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Top 8 Benefits of Real Estate CRM Software in 2021

When do you need a Real Estate CRM Software? Buying a house is sometimes the biggest investment by an individual. Thus, when in the lookout for a real estate agent, trust is one of the most determining factors for customers. And a Real Estate agent has to gain this trust by supporting the customers and performing multiple functions simultaneously such as browsing real estate websites, handling client database, sending drip campaigns, using social media networks, constantly meeting with people etc. This is the place where Real Estate CRM Software becomes handy.

8 Benefits of Real Estate CRM Software in 2021

Benefits of Real Estate CRM Software
Benefits of Real Estate CRM Software

Ensure Zero Loss of Leads

Gone are the days when employees used to rely on spreadsheets for manually storing the data. There are chances of missing out on data or entering the wrong information.

With CRM Softwares like TeamWave, contact management can be done with ease. You can sync the Gmail and Mailchimp contacts to your CRM software and vice versa. And thus, get to store the contact details of the clients ate the same place.

Also, there are leads who might not be currently planning to buy a property but might be interested in a deal in the future. So the salespeople can stay connected with such potential deals so that they get to know when these leads are planning to buy a property.

Respond quickly to customer enquiries

Customers might have to compare different options and make a quick decision as to where to invest their money on. Thus prompt replies by real estate agents is a must as the customers feel valued.

In case of a real estate CRM software, all the customer information is stored at the same place. This gives a comprehensive view of the customer. This comprehensive database can contain information related to the client’s location preferences, past purchases or enquiries, challenges faced etc. Also, the Real Estate Companies can schedule all the important appointments and events so that you can quickly respond to the customers and plan your meetings accordingly.

Such details help the employees to follow up with customers faster and increases the effectiveness of the meetings.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity of the employees 

The salespeople of a Real Estate company will have to attend meetings with brokers, travel to show sample flats to prospects and at the same time update the details regarding a meeting with the team. And here comes the Real Estate CRM software to the rescue. There are many CRM softwares that have mobile apps and thus can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This helps the employees to stay updated and keep other team members updated as well, even when they are on the go.

Also, the salespeople can track their sales as well as personal goals and thus set priorities as to which tasks they need to focus on priority. Other activities such as organizing all the tasks at one place, effective communication and collaboration, syncing emails and conversations to the CRM etc increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Retain your customers

Connecting with a lead is easy but maintaining a relationship with the customer is the toughest part. And with the help of a real estate CRM software, you can save details about the customers like their house-warming date or anniversary and send personalised greetings on their special dates.

This way your company can build a personal bond with the customer and in case they are planning to invest in the future or if their friends plan to invest in real estate, they will surely recommend your agency.

Maintain accuracy of Information 

A real estate CRM software manages information related to the customers and clients such as personal and professional information, location preferences etc and all these details are available at the fingertips of the customers as well as the employees.

The data is updated automatically and there are no risks of data duplication or typo errors. Also, there is data transparency and employees can share the details with the clients just with a click.

Upload and Share Contracts and Deadlines with Customers

Real estate CRM software allows real estate agents to upload and share contracts, keep track of deadlines for transactions, and can also give the individual access to those who are part of the transaction, to view and download the documents, whenever they want to. This helps the customers and the employees to be on the same page and also the customers can reach out to the salespeople in case of any queries.

Handle Drip Campaigns with ease

To attain the trust of customers, the real estate companies need to add value to the lives their customers. For this, companies can send automated messages to customers on a regular basis. It can be newsletters giving them tips on how to invest, the rising trends, how to maintain their home etc. 

Real Estate CRM Software will also help the agents to identify the campaigns that are effective and focus on creating or scaling up similar campaigns.

Staying updated about the whole Workflow

With the help of a Real Estate CRM Software, the companies can easily track details such as saleable area, basic rate, payment schedules, information of assigned leads, schedule for site visits, available finance schemes and signed agreements which will also help them in creating future projects. This ensures that the team leaders stay updated with the latest happenings in their business and also keeps the whole staff accountable.

How is TeamWave CRM the best fit for your company?

1. TeamWave is one of the most affordable CRM available in the market.

2. It aligns sales, team, clients, projects & marketing on a single CRM platform.

3. It has specific and defined goals to manage sales, contacts, and leads.

4. G-Suite Integration and simple UI/UX puts you in a familiar setting.

5. Though robust on its own, it can be integrated with Zapier, Slacks, QB, FB, Xero, Dropbox, and more apps for all-around project management, sales and marketing suite.

6. The REST-based API allows the developers to integrate CRM, Projects & HR functionality into any system.

7. TeamWave charges flat fee of $39 /month for unlimited users, instead of per user pricing.

Aren’t these good enough reasons to choose TeamWave? Get started with the free trial right away

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