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7 Best Google CRMs for small businesses

Are you a small business that is struggling to manage contacts and tons of emails that are popping in your inbox? Small businesses do not have 100s of sales-reps and they find that most CRM solutions on the market are complex and difficult to use. The objective of CRM software is is to ease the workload, and not to increase business complexity. We have compiled a list of 7 of the best Google Workspace (former G Suite) CRMs for small businesses.

Google Workspace integrated CRMs ease up the sales process by centralising all your business data at one place, minimising the need for the users to shuffle between multiple platforms simultaneously.

Benefits of Google Workspace (GSuite) and CRM Integration:

  1. Automate data and save time: With CRM one can automate the data. This avoids duplication of records or errors which might occur while manually recording the data and thus saving time of the employees.
  2. Keeps documents updated: The changes get automatically saved and there is no fear of losing the data. Thus the documents are always up-to-date.
  3. Increases sales: As the teams start working more productively, they can work on more deals simultaneously and thus close deals faster. This increases sales and thus the revenue of the firms.
  4. Strengthens client relationship: CRM aims to sync client information between Google Workspace and the CRM system. This helps in faster and more efficient communication. Thus strengthening the relationship with the clients.

7 Best Google CRMs for small businesses

#1 Best Google CRM: TeamWave

TeamWave Features

  • It syncs all your events, activities and milestones to your Google Calendar
  • It is easy to link the files in Google Drive to TeamWave instantly.
  • By syncing the Google contacts to the TeamWave account, these become accessible to all the users who have that CRM access.
  • Special add-on for Gmail to easily sync the information from email conversations to the TeamWave account. This add-on works across all devices and browsers thus allowing you to work anytime and anywhere.
  • TeamWave’s special feature, Smart BCC enables users to access email conversations associated with the contacts and deals directly from the CRM
  • TeamWave Hangouts integration notifies you regarding updates from CRM projects and HR Apps

Apart from the GSuite integration, it is also possible to integrate the data with other tools like Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Xero & Zapier to further enhance the productivity and scalability of the business. TeamWave CRM is the perfect choice for startups which are in look out for a great CRM that can be integrated with the Google Workspace and has other amazing features like Pipeline management, contact management, forecasting and reporting etc. The best part is, all these awesome features are available at a flat price and not charged on a per user basis.

Price for unlimited users: 39$ per month

#2 Best Google CRM: NetHunt

NetHunt CRM integration with Google Workspace
NetHunt CRM integration with Google Workspace

NetHunt Features

  • Easily configures the Google Contacts with NetHunt
  • Their personalized email campaigns help to reach out to clients faster.
  • Easily shares the client conversation history with the team.
  • Builds drive folders using the data from the NetHunt Records
  • Can send personalized and bulk emails

NetHunt CRM focuses majorly on Gmail and thus for someone who only needs a CRM to tap the details from Gmail then this might be a good choice. Reviews also suggest that they have good customer support. But this CRM is a bit hard to learn for beginners who have no prior experience with a CRM. 

Price for 10 users: 240$ per month

#3 Best Google CRM: Streak

Streak CRM integration with Google Workspace
Streak CRM integration with Google Workspace

Streak Features

  • Email tracking to know if someone opened your emails
  • Display of account information and notes along with the emails
  • Charts and graphs to show the sales performance
  • Can send bulk emails and also have a set of email templates to choose from

Streak CRM works alongside Gsuite applications. It is synced entirely with Gmail. This option is a good choice for businesses that are only in the lookout for CRM for their Gmails. With the special features such as Email tracking, Streak CRM does a good job there. One major issue is that they do not have a mobile app and users find it difficult to use this CRM when they are travelling.

Price for 10 users: 390$ per month

#4 Best Google CRM: Insightly

Insightly CRM integration with Google Workspace
Insightly CRM integration with Google Workspace

Insightly Features

  • The customer contact record also gives a history of email conversations with them.
  • The customer contacts can be imported directly to Google sheets from Insightly
  • Google docs and notes can be linked to customer contacts
  • Link Sales Pitches in the form of Google slides to the contact names and easily recall the details of a meeting

Insightly is an easy-to-use CRM that has integrations with Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp etc. Businesses use it for contact management, tracking sales, monitoring pipelines etc. But the major drawbacks are that its learning curve is high and the interface is obsolete. With such limited features, it is a bit expensive for the SMBs.

Price for 10 users: US$ 290 per month

#5 Best Google CRM: Copper

Copper CRM integration with Google Workspace
Copper CRM integration with Google Workspace

Copper Features

  • Tasks and meetings are auto-populated from the Google Calendar
  • Clients can book meetings directly through Copper CRM
  • Any datasets can be transferred from Copper CRM to Google sheets to create charts, graphs and reports collaboratively with the team.
  • The data can be populated to the Google Slides and shared with the team just with a few clicks 

Copper CRM is a good choice for businesses that are in the lookout for features like automated data entry from contacts and integration with Gmail. One major drawback is that they have extremely limited workflow automation.

Price for 10 users: US$ 190 per month

#6 Best Google CRM: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM integration with Google Workspace
Zoho CRM integration with Google Workspace

Zoho Features

  • Leads get automatically added to Zoho CRM when visitors submit forms
  • Two-way sync between Zoho CRM and Google Contacts
  • Integration with Google Tasks to handle the tasks in Zoho CRM
  • The Gmail can be accessed from Zoho CRM and the mails can be replied from there.

Zoho CRM has many amazing features such as contact management, lead gathering and workflow automation. But the user needs to do lot of customizations which might be a tedious task for someone who has never used CRM before.Also this becomes more with the limited customer support. This CRM is a good choice for SMBs but as the businesses scale up this CRM becomes too complex to manage.

Price for 10 users: US$ 140 per month

#7 Best Google CRM: Salesmate

Salesmate CRM integration with Google Workspace
Salesmate CRM integration with Google Workspace

Salesmate Features

  • Once the Google Calendar is synced with Salesmate CRM, you will be notified about the meetings and tasks
  • All the documents in the Google drive can be managed from within the Salesmate CRM
  • When integrated with Google Maps, you can segment the clients on the basis of location
  • With their Chrome Plugin, you can access the Gmail conversation history right from the contact records.

Salesmate CRM has an easy to use interface with features like workflow automation, Emaildrip sequences and built-in-calling with power dialer. One major drawback is that the contact synchronization happens only one-way, that is from Google Apps to Salesmate and not the other way.

Price for 10 users: US$ 120 per month

And the clear winner is TeamWave CRM:

  • TeamWave is the perfect choice for SMBs.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • According to our users: TeamWave CRM is easy to learn for both novices and advanced users.
  • Along with Google Workspace and Gmail integration, it can integrate with other tools like Zapier and Quickbooks.
  • There is no per-user fee or hidden charges. All the features are applicable to unlimited users and it is priced at 39$/month.
  • TeamWave has 24/7 customer support and an extensive knowledge base.

So time to end your long wait. Signup for our free trial right away!

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