Introducing Automatic Check-ins: Improve Employee Engagement

Employee Expereince and Engagement

Getting an employee emotionally invested in your company is probably the best thing you can do. You can hire highly motivated people: but how do you keep the momentum going after they have joined you?

Constant communication that generates actionable insights.

This is the foundation of employee experience: keeping your team members engaged leads to emotional attachment with the organization and a commitment to the company’s goals.

This is easier said than done.

As a business owner your plate is already full – you are ALWAYS busy, schedules take over and finally communication takes a back seat. We understand your situation. So we have built a feature that automates the entire process via Automatic Check-ins!

TeamWave takes the communication load off your shoulder and helps you stay informed.

You can use TeamWave’s automatic check-in feature to automatically ask your employees questions for which you need answers on a regular schedule (every day, once a week, every other week, once a month). Just set it up once and let us gather all the answers at the specified time. You will constantly get feedback and generate new insights!

These insights can be helpful in delivering the following key business values:

  • reduction in attrition
  • strong establishment of company culture
  • improvement of people management skills

Let’s go through some use cases:

Promote Innovation

Innovation is important for business sustainability. Here are some interesting questions:

  • If you are given a chance to change or add something to the product, what would you do?
  • What/Who do you think is the biggest threat to our company and how can we stay on top of our game?
  • How would you like to improve an existing process? 

Sample Check-in Innovation

Motivate People

Motivated employees bring positivity to the organisation, boost morale and make significant impact on the company’s workflow. Here are some questions:

  • Which has been your best accomplishment in the last one month?
  • What inspires you to excel at work?
  • What’s your vision for our product?
  • What’s the most interesting part of your job?

Automatic Check-in Inspire

Build Culture

You can encourage your employees to open up and discuss/debate what needs to be improved in the company. Also a great way to find out if someone needs needs guidance. Here are some questions:

  • What is the one must-have quality you can identify in order to thrive in our company?
  • Would you recommend any practice that should be followed in our company?
  • If you could choose someone to mentor you in a particular field, who would it be?

Automatic Check-in Culture

Be a Better Leader

Employees aspire to grow professionally by strengthening their skills and acquiring new ones. As a leader your job is to help them get there. Examples:

  • Is there anything in your work that’s causing disappointment or delays? 
  • Are you clear about what exactly needs to done next week? If not, what needs more explanation?
  • How satisfied are you with the progress you have made professionally? What can be done to help you grow more?

Automatic Check-in Management

Have Fun

We all know that having fun is great for relieving stress and team bonding. Here are some questions:

  • What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it?
  • What’s the most recent movie you watched? Would you recommend it to others?
  • Do you listen to music while working? If yes, what are you listening to these days?

Automatic Check-in Fun

It All Starts From the Answers!

Auto Check-in

How Does TeamWave’s Automatic Check-in Work?

Setup Automatic Check-in

Just enter the question you want to ask, assign to employee(s), and set the frequency. TeamWave will do the rest. Team members will get email and in-app notification prompting them to answer as per the scheduled time. TeamWave gathers all the answers and neatly organizes them. Here is the video tutorial:

If you have not yet tried Automatic Check-ins, get started by clicking here.

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