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Pipedrive vs. Copper vs. TeamWave: Navigating the CRM Landscape for Small Businesses

A bird’s eye view of today’s business software landscape reveals a mosaic of solutions, each promising to be the game-changer your business needs. Among these, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) category hosts a myriad of offerings, including Pipedrive, Copper CRM, and TeamWave. With their distinct features, integrations, and pricing structures, choosing the right CRM can feel like navigating through a labyrinth.

But fear not. Together, we’ll embark on this journey, wade through the features, the pricing, and the value each platform brings, and hopefully, by the end, you’ll find the one that fits like a glove – the perfect partner for your small business journey.

A Snapshot: Pipedrive, Copper CRM, and TeamWave

Before we delve into details, let’s start with a snapshot of each platform.

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM designed to manage intricate sales processes. Its intuitive interface, customizable pipeline stages, and strong focus on sales management have attracted many businesses.

Copper CRM, on the other hand, presents itself as a relationship-centric CRM. Integrated with Google Workspace, Copper aims to simplify CRM tasks by eliminating data entry and providing visibility into your team’s productivity.

Then there’s TeamWave, an all-in-one integrated platform providing CRM, Project Management, and HR software. Designed specifically for small to medium businesses, it aims to consolidate crucial business functions under one roof, offering a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

Now, let’s dig deeper into each platform.

Feature Breakdown: What’s on Offer?


Pipedrive offers a well-structured sales management platform. Its features include:

  1. Deal Management: This is where Pipedrive shines. You can customize stages in your sales pipeline, drag-and-drop deals between different stages, and have a clear visual overview of your sales process.
  2. Email Integration: Pipedrive integrates with your email, enabling you to send emails directly from the platform and sync conversations with relevant contacts and deals.
  3. Activity & Goal Tracking: You can track activities related to deals, set goals, and monitor their progress.

While Pipedrive performs admirably as a sales CRM, it doesn’t offer native project management or HR features, which could necessitate additional software investments for your business.

Copper CRM

Copper CRM centers around contact and lead management, with features including:

  1. Contact Management: Copper allows you to segment your contacts into leads, customers, and other categories, providing a neat and organized view of your customer base.
  2. Google Workspace Integration: Copper’s standout feature is its deep integration with Google Workspace. You can access CRM data directly from Gmail, sync with Google Calendar, and even link Google Docs to contacts or deals.
  3. Lead Tracking: Copper helps track and manage leads, including tracking their source, assigning them to team members, and moving them through your custom sales process.

However, like Pipedrive, Copper doesn’t include project management or HR functions, potentially leaving gaps in your software suite.


TeamWave is a comprehensive platform with features spanning CRM, project management, and HR, such as:

  1. Sales Pipeline Management: TeamWave provides an intuitive interface for managing and tracking deals through your sales pipeline, similar to Pipedrive.
  2. Integrated Platform: TeamWave integrates CRM with project management and HR software. You can manage deals, assign tasks, track project progress, schedule meetings, manage leaves, and maintain employee records, all from a single platform.
  3. Client Portal: TeamWave’s Client Portal allows you to involve your clients directly in projects, fostering better collaboration and transparency.
  4. Third-Party Integrations: TeamWave integrates with a suite of external apps including Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Quickbooks, and more, aiding in smooth data flow across platforms.

Pricing: A Peek into Cost-Effectiveness


Pipedrive offers four pricing tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise, with prices ranging from $12.50/user/month to $99/user/month (billed annually). While Pipedrive does offer a comprehensive sales CRM, bear in mind that you may need to budget for additional software for project management and HR functionalities.

Copper CRM

Copper’s pricing tiers include Basic, Professional, and Business, costing from $25/user/month to $119/user/month (billed annually). Again, while Copper’s integration with Google Workspace is a definite perk, remember to factor in costs for other needed software.


TeamWave, in contrast, follows a simple, cost-effective pricing model. It costs $39/month for unlimited users, providing access to all features, including CRM, Project Management, and HR software. This single, all-inclusive price can help small businesses with budget planning and cost management.

Why TeamWave Could Be Your Perfect Partner

While Pipedrive and Copper have strong points in their niches, TeamWave emerges as a comprehensive, budget-friendly option for small businesses.

Here’s why TeamWave might be the perfect fit for your business:

All-in-One Solution: TeamWave doesn’t limit itself to being a CRM; it extends its capabilities to project management and HR, consolidating these critical business functions. This integration eliminates the need for juggling multiple platforms, enabling smooth data flow and collaboration across different departments.

Value for Money: At $39/month for unlimited users, TeamWave offers significant cost benefits. While other platforms charge per user, TeamWave’s simple pricing structure means your cost doesn’t increase as your team grows.

Ease of Use: TeamWave prides itself on its user-friendly design. With a clean interface and intuitive navigation, TeamWave reduces the learning curve, ensuring that your team can quickly get on board and make the most of the platform.

Customer Support: TeamWave offers robust customer support, ensuring assistance is available whenever you need it.

In conclusion, as you stand at the crossroads deciding between Pipedrive, Copper CRM, and TeamWave, remember to consider not just the immediate features, but also how each platform fits into your long-term business journey. While Pipedrive and Copper have their merits, TeamWave presents itself as a value-for-money, comprehensive solution that grows with your business, making it a worthy contender as your trusted business software partner.

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