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Top 50 Small Business Blogs to Follow in 2019

Managing a small business can be challenging and the right guidance can be invaluable. The amount of “business” content online is overwhelming. With so many experts and entrepreneurs sharing business “gyan”, it can be hard to identify small business blogs with high-value and actionable advice.

We’ve put together a list of 50 of the world’s most valuable small business blogs that will transform the way you run your business in 2019. If you are looking to start your own business or start a business blog, you’ll find interesting new business ideas in this list:

Best Business Blogs

1. Entrepreneur Magazine publishes news stories and articles about small businesses, entrepreneurship, and managing a business in general.

Jason Feifer and the team at Entrepreneur Magazine cover an extensive range of topics – from starting a business to the entrepreneurial mindset, product growth, self-improvement, stress management, business travel, customer loyalty, investments, branding,  and guides for small business owners looking to get ahead in the ever-competitive world of small-to-medium enterprises.

It has become one of the best small business blogs because of its easy-to-read articles and how-to guides that drive their readers to stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date business tips and trends.

2. US Small Business Administration’s Blog

The US Small Business Administration’s is the authority on all things “small business” in the United States. As a government agency, SBI provides support to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

The site is very informative with plenty of articles and business guides on funding programs, funding, taxing and contracting. 

It’s learning center offers various online courses to help you start and run your business.SBI also has thousands of posts in categories like Starting A Business, Managing A Business, Financing, Industry World, and Contracting.

3. AllBusiness has valuable articles on how to get started with various types of businesses. Also, they have a business library which includes a business dictionary and a personal finance dictionary which has over 1,000 words.

Allbusiness is a great resource for small businesses as they provide helpful articles sales and marketing, contracting and HR, operations, technology, and finance. 

4.Small Business Trends

The female powerhouse that is Small Business Trends, is packed with advice on sales, marketing, management, small business operations, technology trends, finance, taxes, small business loans, startups, franchising, and so much more.

With the tagline, “small business success… delivered daily,” you know you’re in good hands. It focuses on guidance for small businesses with stories of success and failure painting a well-informed picture for those looking to make the most of their small business venture.

5. CorpNet Blog 

If you’re starting your business, CorpNet is the perfect partner for your business needs. They help entrepreneurs streamline the business formation and compliance process.

With Sky-high standards, punctuality, proactivity and great communication, they can help you prepare and file all the necessary documents needed to start your business, and they’ll also help you with filing annual reports, preparing corporate minutes, and so much more.

The site has hundreds of articles available to any small business owner who is ready to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey by learning how to look at the bigger picture.

6. Small Business Labs

If you want to read articles that track and forecast the future of small business, then you should check out articles by Steve King and Carolyn Ockels on Small Business Labs.  The site offers advice on key topics that impact small businesses and the gig economy.

7. Fit Small Business

Fit Small Business is the perfect place for small business owners to find advice on small brick-and-mortar businesses.

You’ll find tons of highly actionable how-to and buyer’s guide that fills the site are backed by hours of research that all adds up to their readership being some of the most well-informed small business owners in the world. 

8. Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire is taking the business blogging and podcasting world to the next level. This business-centric blog is a combination of a blog/podcast where tonnes of successful entrepreneurs have been interviewed.

Best Social Media Marketing Blogs

9.Top Dog Social Media Blog

If you want tricks on how to use social media, especially LinkedIn, to grow your business, then Top Dog is the place to go. Founded by Melonie Dodaro, the site writes highly rated articles on social media and social selling. 

10. Sprout Social Insights

Sprout Social blog has social media management and optimization platform which is used by thousands of brands. This blog will provide you with knowledge about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and all aspects of social media. 

11. Jon Loomer

If you want to learn how you can target and reach out to your audience on Facebook, then look no further than Jon Loomer’s blog. He’s been active on the Facebook scene for years and knows what he is talking about when he writes about marketing, sales, and business in general.

12. AgoraPulse Blog

In AgoraPulse Blog, you can learn all the different ways you can use social media to reach your audience and grow your business. They have complete social media management and optimization tools – which also goes by the same name AgoraPulse.

