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Benefits of Google Workspace (former G Suite) and CRM Integration?

Are you managing your business with Google Workspace, which is better known as G Suite? Small businesses prefer Google Workspace –  thanks to Google Apps like Google Docs, Gmail and Google Drive that allows easy collaboration and enable the team to work remotely. But don’t you want to take your business one step further by Google Workspace and CRM Integration?

In this blog, we talk about the benefits of integrating Google Workspace with CRM. 

Google Workspace (former G Suite) – The productivity suite

The business and productivity tool of Google, former Gsuite, that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides etc is now renamed as Google Workspace. So what comes with the new name? With Google Workspace, Google facilitates businesses to work more efficiently in remote environments with easy collaboration and communication among the employees in a company.

G Suite is now Google Workspace
G Suite is now Google Workspace

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and CRM system is a technology that helps to manage communication with potential and current customers. CRM System helps organizations build customer relationships and simplifies processes to increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profits. Apart from the VoIP or other methods.

This system consists of software that helps with sales management, contact management, workflow processes, productivity and much more. CRM helps businesses to streamline various processes in the organization and it creates a sync between different stakeholders of the company such as employees, customers and suppliers.

CRM is not just for Sales and marketing but it also helps to make the HR processes more efficient and organized. This further helps in effective communication and collaboration by saving time and money of the organizations.

Why should businesses integrate their Google Workspace with CRM?

  • Saves time by avoiding duplication of records and prevents wastage of time spent otherwise in cross-checking
  • Strengthens bond with clients. Employees can reply faster to the clients because information of the clients is stored in one place.
  • Helps in increasing sales as this integration helps the team to work faster and smarter
  • Helps the businesses to capitalize on good opportunities
  • Safeguards all the important information
  • Keeps all the business documents updated

Integrating Google Workspace with CRM helps the employees to focus on priority tasks and also allows them to work from one single space by helping them access all their favourite tools without having to jump between different platforms.

How to boost sales by Google Workspace and CRM Integration?

All the businesses are in search of ways to increase employee productivity and efficiency to boost sales. Here CRM comes into play. Google Workspace and CRM Integration, helps the employees to collaborate and communicate in a better way with ease. Such that, the employees can take more deals to closure in less time thus boosting the sales.

Increase productivity with Gmail CRM Integration

Integrating the CRM add-on into the Gmail converts Gmail into a sales machine. CRM helps you to create notes and reminders directly from your Inbox and you need not switch between different tabs or tools again and again. 

We will explain the most important applications of a Gmail-CRM integration with the help of TeamWave-Gmail Integration:

  • Import new contacts to CRM
  • View all deals linked to these contacts
  • Add new Deals and proceed with them right from Gmail
  • Sync all the important email threads with ‘TeamWave CRM’ (deals, contacts, etc.)
  • Connect Emails with TeamWave Deals
  • Manage and organize follow-up Activities

Sync files between Google Drive and CRM with ease

All the team members working on the same project need to have access to updated files, failing which can lead to lots of confusion and sometimes even financial losses. CRM integration with Google Drive enables users to create and share files quickly and efficiently. This way all the people in the organization will have access to the updated files.

TeamWave and Google Drive integration implies that,

  • All docs, sheets and slides are attached easily to contacts, deals, projects and tasks. 
  • The admin has full control over who can view or edit the files.

Keep Google Calendar updated with all business events and milestones

Worried that you might miss out on an important appointment with your client? Today almost everyone relies on the online calendar to remind themselves of important meetings or tasks. It automates the scheduling process, thus increasing the productivity of the user.

Using the TeamWave Integration, 

  • Automatically records and syncs meetings with contacts.
  • Automatically synchronizes task due dates, project milestones and events.

Sync Google Contacts with CRM

Manage all your contacts at the same place by integrating Google Contacts with CRM. The contacts update in one single master list.

TeamWave Contacts automatically synchronize with the Google Contacts.

  • Whenever details with respect to contact are changed in CRM(eg name, phone number etc), the same changes are applied automatically to Google Contacts.
  • TeamWave CRM contacts are not deleted, even if the contacts get deleted from Google.


To increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees and to boost sales, the businesses should invest in the right software. TeamWave is the perfect choice for small businesses, which are in the lookout for a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable CRM Software.

Sign up for the TeamWave CRM trial right away.

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