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The Best Online Form Builders for Websites

Online/Web forms are a convenient way to capture information from your website visitors. You can use web forms to generate new leads, capture contact information from someone registering for an event or subscribing to a newsletter. Forms can also be used to capture payment information and process online payment.

There are hundreds of Web Form Builder Applications in the market and most of them have similar features: standard form fields, drag-and-drop editors, and basic themes. Most applications save your form results in a spreadsheet-like grid, and send you email notifications for every new form submission.

While they all seem to do the same things, there are special details and customizable options that make each builder unique. Here are some of the best form-building apps to choose from — pick the one that fits your business requirements:

Note: TeamWave CRM is fully integrated with all the form builders listed below.

The most distinct feature is its beautiful and complex reports (parent company is Survey Monkey). You get a lot more analytics with Wufoo than most form builders, and Wufoo automatically presents it in charts and graphs, making it much easier to understand. Wufoo keeps your data and email inbox clean by preventing duplicate submissions if you’d like.
Other features include support for conditional logic, multiple integrations and 400+ form templates.
Pricing: Free | $19/month Starter | $39/month Professional | $99/month Advanced

Types of forms: contact forms, job application forms, suggestions forms, surveys and questionnaires, registration forms, lead generation forms, delivery orders, polls and quizzes. Typeform lets you create forms that don’t, at first glance, actually look like forms. You can format your questions so that the choices appear as images, which your visitor clicks on. You can customize loads of elements on your forms, up to the mechanism used to submit the form.
Pricing: Free Basic | $30/month Pro | $59/month Pro+

Beautiful and easy-to use UX/UI.
Conditional logic allows you to route the person filling out the form wherever their answers lead them. For example, if someone answers “No” to question 2, and you’d like them to skip ahead to question 4 as a result, Formstack has the capability to do so. With over 40 integrations and 8 payment applications, you can customize your forms for your convenience.
Pricing: $39/month Silver | $99/month Gold | $249/month Platinum

Are you a WordPress user? Then you can’t get a more seamless user experience than Gravity Forms. Specifically designed to be used within WordPress, Gravity Forms embeds itself into the backend of the CMS and automatically blends with the design of the website without any extra tinkering.
Pricing: $59/year Basic | 159/year Pro | $259/year Elite

Google Forms
Part of G Suite. They are great for non-payment and no-fuss forms and they are super easy and intuitive to build. These are great for fast feedback forms you can send as a link, and for community groups to capture details for events, especially school groups. Best suited to quizzes, polls, as well as surveys, all integrated directly with the rest of your Google products like Gmail.
Pricing: Part of G Suite: $5/month Basic | $10/month Business | $34/month Enterprise

Enterprise-grade forms with a focus on security features and data reliability. They are HIPAA compliant, and integrate with Salesforce, Google Apps, LDAP, SAML and more. If you are an academic, work in government, or are a medical professional, FormAssembly is for you!
Pricing: $89/month Professional | $224/month Premier | $599+/month Enterprise

Recommended if you need to create a form fast and don’t necessarily require it to look too pretty and flashy. Definitely take advantage of their free templates available for everything from contact forms and registration forms, to membership applications and payments forms. Also supports conditional logic and claims to have 80+ Integrations.
Pricing: Free Starter | $19/month Bronze | $39/month Silver | $99/month Gold

TeamWave Forms
Part of TeamWave CRM, our web forms give you multiple options to generate quality leads. The forms are intuitive and require just a few clicks, meaning you’ll be able to get up and running without the hassle. Simple, Fully customisable, automatically creates contacts in your pipeline and offers multiple usage possibilities.
Pricing: Free (Part of TeamWave)

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