13. Post Planner Blog

If you need ideas on what to post on your social media channels, then the Post planner blog is for you. Post Planner will help you increase your Facebook and Twitter audience’s engagement with the help of their content curation and social engagement tool. 

14. Socialnomics

Businesses stand to benefit a lot if they know how to use the potential of social media to their advantage. Socialnomics gives small business owners access to an amazing range of articles, infographics and innovative advice on the topics of social media, digital, mobile, and business world in general.

15.Social Media Today

Whether you’re looking for high-quality business plan advice or need help growing your small business’ social media presence, look no further than social media today. You’ll get social media updates, trending news, social marketing techniques, digital strategies, and content marketing tips.

Best Sales Blogs

  1. HubSpot’s Sales Blog

From brilliantly structured articles to podcasts centered around embracing sales, Hubspot is the perfect place to open your mind to the possibilities available to small business owners. It has a powerful collection of resources for businesses – whether it be brick and mortar businesses or online businesses.

  1. Sales Hacker

For most people, selling and making sales is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Sales Hacker is a blog created with the sole purpose of helping small-to-medium businesses reach their full potential.

If you’re not sure if investing in their Full Funnel Sales Training, you can read their extraordinary catalog of articles that gives readers all the tools they need to increase sales, leads and social following by offering actionable instructions.

  1. Heinz Marketing Blog

With fascinating articles on everything from sales and marketing, it’s no wonder Heinz blog has become a point of reference for small businesses. They regularly hold live events and conferences in many different parts of the country and brilliantly curate small business blog that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their business. 

  1. Sales Gravy Blog

Sales Gravy is one of the top small business blogs in the world of sales training, enablement and productivity solutions. Their mission is to help Sales representatives/professionals by the invaluable catalog of articles.

  1. The Sales Blog

Anthony Iannarino has been writing articles and blog posts about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and all aspects of social media. He’s got an invaluable wealth of content on the blog that you won’t find anywhere else. 

  1. No More Cold Calling

If you hate cold calling with a passion, then this is the site to go to. Their blog has developed a framework which increases your sales faster than traditional cold calling. The site’s owner, Joanne Black, wrote plenty of amazing articles on how you can build relationships and use referrals to grow your business. 

  1. The Sales For Life Blog

This blog advises small businesses and entrepreneurs in Sales management with plenty of articles on social selling, sales advice, sales management, sales training, content marketing, sales process, sales metrics, digital transformation, digital selling, and more.

Best Digital Marketing Blogs

  1. Digital Marketer Blog

This blog gives its readers the versatility and effectiveness of a well-structured marketing plan and how, with the tips found on their blog, with plenty of how-to articles and guides to help them with their digital marketing journey.

  1. Jim’s Marketing Blog

 The blog is run by this well-known marketing guru — Jim Connolly who has worked for and advised businesses like Search Engine Journal, GoDaddy, SAP, BBC, Time, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, and more. He wrote thousands of highly informative articles in the digital marketing space.  

  1. Blog

Moz’s blog is the most trusted and one of the best small business blogs to read, especially when it comes to search engine optimization or SEO.

They have tons of highly informative articles on SEO, branding, blogging, competitive research, conversion rate optimization, keyword research, link building, paid search marketing, and so much more.

  1. Kissmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics offers tons of free resources.  In addition to their regular blog posts on SEO, you can also have access to their webinars and academy. From SEO, email marketing, social media, conversion tactics to mobile strategy, Kissmetrics covered it all.

  1. Duct Tape Marketing Blog

 Duct Tape method of marketing has transformed the way small businesses think about their marketing strategy and business as a whole. They offer a variety of affordable packages that can be the most useful for a small business owner to have at their disposal.

  1. Conversion XL Blog

You can market your brand all you want, but if no one’s buying from you, then your marketing efforts would have all been in vain.  Conversion blogs can help you optimize your conversions with their highly structured and informative blog posts.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is a fantastic online advice and information hub for small-to-medium business owners looking to know how you can use your content to your advantage. 

Best Entrepreneurship Blogs

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

You’ve probably heard of Gary Vee. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor who’s been featured and interviewed by national and international media. Although his blog’s not updated as to his social media accounts, it covers social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses. 

