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Best Web Development Companies In Singapore

For people who want to give more time to their business and have less knowledge about how the web works, hiring a web development company is a great option. Hiring a web development firm allows you to not only obtain an online platform for your business but also have it custom-made to fit your individual requirements. But for this to work well, however, it is essential that you choose the right web development company.

The web development industry in Singapore is highly competitive so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. There are several companies that offer high-quality web development and web design services. Below is a list of 15 companies that have a good reputation for providing excellent web services at good prices and making their clients happy.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Web Development Companies In Singapore

1. EFusion Technology Pte. Ltd

SpecialtiesWeb Development, Web Design, SEO.
CustomersHobee Group, Innform Media, Pokka Singapore.
Revenue> $1 million
Address323A Beach Road | Singapore, Singapore, 199558.
Company Details

Efusion is made up of a team of local creatives who provide flawless web design and web development services. At Efusion, your brand’s vision is put at the forefront of the design and development project. These guys don’t just focus on visuals alone, but purposefully include user-friendly and highly responsive design in order to meet the unique needs of your particular target audience. Efusion has a lot of positive reviews from its clients.

The team at Efusion is also skilled at launching e-commerce stores for online brands. They’re not simply concerned with providing brands with good-looking platforms to sell their product on, they’re more interested in helping brands build relationships with their clients and improve customer retention. Their e-commerce store services are tailored in a way to help your online brand succeed. Overall, they’re a really good investment.

2. iFoundries

SpecialtiesWeb Development, SEO & Web Design.
CustomersKozine Magazine, Subway Singapore, Beauty Express International Pte. Ltd.
Revenue> $3 million
Address1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-44 | Singapore, 415934.
Company Details

iFoundries was founded back in 2005 in Singapore and has since branched out with a regional team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as well. iFoundries’ primary services include web development and search engine optimization. Web development experts at iFoundries are skilled at developing websites that convert. So, they not only provide you with a full-fledged website, but they also handle the digital marketing side of your business by lending help through inbound marketing techniques that can help you reach more customers.

3. Milan Design

SpecialtiesWeb Development, Web Design & SEO.
CustomersRodstation, Global Green Partnerships, DJ Passion.
Revenue> $1 million
Address40C Hong Kong Street | Singapore, Singapore, 059679.
Company Details

Milan Design is an award-winning web development and web design agency based in Singapore. The company was originally a part of the HostSG web design arm but later re-branded into an independent company providing cost-effective solutions to customers all over the world. Like many other web development companies in Singapore, Millan Design has also oriented its services in the sense that they provide complete digital solutions to online brands by taking care of everything from designing, developing, and launching the website to SEO and marketing.

4. Oldman Marketing Pte. Ltd.

SpecialtiesWeb Development, SEO, and Social Media Campaigns.
CustomersKeppelLand, Amazon, NEC, Valen Fleur
Revenue> $4 million
Address33 Ubi Ave 3, #07-59 Vertex Tower A, Singapore.
Phone(+65) 90119084
Company Details

Oldman is one of the few companies in Singapore that develops Magento websites. This particular company takes the web experience very seriously and is one of the best in the market when it comes to e-commerce. Oldman is a reliable option if you’re looking for web development companies in Singapore. These guys do their best to deliver innovative solutions that suit the needs of your brand’s online presence.

5. Oasis Web Asia

SpecialtiesWeb Development & Web Design.
CustomersKoHong Group, NKS Hotel & Travel, Eurotours and Travel Pte, Ltd, Flow and Balance, Honda.
Revenue> $5 million
AddressThe Workshop 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-09, TechPlace II Singapore 569874.
Company Details

Oasis Web Asia is another great award-winning web development agency in Singapore. From corporate web development to professional web designs, Oasis Web Asia caters to both local and international clients. The web development team at Oasis Web Asia pays special attention to detail regardless of whether it’s a single-page website or an entire e-commerce store that needs to be set up. Their web interfaces and designs are user-friendly and highly responsive. Their services have been used by notable brands like Honda.

6. Creative eWorld

SpecialtiesWeb Development, Web-Design, E-Commerce Solutions, SEO, and Mobile App Development.
CustomersGallery T, Beautiful Stones, Thompson Women Cancer Centre.
Revenue> $5 million
Address315 Alexandra Road #05-01, Singapore, 159944.
Phone+65-6392 2857
Company Details

Since 1995, Creative eWorld has been providing comprehensive web development and SEO solutions to its clients. They offer a diverse range of services including CMS website development, web development, e-shop setups, mobile optimization, and mobile apps. Overall, its web development services are quite impressive. Each website is tailored according to the needs of the brand. You can get in touch with one of their web development experts and discuss your project by booking a consultation. They’ll guide you through the entire process and everything from hosting your website, designing, and developing it as well as marketing it after the launch.

7. Mediawave Solutions

SpecialtiesWeb Search, Social Networking, and Online Marketing.
Revenue> $5 million
Address14 Robinson Road, #08-01A, Far East Finance Building, Singapore.
Phone+49 89 1894060
Company Details

This company is well known for developing good quality websites at an affordable budget that startup businesses can easily afford. Even though the prices are relatively lower than other web development competitors in the market, this company does not compromise on the professionalism and the quality of the website designs that they provide. Since 2016 this one has been a favorite of new business owners.

