Introducing Products

Introducing Products

Track sales progress along with key product performance and enhance your opportunities even more with TeamWave’s new “Products” feature.

CRMs allow you to filter through analysis reports to find reasons for lost opportunities, but to find your MVPs (or your DUDs), you’d more than likely have to filter through invoice data or have a team meeting with your sales leads and number crunch.

TeamWave’s “Products” feature will save your sales crew time when organising their deals and gives your team leads another useful filter to analyse data through.

TeamWave CRM: Products – Sell tangible goods or intangible services!

How does it work?

When activated, you will see the Products Tab in the CRM section.

Here you can add products or services to your catalogue. This helps with ease of use and time management; your sales team won’t have to repeatedly add values to deals for the same product again – just add the number of units and our dialogue does the math for you.

After creating a product, attaching to a deal is as simple as clicking a button and linking the right product to the deal.

Note: Values for products can be changed for an individual deal, and also note that any changes made through deals will not reflect in the product’s original price.

Finally, once data is collected, your analysis team will be able to study reports filtered by products

Simply click on the By Products button, adjust your filters and see your Products data pool to understand which products are top performers and which products you might need to tweak a bit to get the best out of.

Put our latest feature to the test!

If you would like to get started with Products, click on the Products tab in our CRM section and Enable Products.

If you would like to learn more about Products, click here.

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