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Top 25 Startups to Watch in Cambodia


Over the last decade, Cambodia’s digital startup ecosystem has developed into a vibrant and dynamic space. Cambodia’s economy has sustained an average real growth rate of 7.7% between 1998 and 2021, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Cambodia has a spirited market to enable a significant digital economy of tech-driven products and services. Cambodia’s startup scene is leading towards a more diverse and digitally focused entrepreneurship, particularly in the tech industry. Giant corporations and companies are taking notice of the steady growth of Cambodia’s tech startups.

Cambodia has positive market conditions for foreign investment and government support for the tech startup ecosystem. Capital flows are significantly less restricted than neighboring ASEAN markets coupled with aspects that improve ease of doing business, such as registration and immigration. A foreign national can move to Cambodia, register their tech business, and wholly own their company in a matter of weeks, making it an attractive destination for tech entrepreneurs. 

List of Top 25 Startups to Watch in Cambodia

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1. Clik

Clik was founded in 2016 by Darren Jensen , Mathew Tippetts and Skye Cornell. It is a unified digital payment platform. By combining Fin-Tech and Reg-Tech, Clik enhances revenues for merchants and financial institutions by fast tracking their journeys to digitalization. Rapidly scalable services drive network effects while lowering customer acquisition costs.

Industry: Fin-Tech

Founders: Darren Jensen, Mathew Tippetts, Skye Cornell.

Total Funding: $3.9M

Founded Date: 2016



2. Digicro

Digicro offers micro loans ranging from $50 to $1,000 to the unbanked people through our app “Spean Loan” in Cambodia. Digicro applies machine learning to leverage big data gained from customers’ smartphones that enables them to borrow money anytime, anywhere. Customers can receive loans instantly without paperwork, collateral or office visits.

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Yuta Nagano

Total Funding: $300K

Founded Date: 2018



3. Camboticket

 CamboTicket is the largest travel platform in Cambodia. ​ was started with the objective of making online bus ticket bookings easy and accessible to users at transparent prices backed by best seats guarantee and efficient customer support. Camboticket aims to provide a real time online bus ticket booking experience with stringent privacy controls and efficient customer support.

Industry: Travel, E-Commerce.

Founders: Rahul Anand, Shivam Tripathi

Total Funding: $100K

Founded Date: 2015



4. Somleng

Somleng is an open-source cloud communications platform, It’s made up of several open source applications which, when used together, provide the necessary functionality and APIs to build powerful voice and SMS applications. Somleng aims to break down the economic and accessibility barriers to build telephony applications.

Industry: Cloud Management, Information Technology.

Founders: David Wilkei, Samnang Chhun.

Total Funding: $122K

Founded Date: 2016



5. BookMeBus

BookMeBus offers a user-friendly and reliable online service for booking Bus, Taxi and Ferry tickets within Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. With a partnership with over 60 transport operators, and covering more than 300 routes, it has grown to be the largest online booking platform in Cambodia. BookMeBus vision is to build and grow an ecosystem around transportation in Cambodia and beyond.

Industry: Transportation, Mobility.

Founders: Langda CHEA

Total Funding: $15K

Founded Date: 2015



6. ShopRunBack

ShopRunBack transforms the headache of international returns management into competitive advantage for retailers selling online. ShopRunBack aims to completely reinvent the way you return your online products in local and cross-border trades.

Industry: E-Commerce, Internet of Things.

Founders: Eddy Richauvet, Florian Loudillay.

Total Funding: $900K

Founded Date: 2014



7. Spean Luy

Spean Luy was founded in 2016. It allows borrowers to apply for a small loan from $50 to $1000 in ten minutes without paperwork  and without the need to visit a physical branch. Spean Luy aims to provide microloans to the unbanked people in Cambodia. The Company has plans to expand across Asia.

Industry: Fin-Tech, Financial Services.

Founders: Yuta Nagano

Total Funding: $300K

Founded Date: 2016



8. Beebush

Beebush is a platform  where users can interact with one another from one corner of the world to another. Beebush is  designed to enable its  users to engage in the way that’s most meaningful to them and to enjoy the buzz of the world in a tailored and unique way. 

Industry: Social Media

Founders: Santhana Chann

Total Funding: $1M

Founded Date: 2018



9. ATEC Biodigesters

 Founded in 2016, ATEC Biodigesters is an Australian-Cambodian social enterprise that produces small-scale biodigester systems for rural Cambodian households. It provides sustainable, affordable and accessible clean cooking products for all Base of Pyramid households. ATEC’s goal is to be the global leader in clean cooking by 2030 through disruptive technology.

Industry: Renewable Energy, Organic Food.

Founders: Ben Jeffreys

Total Funding: $2.3M

Founded Date: 2016



10. YouAdMe

YouAdMe is the 21st Century self-serve Word-of-Mouth Marketing Solution that instantly connects brands to thousands of consumers and content creators who can help multiply positive sentiment and brand awareness through their social networks.

Industry: Advertising

Founders: Bernard Teo

Total Funding: $800K

Founded Date: 2017



11. Pi Pay

Pi Pay is the most innovative and complete cashless payment platform in Cambodia – built around a consumer-facing app that incorporates merchant payment services with a range of social and lifestyle features including Chat, Maps and Friend Finder, and a growing network of retail partners in Cambodia. 

Industry: Financial Services

Founders: Tommy Lim, Tomas Pokorny.

