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Top 25 Tech Bloggers & Influencers in India

We have compiled a list of top tech bloggers and influencers based out of India by factoring in their content quality, follower base, domain expertise and posting frequency. Here are the top 25 technology bloggers and influencers who every tech enthusiast must follow:

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Amit Agarwal – Digital Inspiration (Labnol)

Amit Agarwal is An IIT graduate who quit his corporate job to become a full-time professional blogger. Considering he started his journey since 2004, he is also known as the first professional blogger from India. His posts are primarily focused on Social Media based technology apart from other up-to-date articles on various tips and tricks realated to Google. WordPress, Apple, etc.

Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud has amassed more than 1 million followers and focuses on content that would make other bloggers successful.  Harsh Agrawal left is job to follow his passion and his blogging journey has become a full-fledged business. This blog shares insights, news, updates, and tech tips & tricks for new bloggers who are interested in taking up blogging as a serious profession and established bloggers who are looking to scale in terms of revenue.

Ankit Prakash – Sprout24

Founder of Easy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, a marketing automation platform driven by artificial intelligence, Ankit Prakash, blogs at Sprout24. He is an entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer. His posts are all about digital marketing ecosystem — right from SEO, PPC and social media to automation and SaaS tool reviews .

Ashish Sinha – Next Big What

Ashish Sinha, an IIT & IIM graduate, has diverse work experience. His love for technology has led to the inception of this blog, which later became a community to discuss technology and startup ecosystem. From news to reviews, tips to tricks, hacks to updates, this blog touches everything.

Arun Prabhudesai –

Arun Prabhudesai is an entrepreneur, blogger, avid Internet geek and IT professional. He has worked in IT industry for more than a decade, and currently doing management and consulting work after taking a plunge into entrepreneurship. was started in 2007 and now it is managed by dedicated team of bloggers. This blog covers everything related to youth right from technology, new business trends, entrepreneurship, gadgets and startups.

Abhijeet Mukherjee – Guiding Tech

Abhijeet Mukherjee is the founder and editor of Guiding Tech (GT) Network. Guiding Tech posts highly relevant how-to articles, guides and reviews on operating systems, software and online apps. It currently gets visited by over 2 million visitors per month. It has diversified by niche media properties such as GT Mobiles, GT Resources and GT Cool Stuff to reach wide range of audiences.

Amit Bhawani – Android Advices

Amit Bhawani is the founder of this blog. It is focused on android related posts — apps, associated services and hardware available in the market. The articles showcase hands-on reviews, practical tips and tutorials.

Imran Uddin – ALL TECH BUZZ was founded by Imran Uddin and currently it is one of the most popular tech blogs. He publishes tips related to blogging, breaking news, reviews on software and gadget etc.

Srinivas Tamada – 9lessons

This blog has great content on topics related to programming. With this blog, Srinivas posts tutorials on various aspects of programming. He is a blogger and entrepreneur, quite well-known for development of new wall script. The posts primarily cover topics on web design, CSS, ajax, jQuery, etc.

Tarun Pk –

Founded in 2008 by Tarun P. K, TelecomTalk is a thriving portal focused on Indian telecom sector and reports the developments in this market. The goal is to enable industry stakeholders and readers to take faster decisions by serving as a comprehensive source of latest telecommunications news.

Jashpal Singh – SaveDelete posts on diverse topics – trending news, tips on the web, social media, design, useful software, entertainment and more. This blog was started in October 2009 by Jashpal Singh, who is adept in designing and coding.

Deepanker Verma – TechloMedia

TechloMedia is a leading technology and gadget review blog that delivers latest updates on mobile apps, gaming social media, and gadgets. It was founded by Deepanker Verma in 2011 as a hobby and eventually turned out as a full-time project.

Raju PP – TECHPP is a popular technology blog with focus on personal and consumer technology including web tools, gadgets and accessories. This blog is run by Raju PP who is an engineering graduate and worked as a Technical Specialist in a leading firm. Economic Times listed him amongst the top web entrepreneurs in India in September 2011, the HT Brunch magazine listed him as the most influential Indian on the social media in the field of Technology.

Ankit Kumar Singla – Blogger Tips and Tricks

Managed by Ankit Kumar Singla, publishes content on SEO, reviews, blogging, social media, computer tricks and almost everything related to the Internet. They also run giveaways for their readers and this blog gets over 50,000 monthly visits.

Pradeep Kumar – Hellbound Bloggers

This blog is managed by Chennai-based Pradeep Kumar, which covers topics related to social media, SEO, blogging, WordPress, eCommerce and web apps among many others. It’s worth noting that many of the eminent bloggers also contribute to this site as guest authors.

Mohit Verma – The TechGram

Mohit Verma is the founder of this blog. This blog posts latest review of gadgets such as mobile phones, camera, smart watches along with tech news and coverage of launch events of latest gadgets

Nimish Gupta- TechnibLogic

This is an emerging online review website which is covering all the latest gadgets since 2014. The goal is to keep the readers and visitors informed about the latest developments in the gaming arena, mobile market and other tips & tricks powered by technology to increase productivity.

Rajesh Namse – TechLila

Found in 2012, TechLila is a go-to site for all technology tips and tricks. They predominantly publish a lot of how-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights. It has been positioned as an encyclopedia for latest tech advancements. Passionate about SEO and blogging, Rajesh Namse works with 5 other people to build content pool apart from guest contributions.

Atish Renjan & Zenil – Tech Tricks World

Another blog on technology tips and tricks that we found interesting is the one by Atish & Zenil. Started in 2012, Tech Tricks World has blog posts on gadgets, software, social media, blogging news, etc. This team is highly active on social media and frequently updates with new articles.

Aniruddha – Tech2Touch

With a target of providing summarized reviews in the shortest possible way, Tech2Touch not only posts quirky and accurate reviews but also on time-saving tips and tricks, such as smartphone tips, excel tips, Windows tips, etc. With honest reviews and a lot of valuable technology tricks, this blog is quite informative.

Purna Duggirala – Chandoo

Chandoo, the go-to blog on charting and Excel has been named after the founder. He has a degree in MBA from IIM Indore and Computer Science degree from Andhra University. Considering he is passionate about data analytics, reporting and visualization, this blog is a way for him to share his learning.

Kulwant Negi – Bloggingcage

Kulwant Negi is the founder of this blog who also happens to be an an Internet entrepreneur. He hails from Haryana, and has completed Diploma in Electronics and Communication. This blog publishes content related to blogging, money making, SEO, WordPress and more.

Ravi Tamada – AndroidHive

Founded by Rajesh Tamada, AndroidHive is an online publication that covers all the android programming tutorials, app reviews and more. It is known for its user-friendly content which is useful for rookies as well as veterans.

Sandeep Jain – Geeksforgeeks 

This site has been developed as a portal for computer science interview questions and technical articles. This was started by Sandeep Jain who is a geek with a penchant for solving programing problems; interest areas include algorithms, operating systems and system programming.

Geetesh Bajaj – Indezine

Indezine is a great site to improve PowerPoint skills with highly useful articles, tutorials, latest news, and templates. This blog was founded by Geetesh Bajaj, who also covers software reviews apart from the above-mentioned topics.


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