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Best CRM Software for Law Firms in 2023

A law firm or a legal company needs to complete numerous tasks on a regular basis. Increased efficiency and employee productivity can be achieved by automating these processes. CRM software for law firms enables firms to maintain and strengthen client relationships and trust in a systematic way.

This is more than just client intake – it’s part of a comprehensive Legal Marketing plan. More than simply a means of invoicing, the CRM software for legal services focuses on automating client intake and relationship management tasks. It makes it easy to access important client information, all organized and within easy reach as you need it. 

In this article, we review 9 of the best CRMs for law firms and highlight the top features for each of these CRM.

  1. TeamWave
  2. Hubspot
  3. Law Ruler
  4. Zoho
  5. Salesforce
  6. Copper CRM
  7. One Page CRM
  8. Insightly
  9. Vtiger CRM

How to find the best CRM for your Law Firm?

Before choosing the perfect CRM for your Law Firm, you must ask yourself, what goal do you aim at achieving with the CRM. Here are some things to consider before selecting a CRM for your Law Firm:

  1. Features that your firm needs: What CRM features might your law firm benefit from? Even if your company already has CRM software and isn’t meeting your business needs, ask the system users, which other features are they looking for. 
  2. Customization options: You need to check how easily can you customize the law CRM software to fit the needs of your business.
  3. Learning curve: You need to understand how easily can your team learn the software. Does the CRM Software provide plenty of knowledge resources or do they have someone virtually to their end to virtually train your employee?
  4. Integrations available: You should check if the CRM offers integration with all important software that your team uses such as email, calendar, G-Suite or Office 365 etc. Also how easily does the CRM integrate with your LPMS?
  5. Try before you purchase: Test your choices after you have narrowed them down. Most CRM systems offer a free trial. Check out if you are able to use all their important features with ease. Also, how fast do the customer service representatives respond when you face any problems with the CRM?

Top 9 CRM Software for Law Firms

#1 TeamWave

TeamWave is easy to use, straightforward, and super affordable software for your business. It is not just a CRM, but an integrated CRM, Project Management and HR Software that allows you to easily manage your clients, projects, team & marketing in one single platform.

Top TeamWave Features:

  • Visual Sales Pipeline: This gives you complete visibility of your prospects and leads across different stages. This information can be used to see the progress of the firm’s revenue-generating activities. Sort and filter by their expected close date, make smart decisions and stay in control of a complex sales process.
  • Customize your CRM: Customize your pipeline, filters, contacts and deals with ease, to suit any type of sales process.
  • Low Learning Curve: Law firms that haven’t used a CRM can get started easily.
  • Contact Management:  You get a bird’s-eye view of everything you know about the people and companies that you do business with. You have custom fields that allow you to record any information you need about each contact. You can also categorize your customers with customized tags. Add tasks for each contact and also share contacts with your team ensuring you all have a single up-to-date view of them.
  • Email Integration: Connect emails automatically to your contacts and deals, so you’ll have a full overview of everything that’s happening with a prospect in one place. You can also forward your emails via Smart email BCC, sync email with deals by using TeamWave Gmail add-on and can also decide if the conversations are private or shared with your team.
  • Mobile App: Our mobile apps let you access your deals, tasks, projects and contacts even when you’re on the road thus allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Team Collaboration: Work with clients, partners and your team. With the option to keep things private, you control what the client (and team members) can see.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Gain instant visibility and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time. You can understand what type of cases are most profitable, what activities are costing your business money, and where you should focus marketing efforts to attract and secure new clients. For further filtering and drilling down, TeamWave offers you the ability to filter data by user, and pipeline.
  • Integrations: Powerful integrations with apps such as Zapier, Quickbooks, GSuite, Mailchimp and Slack. You can capture and collect the information from the apps that you daily use, without leaving TeamWave. Apart from these integrations, TeamWave’s REST-based API enables developers to integrate CRM, Projects & HR functionality into virtually any system or application. 

Paid Plan for Unlimited Users: $39 /Month

#2 Hubspot

HubSpot CRM makes it easy to organize, track, and grow your pipeline. You can easily capture leads and turn them into customers.

