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Scoro Pricing Analysis: Is This Work Management Software Suitable For Your Business?

Scoro is an end to end work management software that helps professional service businesses streamline projects, automate quoting and billing, optimize utilization and much more. Although Scoro offers all these features, which Scoro pricing plan would be the best solution for your business and help you reap all the benefits?

Well worry not, because this blog would walk you through the different plans of Scoro and finally help you decide in an unbiased way, which plan suits best for your business.

In this detailed pricing analysis, we will talk about the different features that each plan offers, and which type of businesses would be beneficial for.

What are the different plans that Scoro offers?

Scoro is a tiered subscription service. Scoro majorly offers 4 different plans:

4 Price plans of Scoro
4 Price plans of Scoro

The plans Work Hub and Sales Hub are further divided into Standard and Pro Plans.

Different Plans of Scoro
Different Plans of Scoro

Now let’s jump in to see the features that each of these plans have to offer.

And apart from the above plans Scoro charges separately for the onboarding process.

Different Onboarding Price Plans for Scoro
Different Onboarding Price Plans for Scoro

Detailed Breakdown and Analysis of The Different Pricing Plans of Scoro

Does Scoro have a FREE Plan?

No. Scoro has a 14-day free, fully featured trial and no credit card required to sign up.

Essential: For smaller teams

Price per user per month: US$ 26

The Essential Plan of Scoro is for the smaller teams which have recently decided to move to a work management software. This plan should have minimum of 5 users.

Few of the notable features of this plan are:

  • Task Management
  • Timesheet view
  • Creating customizable quotes, invoices and receipts
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Give simple permissions such as access rights to different users
  • Customizable views
  • Allows 10 custom fields

Apart from these it allows 2500 API calls/day, and additional cost per user for scheduled invoicing and billing, budgets and forecasts based on invoices, additional company account etc.

Few of the features that Essential Plan lacks but are available in higher plans are:

  • Creating tasks from quotes
  • Assigning tasks to multiple users
  • Logging billable time
  • Gantt Chart is available with additional pricing of US$ 5.5/user
  • Smart inbox for tasks

Scoro is overpriced when compared to many of its competitors but they have robust features which justify this pricing.

Work Hub: Boost Efficiency with Time Management, Resource Planning, Project Management And Collaboration Tools

The Work Hub Plan of Scoro helps you to do things efficiently with holistic time management, project management, powerful resource planning, and collaboration tools.

This plan again should have a minimum of 5 users.


Price per user per month: US$ 37

Few of the notable features of Standard Work Hub Plan, including the ones mentioned in Essential Plan are:

  • Creating tasks from quotes
  • Advanced Resource planning
  • Assigning tasks to multiple users
  • Task boards to visually drag and drop tasks
  • Smart inbox for tasks
  • Logging billable time
  • Gantt Chart is available for free

Few of the features that Standard Work Hub Plan lacks but are available in higher plans are:

  • Time locking system
  • List of Quotes products or services versus actually the billed ones
  • Advanced project management where one uses project based budgets and lists
  • Calculating labor costs and sales margin
  • Sales success reports

Also for a few features like task matrix, timesheet view, time tracker, sales pipeline and standard quotes you have to pay additional charges per user.


Price per user per month: US$ 49

Few of the notable features additionally available in this plan are:

  • Task matrix and Timesheet view
  • Time locking feature
  • Quoted vs Actual 
  • Advanced Project Management where you can use project-based price lists and budgets  
  • Creating profiles for clients and suppliers
  • Can create unlimited custom fields
  • Can generate free pipeline reports

Mailchimp integration is only available in the Sales Hub and Ultimate Plan.

But when it comes to the time locking feature, it is only available in the Work Hub Plan.

In the next section we will compare as to which all features are available in the Sales Hub Plan and what is lacking there.

Sales Hub: Provides 360 Degree Overview Of Your Customers, Pipelines, Forecasts and Reports

The Sales Hub Plan of Scoro asks you to say farewell to spreadsheets with a 360-degree overview of your customers, pipeline, finances, forecasts and reports. This plan also should have a minimum of 5 users.

Let us compare as to how the Standard and Pro plan of Sales Hub differs from that of Work Hub


Price per user per month: US$ 37

When comparing with the Standard Plan of Work Hub Plan it allows you to:

  • Create client and supplier profiles
  • Create standard quotes for free
  • Add product codes
  • Automatically calculate Markups
  • Generate detailed financial reports
  • Mailchimp integration

Few features that are available at a price in Work Hub Standard Plan are available for free in Sales Hub Standard Plan such as sales pipeline, standard quotes and late invoice reminders.


