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Top 25 Startups to Watch in Georgia

At the crossroads of  Middle East, Asia and Europe, the country of Georgia is a strategic business location ideal for international partnerships, and is developing quickly under new leadership. Georgia is a rapidly developing player in the global tech space, investing heavily in its innovations and technology advancement. The former Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze was instrumental in pushing for the country to become a major player in the global startup community. One of the biggest advantages to Georgia from an enterprise perspective is the ease of doing business. Entrepreneurs in Georgia can get an application to start operating their business in a single day. Additionally, the cost associated with running a business, including low cost of labour relative to other countries, makes Georgia an attractive place to do business.

The startup ecosystem of Georgia is being actively formed for the last decade. During this time, many support programs have been launched and are being implemented in the country, which helps young entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas, launch projects and attract financing for them.

List of Top 25 Startups to watch in Georgia

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1. OptioAI

 OptioAI is a personal finance assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence. OptioAI interacts with users in the form of chat bot. It gathers information from users, gets the data from users bank, analyses  goals, plans budgets, monitors users income and spending, makes necessary adjustments in the budget lines based on real-time data and helps users to maintain healthy finances. 

Industry: Fin-Tech

Founders: Giorgi Mirzikashvili, Shota Giorgobiani

Total Funding: $116.2K

Founded Date: 2016




2. BitSport

 BitSport was founded in 2017 by Charles Adenuoye and Victor Ogunshina. BitSport is one of the first ever Peer to Peer Blockchain driven competitive E-Sports platform opening up several monetization avenues for Gamers and E-Sports in a competitive, decentralized fashion. BitSport is bringing new economy to light, unlocking a new age of incentivized gaming.

Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Sports.

Founders: Charles Adenuoye, Victor Ogunshina.

Total Funding: $85K

Founded Date: 2017




3. Cargon

Cargon was founded in 2016 by Vano Chaladze. Cargon is an innovative online freight forwarding solution, which seamlessly connects shippers to carriers. With a simple press on a button users can ship loads with a competitive upfront pricing and track loads in real-time.

Industry: Transportation, Freight Service.

Founders: Vano Chaladze

Total Funding: $770K

Founded Date: 2016




4. STYX 

STYX is a tech-enabled logistics company that instantly connects shippers with carriers via mobile app and SaaS platform. Its mission is to create simplicity from the current chaotic state of logistics in Georgia and eventually the global logistics ecosystem. STYX was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Industry: Logistics, SaaS

Founders: Aleksandre Kuridze, Lasha Gorgoshidze.

Total Funding: $330K

Founded Date: 2016




5. Egeekowl

Egeekowl is a digital media company that specializes in the fields of social media marketing and advertising. It creates captivating and relevant content and pushes it out through their channels. The company was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Industry: Advertising, Digital Media.

Founders: Nina Ross

Total Funding: $1.2M

Founded Date: 2015





CityPay is a digital currency payment solution for businesses, allowing them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. As the Blockchain system is more and more appreciated in the developed world, many businesses are affiliated with the option to pay with digital currencies for their websites because of their various advantages. 

Industry: Blockchain, Crytocurrency.

Founders: Beka Kemertelidze, Eralp Hatipoglu

Total Funding: $130K

Founded Date: 2020




7. Stack

 Stack was founded in 2019 by George Laliashvili.  Stack is an Internet launchpad that increases the efficiency of working with the web. In 2021 Stack is set to become a collaboration browser for small companies and teams who mainly depend on web-based tools throughout their workday. 

Industry: SaaS

Founders: George Lalishvili

Total Funding: $85K

Founded Date: 2019





 VINX Coin is the world’s first decentralized fine French wine and vineyard backed Security Token Offering (STO) where anyone can be a fine French wine and vineyard owner from the comfort of their home. VINX removes high costs to enter the fine French wine and vineyard ownership markets. Using blockchain and fine wine and vineyard investment fund technologies, VINX brings never-seen-before transparency to fractional wine and vineyard ownership.

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Winery

Founders: Erick Sabelskjold

Founded Date: 2020




9. Kvalifika

Kvalifika is an enterprise-grade identity verification software with seamless Integration in minutes to verify customers within seconds. Its tools help companies to easily identify and verify clients remotely by using cutting-edge technology. Authentication is seamless and does not require sophisticated hardware such as infrared cameras.

Industry: Information Technology.

Founders: Gabriel Meliva.

Founded Date: 2019




10. Echolize 

 Echolize was founded in 2018 by Ladi Gabunia. Echolize connects brands and influencers for creative advertising campaigns, helping them to manage, measure and track its progress with real time analytical tools. Echolize is an influencer marketing platform.

Industry: SaaS, Marketing.

Founders: Ladi Gabunia

Founded Date: 2018




11. Bank of Memories 

Bank of Memories – a PaaS-platform which allows users  to store and encrypt information, and send it by inheritance only for certain users. Bank of Memories is a service that works on Blockchain technology, and is designed by basing on the principle of storage and transmission technology. 

Industry: Blockchain. SaaS, Argumented Reality.

Founders: Andrii Bulavinov, Andrii Melanchyk, Dmytro Kuznets.

