New and Improved Project Management – August 2018

TeamWave’s ‘Project Management’ app has helped more than 2,500 teams to collaborate, stay organised and get things done. Our latest release has a ton of new time-saving features which will streamline your work and provide you with useful, realtime insights. We are excited to ship these features and are certain you are going to love them.

Bulk Edit: A better way of managing multiple tasks

Instead of editing tasks individually, you can now update details of multiple tasks at once  with bulk edit. Bulk edit will help you re-assign tasks, Change due dates, log time and much more in few simple steps. Learn more


Project Status

Every project manager wants to know if a project is on-track, slightly delayed or critical. At TeamWave, our long-term vision is to help small businesses to track performance and take better decisions with the help of machine learning. We’ve taken baby steps in that direction with “Project Status”.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.26.41 PM

Project Insights

Get detailed insights about any project with just a flip!


Project Reports

Reports in Projects are organised to give you detailed information of each project and team member. ‘Reports’ comes with a List view for cut-down details and Graph view for easy graphical information. You can also easily filter them by different metrics and export. Learn more

All Tasks

All Tasks in Projects is re-engineered as we strive to make this page as one stop solution for all manager level users to manage and co-ordinate with everyone’s work. Click on All tasks in navigation bar of Projects to check this out.

Add New Project

‘Add New Project’ is completely re-designed with a new work flow. This new structured workflow will help you easily navigate through all sections within and allow you add more details to a new project. Learn more


New Dashboard for Project Management

Dashboards in Projects will give you quick overview of all the active projects in your TeamWave account. You can not just manage their projects but can also keep an eye on activity across all projects in your organisation. It also comes with Top performing Projects and Team members.

Notification Preferences

We have introduced granular notification preferences for Projects, CRM and HRM. Now you can control TeamWave notifications of your account and chose how to get notified. Learn more

As you try our new updates, we would love to hear your suggestions/feedback from you. Drop us a message or an email at

Android – Project Management App Released

Collaborate on your Projects. Anytime. Anywhere.

We are excited to announce the release of TeamWave’s Project Management app for Android!
TeamWave Projects in Android app enables you to complete or assign work, Log your hours anytime and anywhere. More power to you!

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Manage Projects: Quickly look into your projects, tasks progress, start discussions and log time, right from your Android phone.

Get notified and Complete tasks on the go!

Now its easier to assign tasks to your team members and complete them from your app. You will also be notified of the tasks you are assigned to and new comments for the discussions you are following. That means less logging into your Web app and more productivity.

Log your hours anywhere.

It is also very easy to log your billable and non-billable hours for your tasks.

Of course, this is just the beginning. As usual, more updates on their way.
Get started by downloading your TeamWave app from Play Store.


Zapier Alternatives


Are you a small business that uses multiple SaaS apps to streamline processes? Zapier is definitely a useful tool to synchronise and integrate apps. The building block of Zapier starts with Zaps – conditional connection which is triggered when a certain event occurs.

In this post we’ll cover Top Ten Zapier alternatives:


If This Then That is a popular automation service for small tasks between Internet-connected services. The basic idea behind IFTTT is to automate everything from your favourite apps and websites to app-enabled accessories and smart devices. You could use IFTTT to automatically post on social media every time you publish a new post and switch on your smart lighting system as well. There are numerous combinations (recipes) on IFTTT that makes app connectivity easier. It currently supports more than 110 services (channels) including Android devices and Apple iOS apps like Reminders and Photos, along with websites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google and more. helps you create one-to-one integrations and multi-app workflows swiftly. For instance, you can create and send invoices automatically, track payment, send auto-reminders and initiate the post-purchase actions of an eCommerce transaction.The basic plan starts from $0 with 5 bots and 250 actions per month. Support for Gmail, Typeform, Facebook, Hubspot, Xero, Slack, Intercom, Trello, Twitter and more.


From posting on Trello boards automatically to getting daily Google Analytics reports in Slack, Integromat offers ready-to-use integrations for numerous use cases. Everything from social media and project management to customer support, marketing, sales and much more can benefit from these automation. The starter plan costs $0 with 100 MB data transfer and 1,000 operations.


Recently Forrester Research named Workato a leader in Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), and rightfully so. It uses a very simple and straightforward interface with drag and drop functionality, to help user connect applications easily with multi-step workflows. Currently it offers housands of pre-built integration flows between 75 most popular apps (Zendesk, Slack, Box, Marketo, Quickbase, Google Sheets, Docusign and more).


This Belgium-based startup PieSync offers a platform that connects a plethora of cloud applications and provides two-way real-time contact syncing in those apps. The basic plan starts from $5 per month with 1 connection and support for 1000 contacts. Currently it integrates 50+ apps including Shopify, Google Contacts, Office 365, Campaign Monitor, Intercom, MailChimp and more.


It synchronises and transforms data between multiple cloud apps and legacy applications. Its IPAAS offering  specializes in system integration. Data can be mapped and transformed in near real time between multiple applications enabling businesses to take advantage of real time decision making. The starter plan comes with $25.00 per month with 900 transactions and 2.5 GB data. Connections include applications like SAP ERP, Megento, WooCommerce, MailChimp, Open Office, Quickbooks, BigCommerce and much more.


OnceSaas connects business apps like Quickbooks, Xero, FreshBooks, BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, Eventbrite etc. Spread of integration covers accounting, ecommerce, billing & invoicing, CRM, fulfillment, inventory management and email marketing. The basic plan starts with $29 per month for 300 transactions offering 1 accounting app, 2 ecommerce/billing & invoicing apps and 1 fulfillment app.

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow focused on integrations with Microsoft’s own business tools, like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, PowerApps, and Yammer, as well as those that are used in organizations, like MailChip, GitHub, Salesforce, Slack, and others. It can used in common scenarios like getting a text message whenever your team lead emails you, saving the results of a Twitter search to an Excel file, copying files from OneDrive to SharePoint and more. While the Android app is still work in progress, the iOS app has already been rolled out.

It offers Infrastructure Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to integrate apps and automate multi-step workflows. Within this solution there are two offerings – flow express for business users and flow enterprise for technical teams. The subscription starts with $29 per month and integrates services like Salesforce and Marketo.


Skyvia offers wizard-based data integration and synchronisation services spanning across apps like Amazon RDS, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MySQL, Salesforce, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Shopify, Magento and more. The starter plan comes free of cost with support for 5k records, 100k CSV import/export and once per day scheduling.

An alternative for automation tools like Zapier:
If you don’t like using third-party automation/integration tools, you should consider using a fully-integrated business software suite like TeamWave

TeamWave – CRM, Project Management and HR software with Native Integration

TeamWave is a unified platform for sales, project management and HR with seamless native integration. Here are some of the benefits:

Sales and Projects: Important files can be copied from deals to projects (example: requirement document) with a few clicks. Comes in handy when you commence project delivery after winning a deal.

Projects and HR: Project admin can keep track of the performance of the employees along with appreciation received from clients and log them as private notes in the HR app. During appraisal these notes can be reviewed for better decision making.

Sales and HR: In the HR app, if you add someone as the reporting manager of a sales rep, then the reporting manager will be automatically added as a deal follower whenever the sales rep adds a new deal. This fosters collaboration and helps in progress tracking.

TeamWave - CRM Projects HR