New and Improved Project Management – August 2018

TeamWave’s ‘Project Management’ app has helped more than 2,500 teams to collaborate, stay organised and get things done. Our latest release has a ton of new time-saving features which will streamline your work and provide you with useful, realtime insights. We are excited to ship these features and are certain you are going to love them.

Bulk Edit: A better way of managing multiple tasks

Instead of editing tasks individually, you can now update details of multiple tasks at once  with bulk edit. Bulk edit will help you re-assign tasks, Change due dates, log time and much more in few simple steps. Learn more


Project Status

Every project manager wants to know if a project is on-track, slightly delayed or critical. At TeamWave, our long-term vision is to help small businesses to track performance and take better decisions with the help of machine learning. We’ve taken baby steps in that direction with “Project Status”.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.26.41 PM

Project Insights

Get detailed insights about any project with just a flip!


Project Reports

Reports in Projects are organised to give you detailed information of each project and team member. ‘Reports’ comes with a List view for cut-down details and Graph view for easy graphical information. You can also easily filter them by different metrics and export. Learn more

All Tasks

All Tasks in Projects is re-engineered as we strive to make this page as one stop solution for all manager level users to manage and co-ordinate with everyone’s work. Click on All tasks in navigation bar of Projects to check this out.

Add New Project

‘Add New Project’ is completely re-designed with a new work flow. This new structured workflow will help you easily navigate through all sections within and allow you add more details to a new project. Learn more


New Dashboard for Project Management

Dashboards in Projects will give you quick overview of all the active projects in your TeamWave account. You can not just manage their projects but can also keep an eye on activity across all projects in your organisation. It also comes with Top performing Projects and Team members.

Notification Preferences

We have introduced granular notification preferences for Projects, CRM and HRM. Now you can control TeamWave notifications of your account and chose how to get notified. Learn more

As you try our new updates, we would love to hear your suggestions/feedback from you. Drop us a message or an email at

See what’s new in TeamWave – January 2018

As we enter this new year we are excited to announce new ways to organise your work, company, track your sales and be super productive with TeamWave.

Goals: Track the performance of your Sales team

All power to Sales Managers. Now you can assign organisation’s sales targets to your sales team and track them with Goals. Goals enable you to set the expected number and value of Deals to be won or advanced and see track the performance of your team. The pie charts on top of every stage will keep your sales team informed and motivated with the insights of the Goal.  Learn more about Goals.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.24.05 PM

New Custom Fields

New custom fields are live in CRM Section. Now, you can organise your client’s data in more appropriate custom fields like Date range, Address, Auto-complete, Monetary, Numerical and Phone. Learn more about custom fields

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.19.27 PM

Calendar: Everyone’s on Same page & More space for privacy.

Across the company, there are several tasks, projects and activities which should not be accessible to everybody in the organisation. While showing everyone’s availability, the calendar also limits the access to unauthorised member marking the task/activity as Private.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.34.25 PM

Tasks: Tasks are now in CRM also.

Tasks are now available in Deals, Contacts and Organisation also. You can directly add your things-to-do and even assign it to team members in deals, contacts and organisations.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 3.13.02 PM

We hope these new features serve up productive ways for you to manage your work and organisation. And don’t forget, more updates are always on their way. Cheers!

Powerful Projects-CRM Integration, Improved CRM, Better Client/Vendor Management and More

We have some exciting new features, UX improvements and performance enhancements in our first big release in 2017. As always, most of them are driven by customer feedback, so please continue to send us your suggestions and feature requests. The updates:

Initiate Project Directly from Deal

This is one of the Top-10 most requested features. You can now start a project associated with a particular deal right from the deal details page (in CRM). The only requirement is: The deal’s organisation and contact person must be present. Once project is initiated by the sales person, the project admin will receive the “project initiation” notification. The project admin can then create the project. Here is how it works:

Connecting Existing Deals with Projects

Apart from creating projects directly from the deal page, you also have the option to connect deals with existing projects. Just open up the deal details page, scroll down and click on ‘Add Project’ or ‘Link Project’. ‘Add Project’ lets you create a new project and ‘Link Project’ lets you link with an existing project. After linking the project you can enable client OR vendor collaboration by going to ‘Client/Vendor’ management section of that project.

CRM Project Link


Better Client & Vendor Management

We have introduced a new section called “Organizations” in the Project Management app  that would allow you to view important information related to ongoing projects and manage collaboration with the clients and vendors. You’ll be able to perform search, filter out based on tags, analyse the project status and enable/disable collaboration.

Central Project Management Location

Improved Project Initiation

You now have the option to add the client or vendor details without sending an invitation to collaborate.

Client and Vendor Details

You can always send the invite by accessing the “client/vendor” from the settings menu present in the project.

Send invite

Did You Know: You can invite clients or vendors to collaborate on TeamWave for free!

Apart from this, you can now mention the start date and end date while creating a new project. This information will be useful to track and take necessary action whenever the project moves past the deadline.

If you loved these updates, don’t forget to try them out and share your feedback!

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