CRM Update: Statistics, Zapier Integration, Custom Fields and More

TeamWave CRM’s latest update has several new features and enhancements. As always, most of them are driven by customer feedback, so please continue to send us your suggestions and requirements.

– The all new CRM Statistics

The new “statistics” feature helps you quickly view stats related to sales performance, pipeline performance and effort that has gone into sales activities. Choose all the pipelines or a specific pipeline along with timeline (week, month, quarter, year) to visualize the stats.  You can slice and dice the result at a granular level to answer following types of questions:

  • What is the deal closure rate when a deal moves to a particular sales stage?
  • Value of the deals in different sales stages?
  • Is person X better at converting deals in comparison to person Y? Who has closed more valuable deals?
  • What is the conversion rate of different salespersons when it comes to moving deals from one sales stage to another?
  • Which sales person has added what type of sales task? What is the rate of completion of different sales activities?

CRM Statistics Improved

– Zapier Integration

A lot of users wanted to capture data from different sources and move it into CRM. To address this we are starting off with Zapier integration for creating deals. Zapier can be used to establish a connection between TeamWave and other apps. To do that you need to create a Zap – basically a conditional connection which is triggered when a certain event takes place. Example: if I get a new lead via my online form, create a corresponding deal in TeamWave.

To learn more about Zapier integration check out our knowledge base solution.

TeamWave Zapier Integration

– Activity Sync with Google Calendar

If you have enabled Google Calendar, all of your sales activities will be synced with Google Calendar. Apart from the consolidated activity reminder email sent by TeamWave, Google will also remind you when it is time for you to get on a client call, send an email, prepare for a demo or anything else. If you have not yet enabled Google Calendar, you can do so from the integration section.

– Custom Fields

Although TeamWave CRM comes with basic data fields to capture deal and contact details, you would eventually need additional fields in order to accommodate your unique business requirements and improve the sales efficiency.

Let’s take the example of capturing leads. Leads can be captured from different sources – website, whitepaper download, Facebook ads, SlideShare, trade shows, etc. There is a context behind the interest expressed by the lead and the sales activities pertaining to the lead needs to be crafted in a specific way.  Apart from this, something as simple as contact person’s birthday can also be used to build relationship. All these scenarios can be handled via Custom Fields.

Deal Custom Fields

After creating relevant custom fields, you can add details in the deal/contact details page and select required fields in the list view as well.

Custom fields in list view

– Tags

Tags are great for segmentation of deals, contact persons and organisations. It can be used for classification on the basis of your relationship (client, vendor or partner), business domain of the prospect, location etc. Say for example a sales person wants to find out the deals which are from European region and prospect type as re-seller. It can be easily done by creating and adding these two tags. Then in the pipeline/list/timeline view of the deals these tags can be used to refine the view.

crm tags

 – Bulk Deal Import

Moving from another CRM solution with existing data exported to spreadsheets? Collected huge amount of leads using web forms? TeamWave lets you easily import all your deals from CSV/XLS/XLSX files. Just map the CRM fields with the spreadsheet columns and you’re ready to go.

Deal Field to Spreadsheet mapping

teamwave social

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