8. Web Puppies

SpecialtiesWeb Design and Development, E-commerce Solutions, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Marketing, Cyber Security, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Animation.
CustomersNETS, Theromfisher Scientific, Breadtalk, Comfort Delgro, Asia Golf Explorer, Credit Bureau Singapore, Bandai Namco, Neo Group, M1.
Revenue> $1 million
AddressOxley Towers, 138 Robinson Road, #22-01, Singapore.
Phone+65 6741 1708
Company Details

WebPuppies is known for providing websites that are pleasing to the eyes and have a unique, lively style. Even though they provide services that lots of other companies can offer, what sets them apart is how fun and whimsical their websites are. So, if your particular aesthetics is of such sort, this company will be a great fit for your brand.

9. Vinova Pte. Ltd.

SpecialtiesWeb Development & Mobile Development.
CustomersMediacorp, Changi, DBS, Singtel, POSB, Bountie.
Revenue> $1 million
Address18 Sin Ming Lane #08-21 Midview City Singapore 573960.
Phone+65 6707 3597
Company Details

Vinova was founded back in 2010. The company provides web development and mobile app development services for SMEs and enterprises. The company is very transparent about its workflow with its clients. Web development projects are handled by a team of highly skilled developers. By leveraging open-source technologies, they ensure that they develop a website that suits the needs of your brand. This way they ensure that the end result is a beautifully designed website that helps you meet your goals while remaining cost-effective at the same time.

10. Notion Age Pte. Ltd

SpecialtiesWeb Development & SEO.
CustomersToshiba, Microsoft, Shell, Autodesk, National University of Singapore, Cycle & Carriage.
Revenue> $1 million
AddressNotion Age Pte. Ltd. 1 Kallang Junction Vanguard Campus Level 6 Singapore 339263.
Phone+65 6438 8303
Company Details

Notion Age Pte. Ltd offers web development services, particularly those based on CMS. More and more brands prefer CMS-based websites these days because they are easier to manage. Several e-commerce stores rely on CMS-based websites as well. Notion Age provides customized CMS solutions to its clients. Alongside web development, they also offer web design services and ensure that the end result is of the highest quality.

11. Ripplewerkz Private Limited

SpecialtiesWeb Design, Logo Design, Web Development.
CustomersAssociation of Women For Action And Research (AWARE), iMath Asia, Advancer Global Security Integrations (AGSI).
Revenue> $6 million
Address267A JalanBesar, Singapore
Phone+65 8817 9941
Company Details

With its headquarters located in Singapore, the team of Ripplewerkz is densely located around Thailand. Even though their web designs are more on the conventional side, they make sure that every website is suitably customized and user-friendly. These guys are a lot more unique than many other web developers in the Singapore tech market right now.

12. Verz Design Pte Ltd

SpecialtiesCopy Writing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Online Marketing, and Consultation.
CustomersWWF, Panasonic, Hitachi, and Olay.
Revenue> $11 million
Address56 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-05/06, HH@Kallang, Singapore.
Phone+65 6841 1680
Company Details

Verz is another fast-growing company that almost immediately developed a bit of a fan-base given how fast, trendy, and attractive its websites were, without compromising on the quality of the services. Their websites are highly interesting and interactive and this makes them a crowd-favorite. They provide all their specialized services with a touch of fun and boldness, which sets them apart from the crowd.

13. Web Design Singapore (WDS)

SpecialtiesWeb Development & Web Design.
CustomersAction City, Rock Indigo, SIA Group Sports Club, Capone Financial.
Revenue$1 million
Address9 Jurong Town Hall Road Singapore 609431.
Phone+65 6699 9137
Company Details

Web Design Singapore (WDS) has been in operation since 2007. The company offers web development solutions for brands. They handle all kinds of projects from designing simple landing pages to setting up e-commerce stores and CMS-based websites. Coupled with its exceptional web design services, WDS delivers quality solutions to your brand’s needs.

14. Rococo Consultant Pvt. Ltd

SpecialtiesBusiness Process Automation, Web Design, and Development, Offshore Staffing, and Software Development.
CustomersIntermac LLC, Wernear, Social Tejas, Tejasapp, Carbonium, Remitout, Yuva Kushal, Kamaal & MTPS
Revenue> $5 million
Address1 Sophia Road, #07-22 Peace Centre, Singapore.
Company Details

Rococo consultant has built a trustworthy reputation in the IT market over the years. With over 49 employees, this company has been providing good quality web services to its clients since 2015. The team involves designers, developers, and software engineers that not only develop products and custom websites but also guide their clients and give advice on digital marketing trends that could potentially benefit their business.

15. UtoMedia Technologies Pte Ltd

SpecialtiesWeb Designing, Website Development, SEO Services, Business Applications Development, and Brand Marketing.
CustomersAchiote, Airbrush Elite, 3SI & Anesuto.
Revenue> $9 million
Address10 Ubi Crescent, #04-25 Ubi TechPark, Singapore.
Phone+65 67413435
Company Details

Utomedia is one of the many great companies in Malaysia that provide digital solutions to their clients. They have been in operation since 2015. These solutions are not only fast and practical, but they are also cost-effective. They’re devoted to making online business operations easier for their clients. They ensure a smooth and user-friendly web design so that users who have limited IT knowledge can operate these platforms easily.

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