But it lacks some other features that are available in the Work Hub Plan such as detailed work reports and time utilization reports and creating recurring tasks and task bundles.

Also few features like planners, phases and milestones, gantt charges are only available in an additional price of US$ 5.5/user.


Price per user: US$ 49

When comparing to the PRO of the Work Hub Plan, Sales Hub Pro Plan has the following extra features:

  • Use customizable list views and contact overview graphs
  • Can add dates to invoice lines
  • Commision Calculator which is available at a price of US$ 107/site for Work Hub Plan and Standard Sales Hub Plan
  • Availability of web-to-lead forms


Few features such as Task matrix, Timesheet view, project templates are available for free in the Work Hub Pro Plan but at the same time are available at an additional cost of US$ 5.5/user in this plan.

Ultimate: Offers Advanced Automation And Reporting Capabilities

Price per user per month: As per requirement

With the Ultimate Plan of Scoro, bring all of your departments together with all the features Scoro has to offer, topped with advanced automation and reporting capabilities.

Multi account reporting is one exclusive feature only available in this plan. It allows the you to effortlessly create customized financial reports based on data from your various company accounts.

Also, Budgets and Forecasts, where you can compare the data and get a clear overview of the budget allocation, is free in this plan. And you also get access to unlimited customer portals.

Onboarding Plans

You can see in the screenshot the different pricing plans available for onboarding. The Self-onboarding plan is only available for accounts with upto 9 users. Whereas with custom onboarding plan you can tailor the onboarding as per your requirements.

Onboarding plan for Scoro
Onboarding plan for Scoro

Why would you choose Scoro?

We were browsing through the G2 website and found that Scoro has a 4.5 out of 5 rating which is pretty good and thus we wanted  to understand why users prefer Scoro and what were the reasons for switching from other Project Management Software:

  • Has a dynamic design thus making it compatible to use Scoro at any interface.
Scoro pricing
  • Great platform for pipeline management and reporting. Users consider the pipeline feature more intuitive compared to other CRMs like Salesforce, NetSuite and Sugar CRM.
  • All the parts are interconnected and it is easy to collaborate. You make one change to the task in the project view and it is automatically reflected in the timesheet view and tasks view.
  • Great time management platform.  Can view planner by weeks or months giving an overview of the upcoming pending tasks. Allows you to see time entries done for a particular task.
  • Extensive flexibility and customization of the platform. Customizable dashboards that allow you to view how the business is running from one single place. Can tailor many settings to meet the need of your business.

But it has its own set of limitations. 

Limitations of Scoro

Although Scoro is hailed as “a great project management and time management tool”, but, when it comes to many other functionalities that businesses need, we have come across a lot of dissatisfied users, who are either looking for more integrations or are planning to switch to a better Project Management softaware to get their job done more efficiently. A few of the major issues faced by users as per the G2 reviews are:

  • Hard to find information about the related client from a client view
  • Gets little messy when different tasks are completed and time entries are inserted
  • Sometimes a bit confusing/heavy to manage, on the planner view or the tasks report. A deep diving in the settings is necessary before being able to efficiently get started with the later. 
  • Performance of the mobile applications is very poor compared to its other versions,
  • Pricing model of this software is certainly expensive and unjustifiable: Unspecified charges are added as you go up the number of functions you are implementing
  • User also prefer more support options
  • Lack of synchronization of your contact list with some of the most important email providers such as Gmail. 
  • Steep in the learning curve so it is not a software to use immediately, it takes time to be able to understand all its functionalities and make the most of it.
Scoro pricing

Because of the price and steep learning curve, this Project Management software is definitely not recommended to small businesses who are jumping into a Project Management tool from spreadsheets or are in lookout for basic features.

Scoro Alternative

We would definitely recommend you to check out TeamWave. Not because it is our CRM, but because of the amazing benefits it offers compared to other CRMs and that too at a much lower price i.e., just US$ 39 for unlimited users:

  • TeamWave is built for SMBs.
  • All the CRM features are available at one place: Sales, Contact, HR and Project Management.
  • It has a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • As per our customer reviews, TeamWave is an easy-to-use software(for beginners as well as tech-savvies)
  • It is fully integrated with G-Suite, Gmail, Zapier, Quickbooks etc.
  • There is no per-user fee or additional pricing. All the features are for unlimited users.
  • TeamWave has an easily accessible knowledge base and 24/7 customer support.

Sign up for our 14-day free trial right away.

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