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Best White Label SaaS Software Reseller in 2023

When most of the businesses are providing one-stop-shop solutions, do you want to be left behind? Well, it is difficult to hire and manage specialists and keep a check on the quality of different services. It becomes even more hectic when you start scaling your business and your business offerings increase. But what if we said, it was possible to provide quality offering without getting involved in these risks!

Yess!! And the alternative is to provide a white label SaaS Software offering. Improve the efficiency of the services and get better returns on investment.

In this blog, we give a list of the 6 best white label SaaS Software Reseller Programs. But before getting there, we give you an overview as to what is white label and what are its advantages.

What Is White Label Software And How Does It Work?

A white label or private label product is a product made by one company but sold under the brand name of a different company. White labelling is quite popular across different industries due to emerging freelance culture; software, drop shipping are some of the most common examples to refer. They are re-brandable and resellable products that the companies can sell as their own products to their customers.

Advantages Of White Label Tools And Software

  • Your brand name – Even though you are reselling the product made by another company, you are selling it in your brand name and thus your customers will trust the service/ product more.
  • Saves time – Creating a product from scratch is a very time-consuming process. And companies, especially small businesses are on the lookout for fast solution and growth in a short time. In white-label software, as you are not creating the product from scratch, you save development time. 
  • Saves money – If you are planning to build software on your own, you have to hire the right resources, modify the product again and again as per the customer requirements and this requires a lot of money. Instead, if you are buying from experts, you save the money spent on resources. Also, in case you feel your customers do not like the product, you can just end the subscription with your white label software providers.
  • Risk-free – When you are building an app on your own, if something goes wrong, you need to have a team of experts in your organization who can detect and solve the issue. In the case of White Label software, you need not bother as the software providers will have a team that will look into any issues as per your request.
  • Expand your product offerings – Want to offer unique solutions to your customers but do not have the time to build an app from scratch? Then white label solutions are the way to go.

Best White Label SaaS Software Reseller Programs In 2021

TeamWave – Integrate CRM, Project Management and HR Software

TeamWave's White Label SaaS Software Program
TeamWave’s White Label SaaS Software Program

TeamWave is an integrated CRM, Project Management & HR software. All-in-One platform with over 15,000+ users in 18 countries.

TeamWave’s while label partnership program is for entrepreneurs interested in starting their own SaaS companies or  resellers interested in offering SaaS under their own brand.

This program is perfect for small and medium based companies. You will benefit from the support and expertise of their marketing, engineering, sales and support teams, helping you to make TeamWave’s platform work for your business, and providing you with resources, tools as well as comprehensive training.

Apply for TeamWave’s White Label SaaS Software Program

ActiveCampaign – Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign White Label Marketing Automation Software
White Label Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign offers complete marketing automation and CRM suite for businesses. But, to partner with their white label reseller program, you’ll have to get their Enterprise plan.

Enterprise plan holders can change a lot of things about ActiveCampaign such as custom domain, logo rebranding, removing references and links to ActiveCampaign etc.

Small business holders can change a few of the options. Using ActiveCampaign, you can customize the account as per the requirements of a single customer. The branding and logo can be changed on a per-account level and you can also remove the global changes.

Apply for ActiveCampaign’s White Label Software Program

Vendasta – End-To-End Commerce Platform For Selling Digital Solutions

Vendasta White Label Digital Solution
White Label Digital Solution

Vendasta provides a whole marketplace of digital solutions to local businesses. Using white label marketplace solutions you can sell productivity, marketing and ecommerce solutions under your brand name.

Vendasta provides different solutions for ecommerce websites, reputation management, social media management, web design and hosting and much more.

You get instant access to 200+ apps in 20+ categories. And with Vendasta you only pay for the products when you have sold them to the clients.

Apply for Vendasta’s White Label Software Program

InboxArmy – Email Marketing Services For Agencies

InboxArmy White Label Email Marketing Services
White Label Email Marketing Services

InboxArmy is white label email marketing services. They have a team of experts who work on email projects of any size and complexity.

This includes services like email strategy and audit, email campaign management, email marketing automation and template production etc. They also support 50+ ESP vendors.

Their contracts are 90days auto-recurring with a 30-days cancellation in case of any reason.

Apply for InboxArmy White Label Email Marketing Service

Mention – Social Media Monitoring Tool

Mention Social Media Monitoring Tool
Social Media Monitoring Tool

Mention is a platform that allows businesses to see what’s being talked about them anywhere on the internet including forums, social media, blogs and news sites.

Few amazing features of Mention are it gives insights to client’s brand relation with social media, has the ability to generate reports automatically, and the reports can be customized to add your logo or your client’s logo as well.

Apply for Mention’s White Label Software Program

SEOReseller : SEO Services

SEOReseller: White Label SEO Services
SEOReseller: White Label SEO Services

If you have a digital marketing agency, SEO company, or consultancy, then white label SEO programs of SEOReseller will be a great fit for your organization.

They help you with their pre-packaged SEO services.

With SEOReseller, provide your clients with on-going blog outreach, link building, local citation building services, technical website optimisation, on-page SEO, and customized SEO reports.

Apply for SEOReseller’s White Label Software Program

ProfitBooks – Accounting Software

White Label Accounting Software : ProfitBooks
White Label Accounting Software : ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is one of the fastest growing and simple-to-use accounting software. It lets you track expenses and payroll, create detailed invoices and manage inventory without any accounting knowledge.

You can customise the software as per your requirements and sell the software under your brand label.

To get started with your company branded accounting software using ProfitBooks, you can either buy the source code or get customized solution.

Apply for ProfitBook’s White Label Software Program

ClicksGeek – PPC Services

White Label PPC Agency : ClicksGeek
White Label PPC Agency : ClicksGeek

ClicksGeek is suitable for SEO Companies, Consultants, Ad Agencies and Web Designers. They have a knowledgeable and certified PPC experts team who manage the Google Ads Campaign for your clients.

They provide custom landing pages thus helping your clients to increase their ad conversions. Also they give you customized reports branded in your company name.

ClicksGeek handles everything from AdWords/Bing account creation, setting-up, ad copywriting, landing pages, optimisation, conversion tracking, call tracking, reporting, etc.

Apply for ClicksGeek’s White Label SaaS Software

Choosing The Right White Label SaaS Platform

Now, you are aware of the advantages and best White Label SaaS Software reseller programs. So let’s see how to pick the right white label SaaS platform for your business:

#1 Find the product that you need

First, analyze what kind of solutions are your customers asking for or outsourcing from other places. Then you will understand the business opportunity and you can search for the right reseller who provides the white label solution for that opportunity.

#2 Make a list of vendors and zero in on the one that’s perfect for you

While making the list you should also check the track record of the resellers such as what kind of services do they provide and how have they helped other companies.

#3 Go for a test run

It is important to check whether the software is a perfect fit for your business and if your customers are willing to use it. While testing, keep in mind factors such as flexibility and ease of use. This will help you to understand if this will be a good fit for your customers.

#4 Integrations

It is important to ensure that the white label software integrates smoothly with most of the tools that your customer uses, otherwise it will be a huge headache for them and thus you might lose out on your clients

Finally review the cost of different white label software and choose the one that provides the best value for money.

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