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Call Your Customers Seamlessly from TeamWave with the Help of JustCall Integration

Aren’t you tired of making manual notes in your CRM for all the important calls you make a day? What if you miss out on a few important points which will be crucial for your next meeting with the client? That’s definitely gonna be a huge loss for your business, right!! Now, what if we said that you could organize all the call and text data within your TeamWave CRM with ease and help you boost your productivity? 

For sales teams, the majority of their conversations with clients happen through the phone. Thus they need to have a robust phone integration with the CRM so that the sales rep can make calls with ease without leaving TeamWave. 

Therefore, we present to you TeamWave – JustCall phone Integration, where the users can directly make phone calls with their customers from TeamWave by using the JustCall phone integration.

JustCall is an ‘anytime, anywhere, any device’ cloud phone system for your sales and support teams. Through JustCall, it just takes a few seconds to get phone numbers in 70 countries and start making or receiving calls.

What are the benefits of TeamWave – Just Call Phone Integration?

Now the TeamWave users can connect seamlessly with their customers and prospects with the help of JustCall Phone Integration. You get to leverage all the plus points of our powerful CRM along with a robust phone system. The benefits of this integration are:

Your data is synchronized at one place

TeamWave-JustCall integration lets you call and text your contacts with ease. Thus, there is no need to leave TeamWave to make a call. You can find the text and call icons in your contact details. Thus, helping you connect right from the CRM, just with a click. This helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of you as well as your team, as you can handle all the tasks from one place.

Text and Call Icons are visible in your contact details
Text and Call Icons are visible in your contact details

Tracks all the calling and texting activities thus helping you win more deals.

Now you can find all the customer-related information in one place. At the TeamWave’s  Activities section, the JustCall phone integration creates a call activity for the calls & notes for the text messages against the respective contact. This allows your Sales Team to stay updated about their customer details and stay prepared for an upcoming client meeting.

Helps to provide personalized care to your customers.

When all your customer calls and texts are synced in TeamWave, you and your team stay updated about the progress of a deal. Then, all the relevant customer information will be visible here. Thus helping you to plan the meetings faster, make informed decisions and provide personalised solutions to your customers.

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level using TeamWave JustCall Integration?

If you are using the TeamWave CRM, then integrate your CRM with JustCall in just a few clicks. Thus, boost employee productivity, provide quality service to your customers and thus increase your profits and sales of your business.

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