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TeamWave Spotlight: BAT Ventures

BAT Ventures is a Singapore based investment and acceleration service provider, founded in 2015. Backed by a team with a proven track record, to urban–tech companies in the most promising emerging markets in the world, it focuses on Venture Services, Portfolio Acceleration and Market Expansion and has expanded their network to Canada, Middle East and other South Asian countries.
Their portfolio companies include Nata Property, SellPlay, GDI Lab, Kolla Space, Mashkraft and Kek TV.

Boye Hartmann Profile“We noticed that most developing market startups struggle after incubation, hence we tried to formulate a systematic intervention that can boost startup portfolio performance”, says Boye Hartmann, Founder CEO, “which shapes up to be the range of services that BAT Ventures is offering right now”.

BAT Ventures is actively involved in numerous activities within the ecosystem and have strategic partners globally. As a way of sharing their projects and updates, they utilize marketing automation platform and engage in social media for their company’s marketing.

When asked about the smallest change that had the biggest impact, “Getting our team to connect better” says, Aldia Riztiane, a venture Builder at BAT Ventures. “Communication is the key to success and we have started getting better at communicating. We are doing bi-weekly team meetings to have a more constant flow of conversations going on”

“We have tried other software in the past, but feel that TeamWave is the most comprehensive – It doesn’t matter where the team is located; we can distribute our tasks and activities to keep each other updated easily via TeamWave”

Boye Hartmann [CEO]

Boye also says, “I believe that passion is the most important thing to have in order to succeed. It is not the idea that drives the success of the company, it is the passion of the founder and the team. Young Entrepreneurs need to find something that they are passionate about and a business idea that can succeed”.

“The biggest challenge for us would be to keep track and manage what everyone is doing since all of us are spread out in different locations, even different time zone. We have tried other software in the past, but feel that TeamWave is the most comprehensive” says Boye. “ It helps us solve the problem we were having, so it doesn’t matter where the team is located, we can distribute our tasks and keep each other updated easily through TeamWave.”

Founder CEO: Boye Hartmann
Founded: 2015
HQ: Singapore
Industry: Investment

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