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TeamWave Spotlight: Veritas Vision

Veritas Vision Social Initiative is a social enterprise that brings premium quality life-changing products to low-income people and communities in Nigeria to help them save money, save time and improve the quality of their lives. We sell products like Adjustable Focus Glasses, Improved Biomass Cookstoves, and Solar Lanterns, and we offer flexible payment plans and after-sales services. Read on to learn more about their story, as told via founder CEO Andrew Amedu

What is your focus area? How did your business start?

[AA] Our Focus area is Urban slums and Rural settlements in Nigeria. I always strongly believed in the power of social entrepreneurship and sustainable innovations to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges in the developing world, particularly in my country Nigeria where over 70% of the population live in universally unacceptable conditions, but I didn’t know where to start.

Andrew Amedu
Andrew, Founder & CEO

In 2016, while discussing with one of my professors, I came across a highly impactful and affordable sustainable innovation: The FocusSpecs Adjustable Glasses. This opened his eyes to other sustainable technological innovations out there that cannot get to the hands of those that need them most to improve the qualities of their lives.

That is how I decided to set up a social distribution network of micro-entrepreneurs, we call “Visioneers”, to bring these life-changing products to the doorsteps of low-income people and communities and offering them flexible payment plans and after-sales servicing to ensure access and affordability.

How do you promote/market your business?

[AA]  We use below-the-line marketing, Public demonstrations, Influencers, Word of mouth, and Flyers.

What is the smallest change you’ve made that had the biggest impact?
[AA]  Deciding to professionalize our local Visioneer workforce was impactful. This helped increase our conversion rate, and I observe significant personal growth in them month over month.

What are your company goals and objectives over the next 2-3 years?

[AA]  To improve the lives of 1 Million Nigerians within 3 years.

TeamWave is simple and very user-friendly. It has mostly helped us track task deliverables and has improved accountability in our team.

Andrew Amedu [Founder & CEO]
What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

[AA]  Assuming you have a good product or service, firstly, you must start by going niche and totally understanding your customers – what drives them, their aspirations, their buying decision process. And secondly, focus; pick two or three goals to focus on every quarter and do not stray.

A team of micro-entrepreneurs – Visioneers

Why did you pick TeamWave? How does TeamWave help your company?

[AA]  TeamWave is simple and very user-friendly. TeamWave has mostly helped us track task deliverables. We use it with Google Drive and it has been seamless. I also appreciate the automatic check-ins, it has improved accountability in our team.



Founder & CEO: Andrew Amedu
Founded: 2017
HQ: Victoria Island, Lagos
Industry: Social Entrepreneurship

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