Hubspot CRM for Law Firms
Hubspot CRM

Top Hubspot CRM Features:

  • Analytics to track Campaigns and ROI
  • Supports scheduling for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter
  • Meetings tool that can sync with your Google, Outlook or Office 365 calendars
  • Automated email marketing
  • Can be integrated with other CRMs

Paid Plan for Unlimited Users: US$ 450/month [Professional]

#3 Law Ruler

Law Ruler is an end-to-end growth suite for law firms. Law Ruler Legal Case Management and Intake Software is designed to help firms sign up, intake, and manage more cases.

Law Ruler
Law Ruler

Top Law Ruler Features:

  • Trusted and Secure as it is built on Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Features a Microsoft Office 365 Integration that allows Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents to be edited without the need to download to your computer.
  • Complete integration of your firm’s calls, websites, digital marketing, and social media. 
  • Automate emails, text messages, appointments, text e-signs, documents, invoices etc with a personal touch.
  • Immersive dashboards to help grow your firm with data-backed decisions.

Paid Plan: Pricing as per requirement

#4 Zoho

Zoho CRM has a simple and straightforward user interface. It helps your team to reach out to the right prospects, engage with them faster across various channels and thus helps you to close more deals in a smarter way.

Zoho: Simple and straight forward user interface
Zoho: Simple and straight forward user interface

Top Zoho Features:

  • Webforms to capture prospect information
  • Custom views to focus on deals created this month, closing this month, owned by a specific user, and more.
  • Workflow automation
  • Custom modules to match your organization’s processes
  • Good mobile app and integration with other apps

Paid Plan for 10 Users: US$ 200/month [Professional]

#5 Salesforce

Salesforce helps midsized and large businesses grow faster by increasing sales, automating tasks, and making smarter decisions.

Salesforce helps small and midsized businesses grow faster by increasing sales, automating tasks, and making smarter decisions.
Salesforce CRM

Top Salesforce Features:

  • Easy case and contact management
  • Helps streamline marketing campaigns
  • Easy reporting and offers advanced analytics
  • Automating Data Entry Process
  • Practice Management 

Paid Plan for 10 Users: US$ 250/month [Essentials]

#6 Copper CRM

Copper CRM is a simple-to-use CRM for small and medium-sized companies that need a better way to manage leads and grow customer relationships. Copper just might be for you if you don’t have time for administrative tasks, data entry, or overly complex tools.

Law firms
Copper CRM

Top Copper CRM Features:

  • Provides industry-standard security across all its integrations.
  • Integration with all G-Suite products, including Slack, Dropbox, etc.
  • Productivity and automation includes contact enrichment, project management and multiple pipelines
  • Offers integrations like single sign-on/user provisioning, Zapier Integration and Developer API
  • Multiple reporting options

Paid Plan for 10 Users: US$ 250/month [Plus]

#7 One Page CRM

A cloud-based sales CRM solution, OnePageCRM enables small and medium businesses to manage customer relationships in real-time, generate a dashboard showing the sales activities for the day, and automate admin.

Law firms
One Page CRM

Top One Page CRM Features:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Good flexibility and speed
  • Built-in dialling and email functionality
  • Fast customer support
  • Mobile compatible with a dedicated app

Paid Plan for 10 Users: US$ 120/month

#8 Insightly

Insightly is a CRM that allows you to better connect with your customers, give them personalized experiences and helps you to sell your services smarter.

Insightly is a B2B CRM that allows you to better connect with your customers, give them personalized brand experiences and helps you to sell smarter.
Insightly CRM

Top Insightly Features:

  • Generate custom reports
  • Good mobile platform for Android & iOS
  • Manage pipelines, tasks, follow up, and contacts
  • Very scalable and you can add functionality as you grow
  • Great tech support

Paid Plan for 10 Users: US$ 290/month [Plus]

#9 Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is a CRM that enables your teams to boost sales and revenue by simplifying sales processes and improving business efficiency. Vtiger adds value at all stages of the sales process from helping you capture & identify top leads to ultimately winning more deals.

Vtiger CRM
Vtiger CRM

Top Vtiger Features:

  • Customer relationship modules for tracking client service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customer relationship features to improve service
  • Sales & marketing tools that allow you to create and track campaigns

Paid Plan for Unlimited Users: US $140/month [Sales Starter Plan]

So what are you waiting for?!! Signup for TeamWave’s Free Trial right away!!

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