Total Funding: $50K

Founded Date: 2019




12. Atrion Systems 

Atrion Systems  creates cloud-based software that enables any organization in the international development industry to successfully launch, manage, and close a development project. Its cloud-based solutions reduce the time, costs, and resources it takes to successfully implement international aid projects.

Industry: Information Technology, Software.

Founders: Valeri Tkeshelashvili

Total Funding: $32K

Founded Date: 2019




13. Clphub

ClpHub is a global provider of cloud-based insurance solutions designed for all size insurance companies. Clphub provides  them with complete policy, claims, accounts, invoices, tasks management systems. Its SaaS platform delivers incredible flexibility for managing business processes and simplifies the communication channels to end customers.

Industry: Insurance, SaaS,

Founders: Gary Epranosyan, Irakli Charlkhalashvili

Total Funding: $45K

Founded Date: 2017




14. CryptX

CryptX was founded in 2019 by Joseph Bolkvadze. It  provides enterprise custodial services with institutional-grade security. It is the simplest yet most secure way to accept, store, and manage diverse crypto assets. CrptX also provides Crypto Wallet with institutional grade security. 

Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.

Founders: Joseph Bolkvadze

Founded Date: 2019




15. MaxinAI 

MaxinAI was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. MaxinAI offers consulting services to clients focusing on AI, machine learning, big data analysis, and distributed computing. It is dedicated to helping  clients realize great ideas and deliver successful AI products to the market.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data.

Founders: David Khosroshvili, Giorgi Jvaridze, loseb Khutsishvili

Founded Date: 2017




16. CryptX Terminal 

CryptX Terminal is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides an all-in-one solution for not only managing multiple wallets and exchanges, but also to develop trading strategies with smart bots and back-testing capabilities. The platform supports API links to 10 different exchanges, with current and historical data on thousands of coins and tokens.

Industry: Crytocurrency, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Joseph Bolkvadze. 

Founded Date: 2021




17. Topishare 

Topishare is a platform where anyone can create their own customized social space and embed it on their site or app – with the click of a button. Its vision is to be an all-in-one communication platform for individuals, business, organizations, media and communities, customized to their needs and embedded in their own websites and apps.

Industry: Social Media, Software.

Founders: Hila Peled, Rotem Peled, Yair Peled.

Total Funding: $500K

Founded Date: 2014




18. TKT.GE

TKT.GE was founded in 2015 by Levan Kiladze. It is an online ticketing platform that allows users to buy tickets online in advance and get to the desired event easily. TKT.GE helps customers to book tickets online, anywhere and anytime. It is a very useful application for users. 

Industry: Ticketing.

Founders: Levan Kiladze.

Total Funding: $401.2K

Founded Date: 2015 




19. Noxtton 

Noxtton is the first Georgian multi-dimensional tech and consulting company, whose primary target market is an international domain. The focus of Noxtton generalizes on the business corporations, governmental and non-governmental sectors and start-ups. 

Industry: Big Data, Cyber Security, Software.

Founders: George Javakhidze, Luka Kobalia, Givi Chkhartishvili.

Founded Date: 2016




20. Donna 

 Donna is a first ever drive through application  for any restaurant and store. Customer place order using Donna app and goes to restaurant, restaurant knows where the customer is using its back-end application, when customer arrives he stops the car near the restaurant, restaurant staff meets him at the road and gives purchased food directly in the car. 

Industry: Mobile Apps, Big Data.

Founders: Archil Varshanidze, Guram Varshanidze, Nika Abashidze.

Founded Date: 2017




21. LockSpot 

LockSpot was founded in 2018 by Luka Jajanidze and Nikoloz Tsakadze. LockSpot is a platform for luggage storage systems. This application revolutionizes the global luggage storage system. LockSpot helps customers to save time, money, energy and human resources.

Industry: Internet, Big Data.

Founders: Luka Jajanidze, Nikoloz Tsakadze.

Founded Date: 2018




22. QuickCash AI

 QuickCash Platform is an AI algorithm based credit scoring & loan underwriting platform for Small Businesses. It  is an AI Algorithm based SaaS Decision Engine for SME credit scoring, business analytics and risk management. QuickCash AI performs automated scoring and underwriting in 5 minutes, and defines the  applicable working capital for SME. 

Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Fin-Tech, Software.

Founders: Mariam Rusishvili

Founded Date: 2016




23. Redberry 

 Redberry is a digital transformation agency and startup studio. It  is a combination of a software development powerhouse and a creative growth agency. They  grow businesses by transforming consumer journeys through designing & developing digital products, growth marketing and creating powerful brands. 

Industry: Consulting, Marketing.

Founders: Gaga Darsalia

Founded Date: 2014




24. PAYZE 

PAYZE is a tech-enabled API based payment gateway which instantly onboards online merchants and provides online marketplaces capability to define any number of relevant split schemes. PAYZE provides an environment for online marketplaces to define payment split schemes once and never again worry about additional accounting or risks with taxes. 

Industry: E-Commerce, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Giorgi Tsurtsumia

Founded Date: 2019




25. CARU 

CARU was established in 2018 by Nika Abashidze. CARU is a car service platform that helps customers to fix their cars at cheaper rates. Customer books the time, one of its service managers arrives and takes the car, fixes everything that customers asked and drives it back to them.

Industry: E-Commerce, Automobile.

Founders: Nika Abashidze

Founded Date: 2018

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