego Gomes:

Diego Gomes is the Chief Executive Officer at Rock Content, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies and the #1 provider of content marketing solutions in Latin America. Diego is an endeavor entrepreneur, angel investor and also a blogger. He helps businesses grow by creating winning content marketing strategies that increase visibility, brand awareness and drives business results.

Sector: Digital Media, Big Data, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: GoCache, Meetime, Banky, Teravoz.

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18. Nicholas Reise:

Nicholas Reise is the Co-Founder and CEO at XerPay, a financial plan that allows employees to have a more controlled, structured and healthy organization of their salary. Before founding XerPay, Nicholas Reise was the Principle at Redpoint Eventures. He has earned his MBA from University of Pennsylvania- The Wharton School.

Sector: Mobile, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Healthcare.

Portfolio: 55Social, FormaFina, Grupo Xango, Viajanet.

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19. Richard Politi:

Richard Politi Co-founded the first and leading equity-based crowdfunding platform in Brazil and served as a General Partner at Mindset Ventures since its inception. He has been fostering the Brazilian entrepreneurial ecosystem as Co-Founder and CEO and Board Member at Insper Angels and Mentor in many Startup Accelerators. Richard Politi was alo featured on Forbes 30 Under 30.

Sector: Co-Working, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: Cremme, Pluricell Biotech, Pet Delicia.

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20. Sergio Furio:

Sergio Furio is the Founder and CEO at Creditas, a firm providing online personal finance solutions. Before founding Creditas, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group in New York and Spain. Besides Creditas, Sergio Furio serves at the boards of Endeavour Brazil and HBS Alumni Angels Association of Brazil. He earned his MBA from ESADE.

Sector: AI, Healthcare & Wellness, Fin-Tech, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Justos, Lean Survey, Creditoo, Agendor.

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