TeamWave CRM: Simple, Interactive and Visual Sales Pipeline Tool

TeamWave CRM is designed to help your sales team achieve better results with less effort. It allows your sales reps to rapidly push for closures, by providing data-driven insights to help them identify and work on viable opportunities.

Here’s a look at key features of TeamWave CRM:

Visual sales pipeline that helps your team to sell more

Keeping prospects engaged and preventing deals from turning cold is the key to sales success. A visual sales pipeline helps in tracking deals as they progress through various stages of the sales process, which is great for identifying deals that need immediate attention, or looking-up prospects who need to be re-engaged through an email campaign.


The pipeline view allows reps to plan relevant and timely sales activity for deals which they are handling. It also serves as a strategic tool which helps in evaluating the overall health of the sales process. For instance, it helps in estimating sales revenue for the current month or quarter, so you can plan a demand generation campaign in case the estimates are falling below the target.

Less searching / look-up means more time for sales

Sales people typically require 15-30 minutes of prep time for each call or meeting, so they can determine the current state of negotiations with a prospect. Pre-call preparation is a time consuming activity, as it requires going through lengthy email threads and scattered notes.

TeamWave CRM provides a consolidated view of interaction logs, notes and documents associated with a deal. So, sales reps can get ready for a call in under five minutes, or quickly collect key information about a deal when writing a proposal.

Log all email interactions directly from the mailbox

Back and forth exchange of emails with prospects is a way of life for most sales reps. However email conversations easily go out of hand, which makes it difficult to pull out an important piece of info when you need it the most.

With TeamWave CRM you can easily associate an email with a deal, just by BCCing it to a unique email address like This helps in creating a chronological log of important email interactions for each deal, so information is always at hand when you need it.

TeamWave CRM is a quick-starter tool designed with a zero learning curve, so your sales team can start selling right away.

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