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Top Angel Investors in Australia

The Australian economy has rebounded in early 2021 from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic restrictive measures that hit the domestic demand in 2020. With economic growth momentum improving rapidly, the Australian economy is projected to grow by 3.2% in 2021. The Australian startup ecosystem represents a strong innovation and a digital driven sector, very actively supported by Government, Corporate and Academic Institutions. The key strengths of the Australian startup sector are a strong economy, founders with risk taking attitude, corporate backing and a strong focus on technology and innovation.  

The Australian Angel investors are actively supporting startups. The angel investors not only provide funding for startups, but also add immense value in the form of expertise and professional network. Angel investors are making a significant impact on the Australian startup ecosystem. A robust startup ecosystem can help create a gigantic transition for the Australian economy.

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Top Angel Investors in Australia


1. Chris Sang:

Chris Sang is the Co-Managing Partner at CP Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Australia. Chris is a Venture Capitalist, Advisory Board Member and an active Angel Investor. Chris has syndicated startup deals across Australia, New Zealand and United States. He is also the Founder of Notion Ventures, a private investment company focused on developing it’s own software applications and investment in pre-seed and seed level investments globally.


Sector: Fin-Tech, Enterprise Security, Internet of Things, AI, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: LeadStory, Nav, Kami, Pana, ObjectHub.

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2. PK Rasam:

PK Rasam is currently the Head of Global Developers Working Group at Polkadot, a firm that organizes and grows developers in the ecosystem for current and new projects. Proficient in developing economic as well as funding models, business plan, including quantification of business value for potential investors. He has also Founded Web3 Machines.

Sector: Information Technology, Virtual Currency, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: AirPair, Calm, Casetext, Edyn, Gem.

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3. Andrian Stone:

Andrian Stone is the CEO at Stanford Pacific Group, a firm with a focus to provide insights and co-investment opportunities to investors in the exciting world of investment in Australia’s future. Andrian is also a Chairman at Investor’s Organization (IO). Andrian Stone is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Melbourne.

Sector: SaaS, Consumer Internet, Social Commerce, Social Media.

Portfolio: Arcade, Dragonfly, PoweredLocal, Lexim.

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4. Brett Mason:

Brett Mason is the Director at Harcourts North Lakes, a real estate firm based in Queensland, Australia. He is an early-stage investor with more than 22 investments in startups. Brett actively invests in US, UK, India and Australian markets. He is also the Founder of Bitcoin India. Brett Mason has been an active angel investor.

Sector: Mobile, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services.

Portfolio: Wholi, Trace, Triplemint, Edutise, Padlet.

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5. Christian Thaler-Wolski:

Christian Thaler-Wolski is a startup advisor to early and growth stage entrepreneurs. He is an Investor at Pipedrive and currently works with selected SaaS and NewSpace entrepreneurs on-go-to market strategy, pricing software products and VC readiness. His geographic focus is Australia and the wider APAC region. Christian has earned his MBA from INSEAD.

Sector: Mobile, Big Data, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: Cloud66, Detectify, EyeEm, eWise.

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6. Andrian Bunter:

Andrian Bunter is an Executive Director at Venture Advisory. He is an experienced professional advisor working with both established and early stage businesses to assist them with key transactions. Andrian is an investor and mentor to early stage businesses and sits on the management committee of Sydney Angels, one of Australia’s leading angel investment group.

Sector: Digital Media, E-Commerce, Marketplaces, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: AirRobe, BeeRoll, Endrolo, ezycollect.

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7. Rayn Ong:

Rayn Ong is a Venture Partner at Archangel Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in Australia. He works closely with angels and venture fund managers to co-invest in early stage tech businesses. Rayn Ong is also a Investment Manager at Ong Heng Investments. 

Sector: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: Audience Republic, CarBar, Morse Micro, HappyCo.

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8. John Sullivan:

John Sullivan is a tech founder, innovator and strategist. He is currently the Chairman at Release Energy, a firm enabling innovative technologies that accelerate the global move to 100% renewable energy. John has been active in technology development and innovations throughout his career. 

Sector: Clean Technology, Healthcare, Mobile Commerce, Big Data, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Arthena, MerchBar, Roomi, Release Energy.

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9. Rui Rodrigues:

Rui Rodrigues is the former Managing Partner at Tank Stream Ventures. He is currently a Non Executive Director at Biteable, a platform that empowers millions of people-from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies- to engage and grow their audience with video. Rui Rodrigues has earned his MBA from London Business School. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce, SaaS.

Portfolio: Soho, BugHerd, Flare, LoadMax.

