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Feature update: Custom Filters for Deals & Contacts

You can now segment your contacts, companies or deals based on specific characteristics. Custom filters allow you to quickly and easily see which contacts, companies, or deals meet the criteria you’ve set at any given time.

For example, you may choose to create and save a filter based on the Contact owner property for each user to show leads they own or, create a saved filter based on lead status and the date last contacted. You can use the same process to segment your companies and deals.

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How it works?

– You want to see only deals owned by Paul whose deal value is less than 2500 USD from Australian region
– You want to see all the open deals in US whose deal value is greater than 45000 USD and are in the Negotiation stage
Just create a filter with those conditions and apply. It’s that simple!

You can also define multiple conditions with a different set of fields to organise your deals, people and organisations. This will help you manage and organise your whole CRM data and focus on what matters most.

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Since this update allows you to customise the whole list view, you can now export just that filtered data. So, you can get your required reports or data for your new Sales campaign – right from deals page.

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Filters come up with two privacy options – Public and Private. So, you can define separate filters for all your organisation and for you.

Ready to try new filters?

Get started with the custom filters just by clicking on Filters button in Deals, People and Organisations page. As you try our new updates, we would love to hear your suggestions/feedback from you. Drop us a message or an email at

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