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12 Best Electronic Signature Apps for Small Business in 2021

In the present scenario, companies are planning to shun office spaces and work from home. And thus, gone are the days when we used to depend on legally bound paper documents. Companies are going paperless and here comes the need for good electronic signature apps and software.

Electronic signature apps allow you to sign on paper digitally. These signs are encrypted to protect the document. It also contains details like your email address, the date and time you sign any document, and the device you use to do it. Thus they are legally binding, verifiable and secure. In this TeamWave blog, we list out the 12 best eSignature apps.

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This list is created with a special focus on small businesses. And the different things taken into consideration while creating this list are:

  • Devices allowed
  • Ease of use and simple user interface
  • Integrations with other apps
  • Security
  • Price plans

Firstly let’s see the determining factors, that help you decide what is a great eSign app for your business. 

How to find a Great Electronic Signature App?

  • The electronic signature app should be able to integrate deeply with other apps and software. There are so many different types of documents and devices. Thus, there is a need that your app is compatible with many platforms.
  • The ESignature App should allow you to easily send the document to the recipient who should sign it.
  • The app should meet the security and compliance standards of your country. And it must be safe and secure for your team and customers

There are many great eSignature apps. So, use the free trial and understand which one stands best for your business needs.

12 Best Electronic Signature Apps in 2021

  1. DocuSign 
  2. SignEasy
  3. OneSpan(E Sign Live)
  4. HelloSign 
  5. SignNow
  6. Adobe Sign
  8. RightSignature
  9. Docsketch 
  10. PDFFiller
  11. PandaDoc 
  12. KeepSolid Sign

#1 DocuSign

DocuSign is an industry leader in eSign apps. It helps you to sign agreements faster and reduces manual jobs. It allows you to easily connect with the tools and systems you are already using. This is a great Electronic signature app for businesses that need to handle many documents. As it allows custom integrations, If integration is a priority for you then, this is your go-to solution. To learn more about alternative e-signature solutions, check out this article on DocuSign Alternatives.

DocuSign: Electronic Signature Solution


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • powerful templates and reporting features
  • A suite of APIs to allow custom integrations
  •  strong emphasis on security and has many high-level security certifications in both Europe and the US.
  • offers users the ability to sign documents in more than 40 localized languages.

Devices: Web, iOS, Android, Windows

Price per month: US $25 per user [Standard]

#2 SignEasy

SignEasy as the name suggests intends to be easy to use. And, this is made possible by a minimal user interface. SignEasy is an efficient way to sign, send, as well as manage documents. 

SignEasy: Electronic Signature for Mobile app and Desktop


  • Integrates drag-and-drop functionality with a variety of third-party tools.
  •  Allows self-signing, in-person, and remote signing
  • Works seamlessly with your favourite business tools.
  • Legally binding

Devices: iOS, Android, Desktop

Price per month: US $20 per user [Business]

#3 OneSpan(E Sign Live)

This eSignature software will be a great choice for large enterprises which are on the lookout for strong security features. They also make it a great option for small businesses.

OneSpan: Adaptive Authentication, Electronic Signature and Mobile Security


  • Military-grade digital signature technology thus protecting their users and documents from fraud
  • Option for businesses to use the software on their premises or as part of a cloud-based service. 
  • Many integrations and APIs are offered
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Devices: Web, iOS, Android

Price per month: US $20 per user [Professional]

#4 HelloSign

HelloSign, which is now owned by Dropbox, is an electronic signature app that focuses on customization, customer service. It has the web’s first entirely free eSignature plan.

HelloSign: Legally binding electronic signatures



  • Amazing customization features and quality customer service.
  • Powerful API that allows you to embed and fully brand signing options to your documents. 
  • Simple user interface
  • Compliant with major worldwide eSignature laws
  • Offers an array of extensions.
  • Integration with many platforms and software like Google Drive, Evernote, Box, Evernote, Zapier and OneDrive. 

Devices: iOS, Android

Price per month: US $15 per user [Essentials]

#5 SignNow

SignNow is an Electronic Signature app that allows the signing of unlimited documents. It is a reliable option for small businesses. It helps you to accept payments, generate documents, and create automated workflows.

SignNow: Esign PDF with electronic signature online


  • Simple interface and easy-to-use 
  • Includes a custom API
  • More affordable than other eSignature apps
  • Team features where you can easily share templates and docs
  • Unlimited templates for different document types

Devices: iOS, Android, Web

Price per month: US $8 per user [Business]

#6 Adobe Sign

They are the pioneers in electronic signature services. With this eSign app, the users can manage continuous workflows from any device and location. Adobe sign offers features for both digital and electronic and signatures.

Adobe Sign: Secure e-sign solution to sign documents onine
Adobe Sign


  • Instantly converts any document into an online form.
  • Collects payments from customers directly through electronic forms using Braintree and PayPal.
  • You can get your documents electronically signed and collect them remotely.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price per month: US $19.99 per user [Small Teams]

#7 is an electronic signature app designed for businesses that are looking to automate or batch the contracts using templates. Simple electronic signature app


  • API if you want to code your own integrations
  • Built-in Zapier support
  • Bulk sending

Devices: Web

Price: US $0.49 per contract

# 8 RightSignature

RightSignature is an electronic signature app that uses speed to impress its users. Documents come in faster when sending and receiving for signatures.



  • Secure and legally binding
  • Upload, format and send documents as fast as possible, as it offers you several suites and APIs.
  • Hand-drawn signature for more authentic-looking contracts.
  • Offers step-by-step guided signing.

Devices: iOS, Android

Price per month: US $12 per user [Standard]

# 9 Docsketch 

Docsketch is an electronic signature app that offers a generous free plan. It includes document tracking, flexible document workflows and reminders.

Docsketch: Electronic signature and sales document tracking software


  • Free forever plan
  • Modern and a nice-to-use web app where you can add any information and signature fields. 
  • Offers easy template and document setup with blank line autodetection.

Devices: Web

Price per month: Free but with limited features.

#10 PDFFiller

PDFfiller is an online PDF tool which allows you to fill and sign any PDF file from any device. You can search for, edit, and e-sign PDF documents online without the need to download and install any software.



  • Offers a real signature and Photo.
  • Can add signature directly from the mobile.
  • Easily customize a fillable form and send it to recipients.

Devices: Web, iOS, Android

Price per month: US $8 per user [Basic]

#11 PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an award-winning electronic signature software. It has an easy to use user interface. This is a comprehensive solution for the management of contracts and documents. It also has a built-in eSign feature. And integrates with a couple of different payment gateways including Stripe, Square, and PayPal.

PandaDoc: Document automation tool


  • Allows you to collect payments along with signing a contract
  •  Integrates with a couple of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • It is a document management tool that supports drag and drop of forms, automatic workflows and audit histories.
  • Other integrations available are CRM, storage, and payment platforms.

Devices: Web, iOS, Android

Price per month: US $19 per user [Essentials]

#12 KeepSolid Sign

KeepSolid Sign is an electronic signature app that allows secure data storage and verification of legal signatures.

KeepSolid Sign: A software to create eSignature
KeepSolid Sign


  • Secure data storage
  • Drag and drop features
  • Integration with other apps

Devices: Android, iOS, Web

Price per month: US $34.99 per team[Small Team with 5 users]

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