You are currently viewing TeamWave App for Android & iOS gets a big update: Here are the top new features

TeamWave App for Android & iOS gets a big update: Here are the top new features

TeamWave ’s mobile app, which you already love, is now even better. The new features added are guaranteed to increase your productivity while you’re on the move, from sizeable updates to easily handling client information.

In-App Links:

Launch TeamWave app instantly from any TeamWave link received via email, messages, notes or anywhere. Both iOS and Android devices support this fantastic time-saving function.

Mail View:

You may now access Mail directly from the mobile app, making it simple to stay accessible while on the go. Access all the data you require, including contacts and deal details, immediately from the mobile app.

No need to switch between apps!

Push Notifications

Your preferences for in-app notifications will determine how often you receive mobile push alerts.

You can keep up with the most recent developments in your transactions, activities, CRM tasks, projects, and tasks by turning on push notifications.

TeamWave Mobile App: In-app link
TeamWave Mobile App: CRM Products

 TeamWave CRM Products

You can browse and change product details while on the move using TeamWave’s “Products” function, which is now available in the mobile app.  Directly from the mobile app, you may view, add, and delete prices and variant options.

A product can also be attached directly from this mobile app’s deals page.

Task Board

The Project dashboard from TeamWave is now accessible through our mobile app. Move tasks quickly from one column to another, check the list of activities, finish them, and work with teammates.

Work anywhere, at any time.

Activities & Calendar View

You can keep track of all the activities that are scheduled for your company using TeamWave’s activities page. Additionally, you may sort through the list by assignee, activity type, and due date.

An hourly view of the user’s scheduled activities is provided through the calendar view.

Available on:

Android & Apple smartphones and tablet devices.

Enable sales, marketing and customer service teams to access and manage key information in real-time, wherever you are!

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