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Top 25 Startups to Watch in Vietnam

Vietnam is  one of the fastest growing-economies in the world. Vietnam is now home to as many as 3000 startups, making it the third largest startup ecosystem in Asia. As seen in many other developing economies, local entrepreneurs across Vietnam have a strong focus on using technology to solve local problems. The Vietnamese government, to encourage entrepreneurship, has established a number of funds at state, provincial, and city levels to support startups. In addition, the government has also collaborated with countries and banks to develop funding and innovation programs, provide loans, technical training, and business mentoring. We have also compiled a list of active angel investors who are spreading Vietnam’s tech renaissance.

List of Top 25 Startups to Watch in Vietnam

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1. Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis was founded in 2019 and it is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is a technology company that creates decentralized applications and services. Sky Mavis aims to bring blockchain to everyone through its fun and practical applications. It also aims to simplify blockchain technology.

Industry: Blockchain.

Founders: Aleksander Leonard Larsen, Jeffrey Zirlin, Trung Nguyen.

Total Funding: $9M

Founded Date: 2019


2. Vuiapp

Vuiapp is a fin-tech startup founded in Jan 2020. It’s  mission is to transform the way people get paid: empowering employees to receive their earned wages on-demand, increasing their financial well-being, and bringing financial security, dignity, and savings to millions of Vietnamese. Vuiapp aims to provide financial wellness solutions for employers and employees.

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Dung Dang, Thang Nguyen.

Total Funding: $3M

Founded Date: 2020



MODMO is an E-mobility company creating zero-emission urban transportation vehicles with a focus on design and versatility. They are designing a modular, electric, smart bike with the ability to adapt to any situation and become peoples’ primary mode of urban transport. Currently, their factory is located in Ho chi minh City, Vietnam.

Industry: Transportation, Mobility.

Founders: Jack O’Sullivan.

Total Funding: $1.2M

Founded Date: 2019


4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets. All art assets and Axie genetic data can be easily accessed by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity universe.

Industry: Blockchain, Video Games.

Founders: Tu Doan.

Total Funding: $9M

Founded Date: 2018


5. Tima

Tima began participating in financial markets technology from 2015 as a provider of technology lending platform peer (P2P) first in Vietnam. Tima is an online P2P lending marketplace. Users can apply for unsecured personal loans, student loans, and asset-backed loans. 

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Cong Tran

Total Funding: $3M

Founded Date: 2015


6. SoftPay Mobile

SoftPay Mobile  is a leading Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution and Payment Facilitator company in Southeast Asia. SoftPay’s mPOS solution enables businesses and individuals to accept credit cards, debit cards, bank cards,  and all other kinds of card payments anywhere at any time. 

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Christopher Low

Total Funding: $1M

Founded Date: 2015


7. Finhay

Finhay is a wealth management platform that helps millennials micro-invest in mutual funds. Finhay aims to serve the under-served audience in the market. Finhay was nominated in Fintech 100 2019 by KPMG, a 1st Runner-Up by Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Top 10 startups in 2017 at Tech-fest Vietnam.

Industry: Wealth Management, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Huy Nghiem, Minh Tri Do.

Total Funding: $1.1M

Founded Date: 2017


8. OnOnPay

OnOnPay was founded in 2015, it  is a mobile top up service for prepaid SIMs of carrier network providers in Vietnam. OnOnPay is a mobile commerce platform for reloading mobile credits with loyalty programmes. It enables users to make payments via credit cards or debit cards and bank transfers.

Industry: Mobile Apps, Telecommunications.

Founders: Sy Phong Bui.

Total Funding: $800K

Founded Date: 2015


9. Interloan

Interloan was founded on 1st January 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Interloan is a P2P lending platform enabling financial inclusion for Vietnamese citizens. The employees can invest their money and also avail loans. The investors can earn up to 19% interest.

Industry: Banking, Finance.

Founders: David Tran.

Total Funding: $500K

Founded Date: 2018


10. Utop

 Utop is a blockchain based startup. It is an  electronic gift exchange  application, allowing customers  to accumulate points or directly recharge points to redeem gifts and focal points at hundreds of different stores in the Utop partner system in Vietnam. This is the network based on Blockchain – Akachain.

Industry: Blockchain.

Founders: Hoang-Giang TRAN, Stephen Vu Pham.

Total Funding: $3M

Founded Date: 2018


11. Point Avenue

Point Avenue is an international education technology company that has presence in Vietnam and Thailand. The firm  provides after-school educational services that span English Learning, Test Preparation, Competitive Debating, Admissions Consulting, and Life Coaching across all of Southeast Asia. Point Avenue combines academic rigor and education technology with a team of passionate, experienced educators to prepare  students for life-long success.

Industry: Education

Founders: Danny Hwang, Leon Lee, Tin Nguyen.