  1. Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income Blog has been documenting its income-generating activities for a decade. The site usually writes about online business and blogging strategies, income sources and amazing marketing tips and tricks so you can go ahead with your online business or blog.

  1. Entrepreneur’s Journey

As suggested by the blog’s title, its creator Yaro Starak writes all about the journeys of the entrepreneurs. He brilliantly showcases his own successes and failures of different strategies he took to grow his online business so that readers can learn from the ups and downs of his business journey.

  1. Both Sides Of The Table

If you’re wondering how to get funding for your startup,  then you need to head on to this blog. Mark Suster, the creator of this blog, writes about entrepreneurship, startups, venture capital, and his company, Upfront Ventures. 

  1. The Self Employed

If you see plenty of opportunities just waiting to be discovered but not willing to take the risk, then you should head over to the self-employed blog. This blog gives all aspiring entrepreneurs ideas on how they can go about achieving their business goals.

  1. Entrepreneurs On Fire

 Entrepreneurs On Fire is full to the brim with inspirational stories, strategies, and podcasts. They interview top entrepreneurs, pick their brains and share their ideas with their audience to motivate them entrepreneurs the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

  1. Social Triggers

Social Triggers has a no-nonsense approach when sharing it’s highly actionable tips on how to use consumer psychology to help increase conversions. If you need help building your blog audience, Social Triggers will help you out.

  1. Neil Patel

You probably heard of Neil Patel. He runs his own successful media business, he is a famous consultant and influencer.  His blog gives you a ton of marketing ideas on how you can start and grow your own business. Also, his blog is one of the most followed small business blogs in the marketing space.

Best Copywriting Blogs

  1. CopyBlogger

If you’re just starting out, or you need to take your copy game to the next level, you should head on to CopyBlogger.  You’ll get access to 15 ebooks on copywriting and content marketing including a 20-part internet marketing course!

  1. Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers is another must read small business blog which offers highly informative content resources on the internet, and if your business creates online content, this is the place to stay up to date on trends and best practices.

  1. The Copybot

 Jesse Wisnewski, the creator of Copy Hackers,  shares content marketing techniques, essential web writing tips and reflections on life and work.  It also covers advice on how to promote your content so it gets noticed by your target audience.

  1. Men With Pens

Men With Pens offers web design, copywriting and content services as a total package. You can browse their blog which contains a decade worth of content which can take your copy game to the next level.

Best Customer Service Blogs

  1. HelpScout’s Blog

HelpScount has hundreds of lengthy articles which can help you create positive and better experiences with your customers. It has a webinar section and eBook-length articles which anyone can access for free. 

Their webinars are generally 30 minutes to an hour long and talk about customer service, customer experience, helpdesk, business, and branding. It is one of the best small business blogs out there for customer service.

  1. Playvox Blog

If you would like to make sure your customer satisfaction remains high, then you should head to Playvox. Playvox’s quality assurance software will assist you and your team to make sure customer experience and satisfaction remains positive.

  1. Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog

The value of providing excellent customer service can never be underestimated. Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog offers a ton of highly practical advice for improving customer service and customer experience. 

  1. Zendesk Blog

Zendesk made one of the best CRM tools in the market. They also have an excellent blog which has hundreds of articles on it. Customer service is at the heart of Zendesk, and their products and their blog reflect that. 

  1. Fonolo Blog

Fonolo Blog mostly talks about customer service for call center agents. If you’re getting calls from your customers, then this blog will give you plenty of great ideas to get your customer satisfaction numbers up.

Best Business Blogs For Women

  1. Female Entrepreneur Association

Carrie Green, the creator of the Female Entrepreneur Association, has built this awesome community for female entrepreneurs. She provides useful resources to help women turn their ideas into reality.  

  1. Marie Forleo

 Marie Forleo, one of the top names in the digital marketing space. She shares most of her techniques, methods, and stories on her blog, her podcast, and MarieTV.

  1. Women 2.0

This blog focus on closing the gender gap in the startups and tech industry. The Women 2.0 site has tons of articles that highlight female founders, how women can get funding for their businesses, women in the workplace, career advice and big ideas.

  1. Ryan Robinson’s Blog

Ryan Robinson is a content marketer who has written a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog which is one of the best pieces of advice on the internet for anyone considering getting started with a blog.


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