Bitrix24 Alternative

Bitrix24 is a collaboration suite with apps like task management, CRM, Telephony and time tracking, etc. While it offers a lot of features that can be used by any company, it’s not focused on small business and usability. TeamWave provides out-of-the-box solution to help small businesses manage and streamline everything in their company (Project Management, CRM & HR) while maintaining a strong focus on usability. Why […]

Podio Alternative

Podio’s project management software has been built for a wide range of companies – small businesses to large enterprises. While it provides building blocks to create custom apps for various business processes,  critical factors like usability, learning curve and significant setup time make it “not a good fit” for small businesses. TeamWave comes with out-of-the-box solution to […]

Pipedrive Alternative

Pipedrive CRM is popular among small businesses because of its design and ease of use. While Pipedrive is a good sales pipeline management tool, TeamWave is a complete platform to manage &  streamline everything (including sales) in your company: Project Management, CRM & HR. Why TeamWave is the leading Pipedrive alternative. 1. Focus on Small Business Pipedrive has raised funding (venture capital) […]