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10. David Jones:

David Jones is the Co-Founder and CEO at Pointzi Digital Adoption and Onboarding. David has been an active angel investor and mentor. He is also the Co-Founder of StreetHawk, an automated growth-hacking for mobile user acquisition and engagement. David jones has managed to help small startups grow into large-scale businesses with substantial growth and profit.

Sector: Mobile Analytics, Mobile Commerce, Location Based Services.

Portfolio: BugHerd, Composure, Foogi, HappyCo.

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11. Mike Zimmerman:

Mike Zimmerman is a Partner at Main Sequence Ventures, Australia. Mike is an Investor and Entrepreneur with wide range of experience building technology companies, particularly with growth companies in enterprise SaaS, internet and energy sectors. Mike Zimmerman is also the Director at Castlepoint Systems.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Healthcare.

Portfolio: LeadIQ, Sensory Networks, Mig33, Mosaic.

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12. Tony Faure:

Tony Faure is a Chairman at oOh! Media, Australia. Tony is a business leader and investor with deep experience of media, marketing, data and technology- both traditional and digital. He is passionate about ideas that use technology to push limits and create new experience for consumers. Instinctively entrepreneurial and supportive of other entrepreneurs.

Sector: Digital Media, Consumer Internet, Mobile Commerce, Advertising.

Portfolio: Budge, iSelect, Mig33, Wall360.

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13. Daniel Petre:

Daniel Petre is a Partner at AirTree Ventures, an early and growth stage VC fund that has raised over $700m to invest in high growth businesses. He has invested in more than 20 companies over a 15 year period with a focus on bringing strategic help, operational skills and global perspective. Daniel has also been a Board Member of a number of public companies.

Sector: Software, Digital Media, B2B, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: OurDeal, Ticketek, Switchwise, Epredix.

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14. Patrick Sieb:

Patrick Sieb is a Partner at InfraTech Partners, a firm investing in technology companies with strong focus on climate change. He is also the Co-Founder and Board Member at Thinxtra, a firm that accelerates business efficiency by connecting assets and making them work smarter. Patrick has earned his MBA from HEC School of Management.

Sector: Clean Technology, Environmental Innovation, Mobile, Internet of Things.

Portfolio: 5B, Kacific, Bygen, Thinxtra, Hyzon Motors.

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15. Matthew Macfarlane:

Matthew Macfarlane is currently a Director on the Boards of Yuuwa Capital, The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) and iCetana Pty Ltd. He is a very active business mentor to entrepreneurs. Matthew is an IT-startup entrepreneur, angel investor and a Charted Accountant with startup investing and M&A experience in telecommunications and software companies.

Sector: Mobile, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Agworld, Busybot, Kanopy, StoreKat.

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16. Chris Baxter:

Over the past 17 years Chris Baxter has worked as a patent and trademark attorney and have primarily practiced in software, medical devices and engineering. He is currently a Chairman at Baxter IP Patent & Trademark Attorneys. Chris Baxter has been an active angel investor based in Australia.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Mobile.

Portfolio: Rekordio, Plasmaide, Tiliter, B.Product.

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17. Stew Glynn:

Stew Glynn is a Partner at TEN13, a syndicated investment platform that gives sophisticated investors access to early stage technology startups and visionary founders. Previously Stew Glynn lead the investment team of Transition Level Investments. He also sits as a Board Member at Mr Yum. 

Sector: Healthcare, Education, Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Starcity, Maxwell MRI, Clipchamp, GO1.

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18. Les Szekely:

Les Szekely is a professional venture capitalist and an active angel investor based in Australia. He is currently the Chairman of the Board at Equity Venture Partners, a firm with a focus to invest early in Australia’s best emerging software business. He is also a Chairman at Microequities Asset Management.

Sector: E-Commerce, SaaS, Consumer Internet, Mobile.

Portfolio: DesignCrowd, SiteMinder, Oneflare, Rezdy.

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19. Alex de Abotiz:

Alex de Abotiz is a clean-tech investor. He has also worked as a Investment Consultant at AirTree Ventures, a growth-stage venture capital firm based in Australia. He is looking to make investments in climate tech and clean energy infrastructure. Alex de Abotiz has earned his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Biteable, SignOnSite, Pawshake, Myagi.

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20. Romain Bonjean:

Romain Bonjean is the Founder and CEO of Rosemary Health, a healthcare company that aims to pave the way for accessible patient care to all. With his global perspective and 15+ years of experience across the digital healthcare space and tech, Romain is a recognised expert in healthcare technologies and startups.

Sector: Healthcare, Bio Technology, Digital Media, Mobile Payments, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Foogi, SportHold, Composure, Inductly.

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