Powerful Projects-CRM Integration, Improved CRM, Better Client/Vendor Management and More

We have some exciting new features, UX improvements and performance enhancements in our first big release in 2017. As always, most of them are driven by customer feedback, so please continue to send us your suggestions and feature requests. The updates:

Initiate Project Directly from Deal

This is one of the Top-10 most requested features. You can now start a project associated with a particular deal right from the deal details page (in CRM). The only requirement is: The deal’s organisation and contact person must be present. Once project is initiated by the sales person, the project admin will receive the “project initiation” notification. The project admin can then create the project. Here is how it works:


Connecting Existing Deals with Projects

Apart from creating projects directly from the deal page, you also have the option to connect deals with existing projects. Just open up the deal details page, scroll down and click on ‘Add Project’ or ‘Link Project’. ‘Add Project’ lets you create a new project and ‘Link Project’ lets you link with an existing project. After linking the project you can enable client OR vendor collaboration by going to ‘Client/Vendor’ management section of that project.

CRM Project Link


Better Client & Vendor Management

We have introduced a new section called “Organizations” in the Project Management app  that would allow you to view important information related to ongoing projects and manage collaboration with the clients and vendors. You’ll be able to perform search, filter out based on tags, analyse the project status and enable/disable collaboration.

Central Project Management Location

Improved Project Initiation

You now have the option to add the client or vendor details without sending an invitation to collaborate.

Client and Vendor Details

You can always send the invite by accessing the “client/vendor” from the settings menu present in the project.

Send invite

Did You Know: You can invite clients or vendors to collaborate on TeamWave for free!

Apart from this, you can now mention the start date and end date while creating a new project. This information will be useful to track and take necessary action whenever the project moves past the deadline.

If you loved these updates, don’t forget to try them out and share your feedback!

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