Big Update: 60 Enhancements in 60 Days!

Well, not quite, but you get the point, don’t you? This is the first update since our beta launch back in September, and it is big. New features; bug fixes; design changes; performance tweaks; what’s in the name? They all have one thing in common. They make TeamWave better. Here are the top ten reasons why you’ll love this update.

CRM and Project management, together

Any file associated with a deal in CRM can now be linked to a project as well, for cross-referencing. We believe that files are the common ground for both modules, and this will pave way for deeper integration.

Dynamic dashboard – your account at a glance


For time-sensitive updates that you need to know as and when they happen, look no further than your dashboard. The gist of critical happenings on CRM and Projects will be accessible from the account dashboard.

New in CRM


Importing contacts – now more the merrier

Too long you’ve had to add contacts one by one. No longer. With Google Contacts Sync and file import option (.csv, .xls, .xlsx), you can import chunks of contacts in no time.

Email Piping

For a start, you can add contacts to your CRM module right from your mailbox. All you need to do is send an email to your CRM. This also makes it easier to create a deal out of the forwarded email.

New in Projects

Integration with popular file storage services – Dropbox and Google Drive


The two most popular file storage services are now integrated with TeamWave. That means no more redundant uploads. You can link your files on these services, to any task or discussion on TeamWave and collaborate with members of your team.

Tasks – Divide and conquer

Frankly, there is nothing anyone can do about the ever-growing list. But the way you see it is up to us. That is why we’ve added three new views; completed task view for every project, tasks from all projects and a progress page.

Project templates

If many of your projects have the same levels of discretion, participants and tasks, you can now replicate a project and make only the few necessary changes to it rather than creating each one from scratch.

Email Piping

Just as in CRM, you can add tasks and start discussions just by forwarding an email to a unique project ID. These emails can be associated as references to tasks and can be referred by any participant.

New in HRMS

Employee management

The full-fledged profile of employees, including reporting hierarchy, is our first step towards an all-wise HRMS. Though it all begins here, we have executed this keeping in mind the bigger things to happen next. Time logging, on-boarding and leave management for instance.

That is not all. We’ve also introduced labelled files, a page to track progress of deals, rotten deal alerts and a whole lot more. We would love for you to check them out. Even more for you to tell us and the world, what you think of them. Try TeamWave today

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