Founded Date: 2016



12. BanhJi

BanhJi is the award-winning inclusive FinTech startup providing MSMEs’ financial platform and applications that are fully connected with the payment and financing ecosystem to enable smart decisions, inclusive access to financial services, and innovative access to working capital financing.

Industry: Accounting, Enterprise Software.

Founders: Chankiriroth Sim

Total Funding: $18.5K

Founded Date: 2016



13. Morakot Technologies

Morakot Technologies is a software company that focuses on the financial system for microfinance institutions, cooperative, leasing companies, and small to medium banks. It provides computer software that utilizes in customer management, teller function, and reporting tool.

Industry: Banking, Finance.

Founders: Buntha Ly, Sophorth Khuon

Founded Date: 2014



14. Sousdey

 Founded in 2017, Sousdey  provides chat-based marketing solutions. It offers Sousdey Messenger, which is a Facebook Messenger-based marketing chatbot. It helps to collect prospects, profile customers, broadcast messages, reply automatically, and analyze returns. The product is available on a subscription basis. Sousdey  also provides services for customized chatbot development.

Industry: Marketing, Advertising.

Founders: Djibril Cisse

Founded Date: 2017



15. Khmerhome

 Khmerhome was founded in 2017 by Mean In, Vichea In and Visal In. It is the first web portal for real estate in Cambodia. Khmerhome  offers a complete SaaS platform for local real estate agencies to connect with their customers, manage their inventories and their online presence.

Industry: Real Estate, Classifieds.

Founders: Mean In, Vichea In, Visal In.

Founded Date: 2017



16. Agribuddy

The Agribuddy platform helps remote farmers get the highest productivity and efficiency from there farms. The platform provides a variety of knowledge and tools from information on crop care through to market intelligence and updates on the latest agriculture technologies.

Industry: Agriculture

Founders: Kengo Kitaura

Total Funding: $730K

Founded Date: 2015



17. Guiding Cambodia

Guiding Cambodia is the leading, fast growing tour operator based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Established in 2017, Guiding Cambodia is 100% locally run by a small group of enthusiastic young Cambodians fulfilling long-years tourism & hospitality experience in terms of providing service quality and satisfaction in the tourism sector.

Industry: Travel

Founders: Vireak Sot

Founded Date: 2017



18. Karprak

Karprak is Cambodia’s first online P2P lending platform, designed to facilitate low cost loans for borrowers while increasing the return and managing risk for the lenders. Karprak combines traditional lending practices with social networking to create the platform where borrowers and lenders transact. Borrowers benefit from lower rates and lenders get higher returns with optimized risk.

Industry: Fin-Tech

Founders: Cedric Kang

Total Funding: $100K

Founded Date: 2016



19. Sakam

Sakam was founded in 2018 by Pierre Marie Riviere. It is a marketplace for microfinance shared between banks. Microfinance matchmaking marketplace Sakam is a platform for financial inclusion working with leading Cambodian MFIs incl. AMK, Amret, Ly Hour, First Finance, Chamroeun.

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Pierre Marie Riviere

Total Funding: $200K

Founded Date: 2018



20. Delicio App

Delicio App is an e-commerce platform that was founded in 2018 by Socheat Li. Delicio aims to bring all types of stores online from products to services and let end customers easily find those products and services in one platform. 

Industry: E-Commerce, Marketplace.

Founders: Socheat Li

Total Funding: $147.8K

Founded Date: 2018



21. PottBid

PottBid was founded in 2020 by David Sroeurng. It is the largest  mobile commerce providing online auction and marketplace. Users can buy or sell their products at best prices through bidding. PottBid is available in Android and iOS devices. The users can enjoy online shopping anywhere and anytime in just a smart phone.

Industry: E-Commerce, Auction

Founders: David Sroeurng

Total Funding: $55K

Founded Date: 2020



22. Token House

Token House is an application that creates warm living places around the world. They plan to develop a shared house with unique points around the world. It also creates a mechanism that can secure the food, clothing, and shelter needed to live only with tokens distributed by community participation and tokens bought from members.

Industry: Internet

Founders: Hirao Kengo, Ueki Daisuke

Total Funding: $53K

Founded Date: 2015



23. Jalat Logistics

A Phnom Penh based logistic startup using AI and ML to optimize first and last-mile delivery. Jalat Logistics provides the most competitive half-day delivery price in Phnom Penh and end to end convenience for both parcel senders and recipients.  

Industry: Logistics, Artificial Intelligence.

Founders: Sou Sethey, Sou Srephoung, Ung Lylay.

Founded Date: 2020 



24. YAK Khmer

Yak Khmer was founded in 2017. It is a leading company that provides online content in Cambodia. They focus on providing more content in the future for the benefit and joy of Cambodians. Yak Khmer vision is to be the leading content provider company in Cambodia with regional and global expansion.

Industry: Information Technology

Founders: James Vanna

Total Funding: $200K

Founded Date: 2017



25. Abike

Abike is a bike sharing platform. It was founded in 2018 by Phun Oudum. Users simply scan the QR code on a bicycle to start their ride and, with each bike carrying a GPS chip, they can be left anywhere when finished. It can get to places that subways, buses and cars can’t — that makes the service more reasonable than any location services today.

Industry: Mobility, Internet.

Founders: Phun Oudum

Founded Date: 2018


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