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Are You a Star at Work?

Most professionals genuinely want to be more productive, do their best, and live up to their potential. They see other people getting ahead, people with roughly the same talent and yet they don’t know what to do about it!

So what exactly separates the BEST from the REST…
Talent? Personality? Having the right job or the right boss?
Correct Answer: None of the above!
It’s not what people bring to the party that makes them a star – it’s what they do with what they bring. The secrets to being a star performer are not in people’s personal characteristics but in how people go about doing their work.

Everybody aspires to be a star. But do you know what it takes to be one at work? Here are important traits of “A players” or “Stars”:

  1. You propose solutions
  2. You are responsive
  3. You are humble, friendly and kind
  4. You share credit
  5. You know your stuff, but you never stop learning
  6. You care about the quality of your work
  7. You beat deadlines
  8. You listen carefully, and ask relevant questions
  9. You take pride in your work
  10. You help others
  11. You are loyal
  12. You always do the right thing (ethics!)

The good news: All of these skills can be learned. Becoming a star at work is like improving your golf or tennis game. You identify your weaknesses and focus on improvements you need to put in place – and then you practice those improvements every day.

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