Email Closing Lines that Get Response from Prospects

Sales persons go to great extent to grab the attention of prospects – personalize emails, mention references, show social proof, give freebies, etc. In order to address all of these, importance of email subject lines and opening lines have been discussed to the nth degree. While we spend considerable amount of time on fine-tuning subject lines and opening […]

How to Handle Sales Objections?

Sales objections are actually good for any sales representative. When a prospect raises an objection, it means that the person has considered your offering and found out couple of issues before going ahead with the deal. As a sales person it is your job to understand the objection, resolve the issue and convey the value […]

How to Boost Sales by Tapping into Pokémon Go Frenzy

Pokémon Go has set new records and has disrupted big names in the app world. Here is what it has achieved within one week of its launch: installation number is double than that of Tinder user engagement rate is twice of Snapchat on verge of surpassing Twitter in terms of daily active user percentage For […]

The Ultimate list of Email Subject Lines: 80 Formulas to Increase Email Open Rate

Emails marketing is something which is used by almost any kind of business – right from freelancers, local dentists to established MNCs. With time it has become very difficult to actually get the emails read, especially when every other business, family and friends are bombarding people with emails. Now let’s just remind ourselves that whenever we send an email, the very first […]

15 Videos You Must Show to Your Sales Force

We all sometimes hit a roadblock or get into complex problems in our work. Our usual way of thinking doesn’t give any solution and the only thing that can drive us towards out of the box thinking is some hard-hitting wisdom. Videos are indeed great for consuming new ideas and they leave lasting mark in our mind. In this post we have […]

50 Amazing Sales Prospecting Stats That Will Improve The Way You Sale

Sales is lifeline of any company and needless to say that sales reps play the crucial role of bringing in cash flow by acquiring new business deals. They act as the interface between the company and the buyer till the deal is not closed. One of the most important and initial step in sales is prospecting […]

All You Need to Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Back in 2015, Facebook launched Leads Ads and this is a win-win situation for both Facebook and the advertisers. One of the primary concerns for Facebook Ads is to provide a seamless user experience. When someone clicks on an ad in Facebook, the external link loading might get delayed and the ads also take users out of […]