Total Funding: $12M

Founded Date: 2018


12. JobHop

JobHop is the Vietnam 1st career management and recruitment platform powered by AI/ML technology, which automates the sourcing process and helps the recruitment happen Faster, Easier and Smarter. JobHop aims to be the leading HR technology platform in South East Asia, starting with Vietnam.

Industry: Recruiting, Artificial Intelligence.

Founders: Kevin Tung Nguyen.

Total Funding: $710K

Founded Date: 2016


13. BotBanHang

BotBanHang is a leading messaging-commerce platform for online businesses in marketing and CRM on messaging platforms and omni-channel commerce. It allows advertisers and sales teams to nurture their leads and engage their customers.

Industry: Software.

Founders: Tien Le Anh

Total Funding: $500K

Founded Date: 2018


14. OKXE

OKXE was founded in 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam. OKXE operates as an online listing  marketplace platform for motorcycles. Buyers can search, compare prices & can contact the sellers via the platform. Sellers can register on the platform to list their bikes.

Industry: Automotive, Marketplace.

Founders: Wooseok Kim

Total Funding: $5.5M

Founded Date: 2018


15. CoolMate

 CoolMate is an e-commerce platform. The company is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam and was founded in 2019. CoolMate is  committed towards  providing a complete shopping experience for Vietnamese male customers. It allows users to order up to 10 items like t-shirts and socks for under US$20. 

Industry: E-Commerce

Founders: Nhu Pham

Total Funding: $650K

Founded Date: 2019


16. Rever 

Rever was founded in 2016 by Phan Le Manh. It is an online property brokerage service platform where users can search for property based on location and price. Rever helps users in buying and selling properties online. Rever also provides experts for consultancy regarding the sale and purchase of properties.


Industry: Real Estate

Founders: Phan Le Mahn

Total Funding: $6M

Founded Date: 2016


17. Toong Co-Working

Toong was founded in 2015 by Duong Do. Toong is a co-working space chain in Vietnam with a strong focus on community and value added services for its members. The company offers a wide range of services from dedicated and flexible desks to virtual offices.

Industry: Co-Working, Real Estate

Founders: Duong Do

Total Funding: $300K

Founded Date: 2015


18. Ohana

Ohana is a mobile-based application to find  roommates. The app allows users to create their profile and to connect with potential roommates on the platform. Ohana can also be used to find shared rooms and flats.

Industry: Real Estate, Infotmation Technology

Founders: Cathy Thao Tran

Total Funding: $55K

Founded Date: 2017


19. Luxstay

 Founded in 2016, Luxstay is an online short-term rental platform and hospitality service, connecting customers looking to rent a property with the property owners. The service offers a wide range of accommodation: apartments, villas, entire houses, studios available in Vietnam.

Industry: Hospitality

Founders: Steven Nguyen

Total Funding: $10.5M

Founded Date: 2016



LOGIVAN is a web platform that helps businesses find trucks quickly and easily. LOGIVAN connects a network of thousands of reliable trucks to meet all vehicle needs, anytime, anywhere at competitive prices. LOGIVAN has already won a number of awards, for example best start-up at RISE, Asia’s largest tech conference.

Industry: Logistics

Founders: Linh Pham

Total Funding: $7.9M

Founded Date: 2017


21. Jio Health

Jio Health is a life empowerment company. Jio Health has  a global team of innovators, physicians and technologists working to make healthcare more open and connected. It works with leading physicians and healthcare organizations to engage patients and improve care through its  cutting edge technology.

Industry: Healthcare, Fitness.

Founders: Raghu Rai

Total Funding: $7.7M

Founded Date: 2016


22. Propzy

Propzy is a  real estate platform that originates and facilitates property sale and leasing transactions in Vietnam. By combining a real estate marketplace on the front end with logistics, documentation, and transaction services on the backend, Propzy has created a strong value proposition for consumers and has established a clear competitive advantage in Vietnam. Propzy mobile application is available for both android and iOS devices.

Industry: Real Estate, Marketplace.

Founders: John Le

Total Funding: $33M

Founded Date: 2015 


23. provides comprehensive management solutions for more than 5,000 companies. Its  mission is to build an open and smart platform where all the best apps for businesses across Asia are located. application includes Work Management, Human Resource Management and Information Management.

Industry: Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Founders: Hung Pham

Total Funding: $1.3M

Founded Date: 2016



EMDDI is a local ride-hailing management platform. It is a unified and integrated marketplace of transportation companies offering various services. Also, users can book various services like a motorbike, goods delivery, etc. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Industry: Ride Sharing, Taxi Service.

Founders: Tony Nguyen

Total Funding: $2M

Founded Date: 2016


25. BusMap

BusMap is an application for intra-city travel through the bus. BusMap considers knowledge and core technologies as the main values for a sustainable development to bring out a string of all-round solutions, not only for Vietnamese government and enterprises but also for cooperation with global organizations. 

Industry: Travel, Transportation.

Founders: Le Yen Thanh.

Total Funding: $2M

Founded Date: 2019


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