How to Boost Sales by Tapping into Pokémon Go Frenzy

Pokemon Go App Usage Time Comparison
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Pokémon Go has set new records and has disrupted big names in the app world. Here is what it has achieved within one week of its launch:

  • installation number is double than that of Tinder
  • user engagement rate is twice of Snapchat
  • on verge of surpassing Twitter in terms of daily active user percentage

For those of you not yet up to speed on the phenomenon, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality app that uses location tracking and mobile camera to help players catch animal-like characters from Pokémon, the Japanese cartoon series. Apart from capturing the characters, players also go to ‘PokeStops’ to collect their gaming items like Pokeballs and ‘Gyms’ to fight it out with others. These designated places are generally near culturally significant areas and landmarks of the town – selected by Niantic Labs, developer of the game. As the very nature of the game makes users travel around the town, it is great for local businesses (bars, restaurants, theaters, etc.) looking to convert the foot traffic into paying customers. Even if you’re not a local business there is ample scope to get the best out of this amazing opportunity. Here’s how:

Leverage Gyms and PokeStops

As discussed above, players are encouraged to visit PokeStops and Gyms to collect rewards and show their might to other players. That means people will automatically flock to these locations and you can use that opportunity to attract them to your business.


Some Examples:

  • Set up a promotion that would provide direction to the physical  address of your local business and grab eyeballs.
  • Reward the players (gift card, discount, etc.), when he or she catches any rare Pokémon character. Ask the gamer to post the screen shot and tag your company account on social media to become eligible for the reward.
  • If a team has been formed to take ownership of the Gym, then give special offers to the members of the winning team.
  • If possible, create a smaller version of your shop and go where the business is.

So the first step is to install the app and find out if there is any such crowd-magnet near your business. Yelp recently added a new feature that helps people locate businesses near the stops. Also note that you can send request to Niantic Labs, in case there is a culturally significant place near your business that has not been selected as PokeStop or Gym.

Set up Lures

One of the most significant in-app purchase that a small business can make is Lures. Lures increase the availability of Pokémon Character near your business for 30 minutes. Increase in the number of these characters means, more footfall and more opportunity for you to increase sales.

Here is what a redditor says:

“If a business spends $100 for 14,500 Pokecoins, they can buy lures for $0.59/lure. $100 gets you 170 lures and 85 hours of increased traffic. If you’re a bar in a college town/city, this is the greatest investment you can make right now.”

Make sure that the players are informed about the exact time and location of the Lure in advance (use text, email and social media).  In case you don’t have good number of following, consider creating a small campaign targeting the users based on demography and interest (liked Pokémon Go page on Facebook). As reported by Venture Beat, a Pizza Bar in Manhattan saw 30% jump in sales by investing $10 in Lures.

“Pokemonise” Your Communication

As stated at the beginning of this post, even if you are not a local business, there are number of ways in which you can leverage Pokémon mania to increase sales.

Building Relation

If you are pursuing a deal in which the buyer happens to be someone who can benefit from this game or a game buff (check social feed), send him useful resource (may be a cheat sheet or a link to PokéVision). This is a great way to bond with the buyer and strengthen your relations – goes a long way in B2B sales.


While sending emails to your prospects (for lead generation), figure out a smart way of adding “Pokémon” in the subject line. This might increase the open rate, but you must justify the inclusion in the email body. Prospects must not feel cheated!


Lastly, here is a guy catching a Pokémon character while he is about to become a father!

Pokemon Go Funny

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